Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1031

Chapter 1031 Headless Demon
Chapter 1031 Headless Demon

After flying for another half the time it took an incense to burn, a giant eighty zhang long crystal mountain appeared not far away from Qin Nan. Several Monarch Art glows could be seen coming from its waist.

Qin Nan halted his movement, not in a rush to make his move as his left eye emitted a purple glow.

He could see a black-haired old man, a man, and a woman, standing in a formation with their auras combining. Before them stood a three zhang tall demon without a head, holding two swords in its hands. Several wounds were visible on its body, with green blood pouring out.

Behind the headless demon was a square-shaped cave, with Qi pulsating from it as if there were a giant breathing inside it.

It was obvious that something inside the cave had attracted the trios attention.

The black-haired old man is an eighth-grade Martial Progenitor, and the other two are sixth-layer Martial Progenitors. They are people of the Black Dragon. Besides, theres something strange about this headless demon, its hiding something mysterious in its body.

Qin Nan frowned slightly. A thought popped up in his mind as he made his decision.

There was no way he would miss the treasure after discovering it.


An aura burst out from Qin Nans figure as he sprang forward like an ancient flying sword. The will of destruction was accumulated at the tip of his fist as he threw a punch toward the headless demons chest.

Someones here! The trio was overjoyed at first, before they discovered something, causing their expressions to change as they snapped, Back off, your cultivation of the sixth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm is too weak. You will only get yourself killed

They did not expect the person to possess such a weak cultivation.

The headless demon keenly detected something, prompting it to lash out with the swords, firing sword intent in Qin Nans direction.

Qin Nans left eye flickered as he observed the path of the sword intent while executing the Unstoppable Step. His figure dodged the waves of sword intent like a phantom.


In the blink of an eye, Qin Nan had approached the headless demon. The will of destruction at the tip of his fist exploded.

The powerful sword intent began to shatter under the will of destruction, which was nullified within seconds.


The trio was stunned. They never thought that Qin Nan would stand a chance against the headless demon with his mere cultivation of the sixth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm.

Youre Qin Nan?

The trio reacted and recalled something as they recognized something familiar from the young man.

The main reason being that the three Martial Monarchs sons had immediately notified the Black Dragons leader about Qin Nans arrival at the Crescent Sun City. The leader of the Black Dragon was very interested in Qin Nan himself, thus he had demanded his people notify him straight away when they discovered his whereabouts.

In other words, the Black Dragon was Qin Nans enemy.

What are you waiting for? If you dont want to die, attack its left kneecap now! Qin Nan snapped without glimpsing at the trio.

Although the headless demon was severely injured, it still possessed great strength.

Besides, the crystal mountain was most likely formed by some expert when they were still alive. A strong intent still lingered within it. The headless demon must be somehow related to it, thus its cultivation was still being suppressed by the presence of the mountain.

Even though Qin Nans strength was boosted by the battle intent of the Desolated Battle Ground, he could at most keep it occupied.

Attack its kneecap? Errsure!

The trio was astounded, confused as to why they were told to attack its left knee, but they subconsciously followed the order and executed powerful attacks targeting it.

The headless demons figure shuddered, trying to dodge the attacks. However, Qin Nan immediately unleashed his will of destruction, forcing the headless demon to defend itself with its swords. Despite that, it was still knocked two steps backward.

At that instant, the attacks landed on its left knee!


The headless demon uttered a cry of fury and agony as if it had been struck a great blow, causing its murderous aura to become stronger.

It was thoroughly infuriated!

Its working!

The trio was startled, before they glanced at Qin Nan with a hint of astonishment.

Could it be that his eye-technique was able to observe the weakness of the headless demon?

Continue the attacks! Qin Nan demanded as his figure backed off and moved rapidly. He had used the demons anger to control its movement.

Sure! The trio became restless and immediately made their moves.

Following this, a series of explosions took place.

Qin Nan took advantage of his left eye to its maximum, suppressing the headless demon completely like the dominator of a battlefield, allowing the attacks from the trio to continuously land on its left knee.

Finally, following a huge crash, the headless demon uttered a furious groan as its left knee was shattered, toppling it sideways.


Qin Nan, who had long awaited this moment, let out a roar and slashed at the headless demons chest using his right arm as a saber.

The slash contained the will of destruction.


The headless demon, which was already severely injured, could no longer resist the attack. Its chest was slashed open, causing green blood to splatter everywhere.

We won!

The three were overjoyed, feeling extremely relieved.

They had started to feel hopeless before Qin Nans arrival.

Qin Nan glanced at the chest of the headless demon without showing any expression.

Mm? The trio followed his gaze and was stunned, This is an Ownerless Martial Tree!

In the chest of the headless demon was a half-zhang tall black tree that emitted a black glow. Its trunk, branches, and leaves were emitting a monarch aura.

Ownerless Martial Tree?

Qin Nans eyes flickered with astonishment.

He did not expect to find what he had been looking for here.

If he were able to refine the Ownerless Martial Tree, it was more than enough to let his Destruction Martial Tree grow another half-a-zhang taller.

Cultivator Qin Nan, theres a second-grade Tian ranked Ownerless Martial Spirit inside the cave. Since youve saved our lives and also helped us to get rid of this headless demon with ease, its reasonable to let you choose the reward first

The black-haired old mans eyes flickered as he brought his fists together.

Elder, this! The man and woman behind him panicked. Qin Nan was the Black Dragons enemy, why were they being friendly toward him? It was good enough that they were not trying to kill him. How could they let him choose first?

Silence! The black-haired old man glared at the two and transmitted his voice.

Qin Nan wore an astounded look.

He had initially thought that the black-haired old man would deny his contribution.

You have my thanks.

Qin Nan wore a calm expression as he reached out his hand to grab the Ownerless Martial Tree.

A second-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit was indeed valuable, but in Qin Nans case, he needed the Ownerless Martial Tree more.

HAHA, an Ownerless Martial Tree and an Ownerless Martial Spirit, what a profit for today!

At that instant, loud laughter could be heard coming from the distance as a young man wearing an ancient robe and a smile flew toward them on a flying sword.

His eyes widened when he took a clear look at Qin Nan, causing his face to be filled with excitement.

Qin Nan, its you. I didnt expect you to come to the Desolated Battle Ground instead of hiding in your Dragon Emperor Clan!