Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1060

Chapter 1060 The Resplendent Land A Shocking Turnou

Forget it. Qin Nan shook his head without explaining it.

Since he was the only one that was able to see the mysterious black figure, it was useless to explain it to the others. The only thing he could do was to stay alert for the rest of the journey.

Jiang Bilan did not ask further after seeing that he was unwilling to tell her. She sat down on the ground and began to tend to her wounds.

Qin Nan glanced forward into the distance.

The void was covered in complete darkness, with no sign of an end. Occasionally, he could see flickers of light.

The rift of the Canglan Continent was also filled with countless mysteries, including hidden areas, powerful successions, terrifying artifacts, etc.

For example, among the mountains of the Middle Continent, the Heaven Star Mountain Range, Fire-Source Mountain Range, Serene Phantom Mountain Range, etc. existed in the rift.

However, unlike the land, the rift was too huge despite having a lot of undiscovered treasure. Without specific guidance, even experts would be lost in the rift if they ventured deeper into it and ended up dead.

In the ancient era, many Martial Monarchs had tried to investigate the secrets of the rift, planning to ascend the Nine Heavens through it. However, most of them were unheard of since then, and it was most likely that they had fallen inside it.

Therefore, despite the treasures and fortunate encounters, not many cultivators would dare to take the risks.

After the period it took an incense to burn, the Monarch Fish that was flying rapidly suddenly came to a stop.

Qin Nan and the rest of cultivators subconsciously raised their heads.

They could see a hundred zhang wide gap floating in front of them. Endless streams of powerful Qi and gusts of wind were originating from it, which were capable of shattering a peak Martial Progenitor Realm expert.


The Monarch Fish swung its tail, throwing the geniuses of the green domain and the blue domain into the gap safely.

Lets go!

Thats right, with my cultivation, I would be able to retrieve more benefits from this place!

Many cultivators in the purple domain rose up and left the Monarch Fish with their powerful artifacts.

Their thoughts were simple. They would rather be the dominator in a weaker competition than be the weak among stronger opponents.

The Monarch Fish continued to wave its tail, flying forward at a shocking pace.

It appeared that they were somewhere deep in the rift, as their surroundings were filled with giant ancient corpses, unique ancient vessels, mysterious meteors, and terrifying beasts residing in the rift, etc. Both danger and treasure could be seen everywhere, dazzling the cultivators.


At that instant, strong gusts of wind could be felt from deep inside the rift.

However, the Monarch Fish was even stronger, as the wind was shattered when it was over a hundred zhang away.

Whats this? Qin Nan frowned.

He somehow felt that the aura of the wind was similar to the aura of the mysterious black figure.

Thats the Dark Wind of the rift, which could easily murder sixth-layer Martial Progenitors. If its a storm made of the Dark Wind, even peak Martial Progenitors are advised to stay away from it. Jiang Bilan said, Luckily, we have the Monarch Fish, so theres no need to be afraid of it.

Qin Nan nodded without commenting further.

At last, the Monarch Fish came to a stop once again.

The geniuses became energetic as they immediately glanced forward and saw a giant vortex in the direction of where the gusts of wind were coming from. Flickers of stars could be seen from the vortex, as if it would lead them to another space.

The Resplendent Land!

Damn, its the Starry Vortex of the Resplendent Land, does that place really exist?

HAHAHA, my efforts were not in vain. Who would expect the Monarch Fish to bring us to this place!

The geniuses were overjoyed.

Only Qin Nan was extremely confused.

Tsk tsk, my luck is always better when Im with you. Jiang Bilan transmitted her voice, This Resplendent Land is a famous mystical ground filled with treasure. Once, someone managed to alter his destiny here after acquiring a seventh-grade Tian ranked Martial Spirit.

Many people have been looking for this Resplendent Land, but since it moves, not many were able to find it. However, those who did ended up with shocking benefits.

Jiang Bilan continued to explain.

Qin Nan was startled.

It seemed like this Resplendent Land was an extraordinary place indeed.

However, at that instant, a strong sense of danger exploded in Qin Nans heart, as if a cold bucket of water had been poured onto him, causing his hair to stand on end.

Whats going on?

Qin Nan was startled. He had never felt such a strong sense of danger even when he was being hunted by the wills of Martial Monarchs.

Jiang Bilan, the rest of the geniuses and Ao Dongfang and the others at the purple domain looked upward with astonishment.


A terrifying explosion took place, as if it were trying to shatter the rift in half!

Innumerable gusts of wind swept toward them, which transformed into a thousand zhang tall giant hand that grabbed at the Monarch Fish.

Four types of colorful glows were emitted from the Monarch Fish, which combined into a giant barrier blocking in front of it.


The giant black hand struck the barrier and shattered it into pieces immediately, causing countless light dots to flicker in the rift.


A deep voice echoed in the minds of the cultivators.

Following this, a powerful glow encapsulated their figures and dragged them toward the Resplendent Land.

Qin Nan and the others stared at the scene with blank faces, as they had never expected this to happen.


The terrifying black hand was aware of the Monarch Fishs decision. It flipped itself and grabbed in Qin Nans direction.

The black hands target was not the Monarch Fish, but the cultivators instead.

Not onmy watch!

The Monarch Fish emitted a brilliant glow that instantly turned into a peerless sword, slashing at the black hand.

The hand flipped itself once again and grabbed toward the Monarch Fish. It then pinched with great might. The cultivators could only hear a loud explosion as four different types of colorful glows illuminated the rift to make it be as bright as day.

The Monarch Fish had fallen!

A shocking thought echoed in Qin Nan and the rest of the geniuses minds!

However, within a few breaths time, they had reached the Starry Vortex and were being teleported to the Resplendent Land.

Only Qin Nan heard a hoarse voice exploding in his mind the moment the Starry Vortex disappeared from his sight.