Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1081

Chapter 1081 Many Authorities

...Meanwhile, at the Desolated Battle Ground...

The leader of the Black Dragon led his crew heading toward the inner sector.

They were on their way to a forbidden area, which they were aware of after receiving the information from the Blood Scorpion.

Since they had resolved the conflict with the Blood Scorpion, they began to cooperate, allowing the Black Dragon to grow significantly with the increasing benefits they received from the cooperation.

As such, the people of the Black Dragon were utterly convinced of Qin Nans capabilities.

If it werent for Qin Nan, they would still be in fierce competition with the Blood Scorpion.

Mm? The leader of the Black Dragon halted in his tracks as he glimpsed at his badge and frowned, I just received a message from Qin Nan telling us to go to the Royal City of the Southern Continent.

The Royal City of the Southern Continent?

The crew was stunned. What would they be doing in such a rural place?

Ill ask him. The leader of the Black Dragon replied. A while later, his expression became strange as he read the reply from Qin Nan, He said that he was caught by the Ministry of Justice at the Royal City and is currently being sent to the Demon Cage.

Everyone was dumbfounded hearing this.



They clearly knew that Qin Nan was ranked fifty-second on the Monarch Ranking, who possessed the Heaven-Shattering Saber. Even if his cultivation was suppressed, he still would not have any trouble in the Southern Continent.

Cough cough. The leader of the Black Dragon let out a cough as he was confused too, but he still commanded, Alright, stop daydreaming. Spread the word and tell everyone to head to the Southern Continent at once!


The crew responded.

One of the vice leaders suddenly recalled something, Leader, I know that the emperor and a few of the authorities do owe us some favors. Should I ask them to meet us there too?

Mm, go and send someone to notify them at once. I believe theyre tired of living if they actually dared to detain Qin Nan.

The leader of the Black Dragon said.

...Meanwhile, on the main street of the Royal City...

Many cultivators had arrived after being aware of the shocking incident, asking the witnesses countless questions.

This caused the street to become extremely lively.

Qin Nan put his badge aside after receiving the response from the leader of the Black Dragon.

He was only asking the Black Dragon instead of the Dragon Emperor Clan as he was afraid that the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast would be here in person, which would surely cause everything to become complicated.

The Minister of Justice suddenly halted his movements and frowned, before he suddenly spoke, Someone, go and capture Bai Qinglian too. She has been spending her time around him, thus its possible that she might be colluding with him. Send her to the Heaven-Earth Jail too.

The Empress had just sent him a message, telling him to get rid of Bai Qinglian too.


A few cultivators acknowledged as they charged at Bai Qinglian like starved wolves.

Im the only person responsible. She has nothing to do with it.

He was planning to visit the Demon Cage for the saber intent, thus he had no intention of involving Bai Qinglian in the mess.

Hehe, Im the one to judge if shes innocent, who are you to say anything? The Minister of Justice let out a hollow laugh.

Qin Nan squinted and said, Are you sure? Initially, I wasnt going to hold you responsible, but if you really dare to touch her, I promise you that you will definitely regret it.

Regret? The Minister of Justice was stunned before he burst out laughing, HAHAHA, I cant wait to see how a prisoner is going to make me regret!

His eyes were full of disdain.

Until now, this Qin Nan still could not understand the situation.

Qin Nan was too lazy to waste his time any further. He glanced at the approaching Bai Qinglian and transmitted his voice, Dont worry, everything will be fine. Just treat it as a learning experience.

Bai Qinglians gaze dimmed. This guy still had the mood to joke about it under the circumstances.

They soon arrived at their destination. Bai Qinglian was sent to one of the cells in the Heaven-Earth Jail, while Qin Nan was dragged to the legendary Demon Cage.

A while later, the series of events was rapidly spread in the Royal City as if it had grown a pair of wings.

Hey, did you hear? A cultivator named Qin Nan has murdered the Young Master of the Bai Clan, Bai Qi, and is being sent to the Demon Cage.

Damn, is this real?

Of course it is. It was said that this Qin Nan managed to defeat five eighth-layer Martial Sacred Realm experts before killing Bai Qi, with his mere cultivation of the fifth-layer Martial Sacred Realm!

Hehe, I even heard that it seems like this Qin Nan has offended the Empress.

Sigh, I guess this is going to mark the end of a great talent.

In just a few hours time, Qin Nans name had spread throughout the city, but most of them responded with a sigh.

...At that instant, at the Chen Clan...

Father! Father! This is bad, something disastrous has happened! Chen Rong sprinted toward the main hall with a complicated expression.

Second Young Master, whats going on? The Patriarch isnt in now. One of the servants stopped Chen Rong and said.

Not in? Crap, quick, tell all the leaders to gather in the main hall! Chen Rong swiftly reacted and gave out the order.


The servant panicked and immediately proceeded to look for the elders.

A while later, the elders of the Chen Clan were gathered in the hall.

Second Young Master, what happened? Why did you summon us here? Im telling you, I was in seclusion just now and was about to have a breakthrough. One of the elders snapped.

Didnt you guys hear that the Minister of Justice is sending Qin Nan into the Demon Cage?

Chen Rong was infuriated.

How could their Chen Clan not receive any information about such a serious matter?

As expected, the words served as a great explosion, causing the elders expressions to change tremendously.

Are you kidding me, the Minister of Justice was sending Qin Nan to jail?

How serious would the consequences be if Qin Nan became enraged?

Something isnt right about this... An aged elder collected his thoughts.

I dont care if it isnt right. I want everyone to follow me to the Minister of Justice, and rescue Brother Nan at once! Chen Rongs eyes flickered with excitement.

The elders instantly collected their thoughts, causing their eyes to glisten.

That was right!

If they were able to do this right, the relationship between the Chen Clan and Qin Nan would improve further.

However, in addition to the Chen Clan, inside a bedroom in the Royal Palace...

A middle-aged man with an imperious look wearing a golden robe was currently reading a few scrolls.

He was none other than the current emperor of the Southern Continent, Wang Lifeng.

Suddenly, a badge that had remained silent for a long time in his storage bag emitted a faint glow.

Mm? Could it be that the Black Dragon is contacting me?

Wang Lifengs eyes glistened.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Defense, the Minister of Revenue, and other authorities of the Royal City received a message from the Desolated Battle Ground.