Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1055

Chapter 1055 Monarch Fish

That doesnt make sense, the South-Heaven Gate wouldnt have noticed me yet.

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts.

After all, with his current strength, the experts and geniuses of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground alone could easily eliminate him, thus it was not necessary for the South-Heaven Gate to deal with him itself.

Besides, if the South-Heaven Gate were aware of his existence, it would surely have done something already.

Therefore, the fact that the South-Heaven Godly Curtain was restricting his access implied that something significant had happened.

The Divine God of Battle once reminded me that time was running out. Im afraid the longer I take, the higher chance there is that my existence will be exposed.

Qin Nan suddenly felt a great sense of danger.

His strength was still too weak.

He had to quicken his pace.

Since the South-Heaven Godly Curtain is stopping me from entering the half-God region, I should cultivate instead.

After organizing his thoughts, Qin Nan returned to the valley without hesitation. He sat down on the ground and began to cultivate.

A day later, the spirit of the Chaotic Nine Glows Boulder contacted him.

Qin Nan rose from the ground and headed to the Lunar-Glow Cave. As soon as he entered, he was instantly stupefied upon seeing the sight before him.

The Lunar-Glow Cave was no longer a cave. It had been replaced by a three hundred li wide space that emitted nine different glows.

The entire place was formed by some chaotic force.

Qin Nan, Im currently evolving, which will last at least half a year. Within this period, youre free to cultivate here. Besides, you dont have to worry about your safety. The Chaotic Nine Glows Boulder said.

Half a year?

Qin Nans eyes flickered as he nodded.

He was aware that his pace of cultivation here was fifteen times faster than the outside.

How significant was fifteen times faster?

Together with his fifth-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit, him cultivating for a day was equivalent to an ordinary cultivator cultivating for a month.

Maybe I should spend the entire period cultivating here. Even if I were to explore the other forbidden areas, the fortunate encounters I would find wouldnt be as valuable as the growth of my cultivation.

Qin Nan made up his mind after pondering for a while.

Previously, his luck was the most important factor in helping him to retrieve the Destruction Monarch Art and the succession of the half-God tomb. However, it was impossible for him to remain lucky all the time, thus it was better for him to cultivate for the time being.

Martial Spirit unleashed!

After releasing the Divine Battle Spirit, Qin Nan sat down on the ground and began cultivating.

Time gradually passed, with each day passing by swiftly.

While Qin Nan was cultivating in seclusion, the Old Illusionist, Qin Hou, and Nangong Wei had brought the experts of their factions searching for Qin Nan in the Desolated Battle Woods. In the end, not only did they fail to locate Qin Nan, but they were attacked by the Blood Scorpion and the Black Dragon too, forcing them to retreat.

As for Qin Nan, while he was cultivating in seclusion, he had time to inspect the three pieces of treasure that he had retrieved from the coffin of the Desolated Battle Spirit.

The first treasure was a Purple-Golden Dragon-Lined Gourd, also known as the Immortal Wine Bottle. It could turn water inside it into a high-quality magical wine. Although it was not as good as the Pure Magical Wine, it was still very impressive.

The ancient feather turned out to be a feather of some ancient godly beast, which possessed a great power of space. However, Qin Nan was clueless what its exact uses were.

The third item was a pill known as the Nine-Rotation Golden Immortal Pill, which was extremely beneficial to the consumers cultivation, Martial Skill Talent, etc. As such, Qin Nan consumed it without hesitation.

Twenty days after Qin Nan began to cultivate in seclusion, the Monarch Ranking had adjusted the rankings of the geniuses once again. Qin Nans ranking had risen to the sixty-seventh rank.

This time, it did not stir any great chaos, as the cultivators of the Middle Continent were focusing on the geniuses that had caused a great scene lately.


Qin Nans lips curled upward. He transmitted a message to the Dragon Emperor Clan and continued his repetitive routine of cultivation.

Finally, as the number of days reached forty-eight, Qin Nans cultivation had a breakthrough.

His Rare Phenomenon Martial Tree was now eight-zhang tall, indicating his cultivation had reached the eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. The other eight Martial Trees were also six-zhang tall.

Even without using the eight Divine Battle Trees, his strength was considered above average in the Middle Continent. If he were to unleash his full strength, he could easily be ranked in the top twenty.

Only two months left until the Monarch Horoscope Contest. My strength is still not strong enough, I have to work harder!

Qin Nan mumbled to himself. He chose to cultivate instead of taking his leave.

The process lasted for another prolonged period of time.

In the past, Qin Nan would normally go on adventures in various ruins or forbidden areas. He had never cultivated diligently for such a long time. During this period, he began to come up with brilliant ideas of absurd Martial Skills.

As the count of the days reached sixty-three, the Monarch Ranking was adjusted once again.

Qin Nan was not looking forward to it much, but was stunned when he saw his ranking had risen to the fifty-second rank.

For the past two months, he did not reveal his strength as he never fought with anyone.

Why would his ranking improve by fifteen for no reason?

Could it be that more than ten geniuses ranked in front of me are dead?

The thought crossed Qin Nans mind, prompting him to immediately take out the Shadow Pagodas badge.

Since he had been cultivating for so long, it was time for him to take a rest, to learn what had happened in the Middle Continent lately.

However, his Peak Leaders badge began to glow at that instant.

Qin Nan frowned as he checked its contents. It was a message from the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast.

Qin Nan, the Monarch Horoscope Contest of the God Ranking has started. The Monarch Fish will be coming to the Middle Continent soon. You should return to the Dragon Emperor Clan at once to prepare yourself to board the Monarch Fish!

Everyone knew that the Middle Continent had two different rankings, the Monarch Ranking and the God Ranking.

Apart from the Monarch Horoscope Contest of the Monarch Ranking, there was also the Monarch Horoscope Contest of the God Ranking.

As such, the geniuses of the half-God region did not need to take part in the Monarch Rankings contest.

Qin Nan was not surprised that the Monarch Horoscope Contest of the God Ranking had started. But what exactly was the Monarch Fish?

Forget it, Ive spent enough time cultivating. Maybe I should return to the Dragon Emperor Clan and gather the latest information about the Middle Continent along the way!

Qin Nan stood up from the ground, causing his bones to emit cracking noises.

It had been a while since he had had some exercise.

I owe you one. The spirit of the Chaotic Nine Glows Boulder said with a deep voice as it became aware of Qin Nans movement.

Haha, well meet soon.

Qin Nan let out a laugh as he waved his hand and flew toward the Crescent Sun City.

Along the way, the Shadow Pagoda had replied to his message. He immediately took a look at it.

However, following a glimpse, his eyes instantly widened.