Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1045

Chapter 1045 The Pure Magical Wine

Meanwhile, at the Desolated Battle Ground, a rift suddenly exploded as three figures fell from it and slammed onto the ground.

They were none other than the Old Illusionist, Qin Hou, and Nangong Wei.

Although Qin Nans slash did not inflict any damage to them, it had shattered the force of the talismans and artifacts they had been relying on to escape, thus their speed was greatly affected.

Ive never suffered such a great loss from a mere sixth-layer Martial Progenitor!

Qin Hou clenched his teeth as green veins surfaced on his forehead.

Nangong Wei wore a dark expression too.

I cant accept this! The Old Illusionist said while clenching his teeth, Well rest a while here and find our way back to get our revenge!


Qin Hou and Nangong Wei both clenched their fists.

Meanwhile, in the Desolated Battle Ancient Woods

Qin Nan dragged the giant dragon corpse with his left hand while holding the Treasure-Fishing Rod that was still hooked onto the Total Freeze Flower as he returned to the valley.

Did you get rid of that Hell-Battling Heavenly Dragon? Princess Miao Miaos eyes flickered with astonishment.

Qin Nan immediately told her what had happened, kindly giving the trio their credit of contributing the most in defeating the Hell-Battling Heavenly Dragon, which caused Princess Miao Miao to giggle wildly.

This Hell-Battling Heavenly Dragon will be useful too. Princess Miao Miao thought of something and transmitted a message with her badge, before she continued, Qin Nan, Ill be taking the Total Freeze Flower.

She waved her hand and unleashed an invisible force of the Heavens and Earth which encapsulated the Total Freeze Flower. Following this, she took out a wooden jar from her ring.

Whats this? Qin Nans attention was captured.

If he wasnt mistaken, the wooden jar was made of a type of wood known as the Cloud Ancient Wood. Its value alone was utterly shocking, as it was incredibly rare in the Middle Continent.

Most importantly, Qin Nan could sense a formidably pure force inside the wooden jar, which contained a great power that the left eye of the Divine God of Battle was unable to peek through.

This is the Pure Magical Wine, which took one of the elders of our garden three years to brew, but he wasnt able to find the last piece of the puzzle, the Total Freeze Flower. Princess Miao Miao wore a smile and said, Ive come to find you so we could drink it together.

Pure Magical Wine?

Qin Nan was shocked.

An elder of the Lost Herb Garden, the status alone was enough to suggest how powerful the person was, and yet it still took three years to be made, highlighting its value.

So thats why the Princess was looking for me

Qin Nan felt a surge of warmth in his heart as his gaze toward the Princess softened.

No matter what the danger was, she would always stand in front of him. Each time she found something fascinating, her first reaction was to share with him.

What are you looking at? Princess Miao Miaos face blushed slightly as she snapped with a glare.

Err, nothing. Qin Nan mumbled, feeling slightly embarrassed. He immediately switched the topic, The Lunar-Glow Cave is quite mysterious, want to take a look?

Thats right, there might be some other treasure too. Princess Miao Miaos eyes flickered. She placed the Total Freeze Flower inside the jar with a wave and said, In an hours time, the Pure Magical Wine will be completed. Weve still got some time left, lets go.

The two cast their gaze toward the entrance of the Lunar-Glow Cave.

Qin Nan was stunned by the sight before him as soon as he entered the place.

The cave was eighty zhang long and seventy zhang tall, with a width of over three hundred zhang. It was surprisingly spacious, with countless fragmented pieces of treasure and corpses scattering everywhere. The ground was like crystal, with various strange herbs growing on it.

Deep inside the cave stood a three zhang tall boulder, which looked like a yellow jade, emitting a gentle glow. As a result, everything inside the cave looked extraordinary, as if they were standing right in front of the moon.

It was beautiful, a pure masterpiece consisting of the moons glow.

This is the Chaotic Nine Glows Boulder. After the expert failed in his plan, his will merged with the battle intent of the Desolated Battle Ground, which produced a surprising outcome and produced this thing. Princess Miao Miao said with a hint of joy, Qin Nan, you should cultivate with this Chaotic Nine Glows Boulder, it will be extremely helpful to your cultivation.

Qin Nan frowned as he noticed something, How about you?

Humph, Im the successor of the Lost Herb Garden, what do I need it for? Hey, whats with that look? Princess Miao Miao harrumphed.

Ah yes, youre the successor of the Lost Herb Garden, so you dont need it at all. Qin Nan let out a laugh.

He clearly noticed that the Chaotic Nine Glows Boulder was not suitable for the Princess cultivation.

Wow, isnt this the Wind-Flame Tribulation Badge? I never thought I would find a fragment of the artifact here Princess Miao Miao ignored Qin Nans presence as her attention was attracted by the treasure on the ground.

Qin Nan glimpsed at the treasure. None of them managed to intrigue him, thus he shifted his focus toward the Chaotic Nine Glows Boulder.

The force inside the boulder was shocking, indescribable with words.

Otherwise, something like the Total Freeze Flower would not be growing beside it.

However, for some reason, Qin Nans instincts were telling him that the Chaotic Nine Glows Boulder was not as simple as it seemed.


Qin Nans eyes glistened.

He detected a powerful aura heading in their direction rapidly.

Could it be that the Old Illusionist and the others had returned with help?

Qin Nan quickly turned around and observed with his left eye. Following this, he was stunned.

He saw the leader of the Black Dragon leading his crew as they slowly made their way to the valley.

What are you so scared for? Hurry up! Princess Miao Miao went to the entrance and demanded with an unpleasant look.

The people of the Black Dragon in the distance shuddered and immediately increased their speed.

They were being extremely careful as they were scared that Princess Miao Miao was using them as a decoy.

After all, they were deep inside the Desolated Battle Ancient Woods!

However, as they arrived at the valley and saw Princess Miao Miao standing at the Lunar-Glow Cave, they were left in awe. Under the illumination of the glow, the Princess looked like a lunar goddess.

Isis that the Hell-Battling Heavenly Dragon?

One of the people blurted out with a trembling voice.

The others immediately glanced toward the voice and were thunderstruck.

They were extremely familiar with the Hell-Battling Heavenly Dragon. Its true strength was significantly stronger than a half-Martial Monarch Realm expert!

How did the Hell-Battling Heavenly Dragon die?

Princess, why did you summon them here? Qin Nan was curious.

Princess Miao Miao let out a smile before she straightened her face and said, You have one hour to cook this dragon, and it must be delicious. Otherwise, I will teach you a great lesson!