Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1052

Chapter 1052 The Character immortal
Chapter 1052 The Character Immortal ()

Forget it, I dont have much time. It should be enough for four attempts, so Ill decide whether I should retrieve the Desolated Battle Spirit or not in the end!

Qin Nan made up his mind as his eyes were focused onto the pile of treasures, talismans, and pills.

His attention was soon attracted by a grey gourd with a few purple-golden dragon lines on it. He had no idea what it was, but his instincts were telling him that it was something extraordinary.

After retrieving the gourd, he proceeded to claim a feather and a pill the shape of an eye.

Final attempt!

Qin Nan quickly glanced at the entrance and discovered its force was dissipating rapidly.

Screw it, this is it, no matter the consequences!

Qin Nan wore a determined expression.

He swung the Treasure-Fishing Rod, directing its force toward the corpse.

The Treasure-Fishing Rod was able to fish any treasure in the world, technically including God Weapons. The Desolated Battle Spirit was the intelligence of the Desolated Battle Ground, placing it in the same category, thus theoretically speaking, he should be able to retrieve it too.

However, at that instant

The hollow eyes of the yellow-clothed corpse suddenly flickered, as a terrifying aura swept the palace.


Qin Nan was startled. He immediately headed toward the entrance with the Unstoppable Stop.

He was not too far from the entrance, thus it would only take less than half a breaths time for him to reach there.

Despite that, when his left foot stepped toward the door, a great force encapsulated his figure. Before he could resist, it dragged him out from the door.

Qin Nans eyes widened as he watched the entrance disappearing before him.

Why hello there, trying to leave without introducing yourself after taking three pieces of my collection? A hoarse voice could be heard.

The temperature of the palace dropped rapidly, as the ground was covered in a layer of ice.


Qin Nan turned around with an awkward expression.

Following a squeak, the lid of the coffin slowly opened as the corpse wrapped in the yellow cloth sat up straight. It looked at Qin Nan and said calmly, Its fine taking my treasure, but trying to fish me away too? You are a courageous young man.

Cough cough

Qin Nan let out a cough, feeling slightly ashamed.

However, his mind was desperately thinking of a solution. The strength of the Desolated Battle Spirit had entirely exceeded his imagination, thus he stood no chance against it. He had to find a way to escape.

Senior, Im sorry, that was my bad. Qin Nan brought his fists together.

Forget it. The corpse waved its hand. Its tone remained calm as it continued, I wont mention it again, but if youre trying to leave, you have to leave your name and your sect on the boulder, just like what Shi Qingfan did, and it must be carved deeper than his words.

I can leave after leaving my name and my sect?

Qin Nan was startled.

He had initially thought that the yellow-clothed corpse would trouble him, but he did not expect its request to be this simple.

Maybe the depth of the words is the key?

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization.

It was possible that the boulder was some sort of artifact, thus it was extremely difficult for people to write on it.

Quick, you have one hundred breaths time. The corpse said.


Qin Nan took a step forward and raised his arm. He gathered his strength and tapped in the direction of the boulder.


Following a loud crash, Qin Nans left hand was repelled backward, leaving no mark on the boulder!

As I thought!

Qin Nans eyes flickered. He instantly executed the first form of the Divine God of Battle, Unrivalled Warrior!

His aura skyrocketed as its battle intent reached its peak!

The yellow-clothed corpse remained calm, as if it were not surprised observing such a powerful battle intent from Qin Nan.


Qin Nan uttered a roar his right finger unleashed a shocking saber intent aimed at the boulder.

The sharpness of the Heaven-Shattering Saber was able to penetrate anything!


As he imagined, the saber intent penetrated three-inches deep into the boulder. As Qin Nan moved his arm, a series of clashes could be heard, as if it were trying to stop Qin Nan from writing.

Luckily, the saber intent of the Heaven-Shattering Saber did not let Qin Nan down. He managed to complete his sentence in the eighty-third breath.

Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh.

Immortal? A great reward?

Qin Nan did not seem surprised, but he frowned instead.

The corpse had asked him to write down his name and his sect, and was now asking him to write the word Immortal. It even promised to give him a reward for it. It was suspicious no matter how he looked at it.

Would the Desolated Battle Spirit be given something once he wrote the word down?

Alright, Ill take the offer!

Qin Nan nodded. He took a deep breath as his right arm transformed into the Heaven-Shattering Saber.

Shi Qingfan had written his name and sect on the boulder, but there was no sign of the word Immortal. There were only two possibilities; either he had failed to write it down, or he was not asked to do so.

Either way, this implied that it was not an easy task!


Qin Nan let out a grunt.

A terrifying saber intent was emitted from the Heaven-Shattering Saber, slashing at the boulder.

Following an explosion, the saber intent penetrated twenty inches deep into the boulder, which began to write following Qin Nans movement.

It felt like a giant mountain was stopping his saber intent from moving!

Not only was Qin Nan startled, even the Desolated Battle Spirit reacted, its eyes flickering as if it were nervous, with a hint of anticipation.

Will of destruction!

Qin Nans wrist shuddered as the will of destruction merged with his saber intent, causing it to turn black in color as he continued to write the character.


Each time his saber intent finished a stroke, a shocking explosion took place. The gust of wind from the impact wildly swept the palace.

Qin Nans speed became slower and slower, but he continued to write with firm determination.

In the end, when only the final stroke of the character remained, a blinding glow burst out from the pitch-black boulder.