Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1077

Chapter 1077 The Demon Cage

Sorry, Im not planning to sell it.

Qin Nan rejected her without any hesitation.

The saber embryo was most likely related to the Sky-Desolating Saber Art, thus there was no way he would sell it.

Besides, his Martial Spirit could no longer rank up by devouring Monarch Crystals, thus he no longer needed them.

Why are you in a rush to make the decision. Bai Ling calmly said, Sell me the saber embryo and Ill owe you a favor.

Bai Qinglian and Bai Qi were slightly startled.

As everyone knew, in the Royal City, Bai Ling was not only a mere Empress. She also commanded great authority. Even the National General, Chen Changli, would need to pay respect to her.

As such, making Bai Ling owe them a favor would bring huge benefits.

Its not for sale.

Qin Nan did not even raise his eyebrows.

He would not sell it in exchange for the Emperors favor, let alone the Empress.

If he didnt want to sell it, he wouldnt sell it. It was that simple.


The old mans eyes flickered coldly, causing the atmosphere of the room to become heavy.

Are you sure you dont want to sell it to me?

Bai Lings eyes flickered with a hint of murderous intent.

She could not help but admit that Qin Nan was the genius with the best talent that she had seen after Chen Zilai and Chen Buhui, but she hated being rejected the most.

Even Chen Zilai had never said no to her before his status had skyrocketed!

One million Monarch Crystals, deal?

Bai Ling did not unleash her fury, but rather asked in a cold tone.

Bai Qi who was standing aside wore a grin when he heard the words.

Even ten million Monarch Crystals were not enough to purchase a saber embryo, let alone one million. The empress was offering such a low price because she was infuriated. If Qin Nan still did not compromise, she would show no mercy.

If someone were to infuriate the empress, regardless of how powerful and mysterious they were, they would suffer great consequences here in the Royal City!

The joy on Bai Qinglians face was replaced with a look of panic.

What should we do now?


Qin Nans expression gradually became cold.

Trying to threaten him after not getting what she wanted?

Ill give you one last chance. Ten thousand Monarch Crystals? Deal? Or not deal? Let me give you a piece of advice, you should really consider it, as even Chen Zilai did not dare to reject me like that.

Bai Lings eyes were fixed on Qin Nans figure as she unleashed an imperious aura.

Any normal cultivator would be suppressed by her aura.

Piss off.

Qin Nans eyes flickered coldly as an incredible pressure burst out from his body.

Threatening me?

In your dreams.

Even the Emperor would not be able to force him to compromise, let alone the Empress!

Meanwhile, the words served as a huge blast in the ears of Bai Qinglian, Bai Qi, and the old man, leaving them with blank expressions.

The Empress, Bai Ling, had a blank face, as if she were doubting her own ears.

Had Qin Nan just asked her to piss off?

Asking the Empress of the Southern Continents Royal City to piss off?

How bold!

The old man reacted and unleashed a shocking murderous intent, causing a terrifying sacred force to linger in the surroundings.

Hold it!

Bai Ling snapped at the last moment.


The old man halted his figure, who seemed like he had something to say.

Bai Ling waved her hand and stared at Qin Nan. Three breaths later, a charming smile blossomed on her face as she said, Very well, youre the first person that has said that to me since Ive become the Empress. Dont you worry, Ill have some fun with you, and Ill try my best to torture you.

Bai Qinglian finally collected her thoughts after everyone had left. She blurted out panickedly, Qin Nan, you should leave the Royal City at once. The Empress power is too overwhelming. Its not something you can handle!

Although Qin Nan had been quite mysterious and outstanding, it was still impossible for him to go against the Empress.

Dont worry, it wont be a problem.

Qin Nan wore a calm smile.

If the Empress was smart enough, she would not send anyone to trouble him.

His cultivation was only at the fifth-layer Martial Sacred Realm, thus if she were to send over ten peak Martial Sacred Realm experts after him, he would not have any chance.

However, if it really came to that, she should not blame him for not showing any mercy.

He could always summon the people of the Black Dragon and the Dragon Emperor Clan here. After all, the Sky-Desolating Saber Monarch did not mention that he was not allowed to ask for help.

However, Qin Nan still hoped that he could finish the trial on his own.

Qin Nan! I know youre not as simple as you look, but the influence of the Empress is something you could never imagine! Bai Qinglians chest pulsated heavily. Why wouldnt this guy listen?

Its fine. You should let someone take over the White Declaration Pagoda, Ill be going into seclusion for a while.

Qin Nan waved his hand and sent Bai Qinglian out of the room, before setting up a few forbidding auras. Bai Qinglian was left speechless, who stomped her foot on the ground and left.

Some peace at last.

Qin Nan exhaled deeply before unleashing his Divine Sense to comprehend the saber intent of the White Declaration Pagoda.

Meanwhile, he directed a part of his Divine Sense onto the saber embryo.

Ive got the Heaven-Shattering Saber with me, thus I dont think its wise to refine it straight away. I can only set it on fire to separate its saber intent and comprehend it

Qin Nan pondered for a moment before spitting out his spirit flame from his mouth onto the saber embryo.

A moment later, the saber embryo began to tremble vigorously.

Meanwhile, inside a mysterious place in the Royal Palace

Empress, Ive got the latest information. This Qin Nan has appeared out of nowhere around ten days ago. According to the source, Qin Nan seems quite close with Chen Yun of the Chen Clan, and its said that his background is nothing ordinary

Based on my speculation, hes most likely a genius from the Middle Continent, but for some reason, his cultivation is currently at the fifth-layer Martial Sacred Realm.

A man with a pale face and his figure soaked in sweat knelt on his knee as he spoke.

A genius from the Middle Continent? No wonder he has the guts to reject me. Bai Ling wore a cold grin.

Empress, what shall we do? The old man with the hunched back asked.

Order the people to activate the Demon Cage. It will take five days to be completed. During this period, report to me at once if Qin Nan were to make any move. In five days time, send Bai Qi to me and Ill use him as a sacrificial chess piece. Ill then use it as an excuse to send Qin Nan into the Demon Cage.

When that happens, even those behind him wouldnt be able to do anything.