Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1087

Chapter 1087 The Glowing Statue

At that instant, the Guardians, the Emperor, the Empress, and everyone else in the Royal City shivered simultaneously, as their eyes were filled with fear.

They never thought these people would be so crazy.

Threatening to erase the Royal Family or butchering the city straight away.

However, no one would doubt whether they were being serious, as they had a total of one hundred and thirteen half-Martial Progenitor Realm experts. If a battle were to erupt, they would not have any problem bringing a great disaster upon the Southern Continent.

Qin Nan was instantly left speechless after hearing the words.

He was only having some conflict with the Empress. He was not addicted to killing people or anything close. Why would he eliminate the Royal Family or butcher the city for no reason?

He would at most destroy the Royal City, without hurting any innocent people.

Im a man of my word. You have the duration of two incense sticks to make up your mind. Qin Nan glanced at the Guardians, the Emperor, and the others and said in a calm tone.

The leader of the Black Dragon shrugged before he and his crew turned around staring at the Emperor and the rest.

Although they were clueless as to what Qin Nan had told them, they would only need to execute the order regardless of what the situation was.


The seven Guardians and Emperor Wang Liyan opened their mouths with troubled looks.

They never expected Qin Nans background to be this terrifying. If they knew this was the case, they would not approach Qin Nan with such a firm attitude before and would have tried to come up with some ways to compensate him for his loss.

However, it was too late for them to have this thought.

The best option was to let Bai Ling cripple her own cultivation.

Bai Lings eyes were filled with a look of fear as she was aware of their intentions, who began to shake her head rapidly.

At that instant, her previous pride was thoroughly shattered.

She finally realized that she had offended someone that she could not afford to just because of her so-called ego. way...Qin Nan...Im sorry, I really am. Its all my fault. I have no idea who you are. Please dont cripple my cultivation... Bai Ling lowered her head in a panic and blurted out.

Qin Nans eyes remained icy.

In this world, there were some consequences that they would have to bear due to their actions, and apologizing would never be enough to resolve it. If she didnt have the guts to suffer the consequences, why would she try to kill him in the first place?

Humph, I already knew how hopeless you were. Do it yourself, dont force me to do it for you!

The leader of the Guardians harrumphed and unleashed a cold aura.

No...I dont want...I dont want to cripple my cultivation...Thats right, Chen Zilai! You said that you owed me a favor! Hurry up and save me! Bai Ling took a few steps backward and screamed as she recalled something.

You are reaping what you sow, and you still want Chen Zilai to save you from this mess?

The Guardians eyes coldened as he was on the verge of unleashing his force of the half-Martial Progenitor Realm.

It would be troublesome if Chen Zilai were aware of what had happened in the Southern Continent.

However, at the last moment...

Buzz buzz buzz.

A faint chant started from a rift and spread across the city, echoing in the ears of the crowd. The giant statue that stood in the center of the city began to emit a golden glow, which was extremely warm.

The cultivators in the Royal City who were filled with fear and terror calmed down immediately.

Is that...

The Bodhi Statue is glowing!

Its Senior Chen Zilai, were saved!

HAHA, the rumors were true, Senior Chen Zilai would show himself and protect us when the Royal City is in grave danger!

Countless cultivators began to cheer with excitement.

In their hearts, Chen Zilai was a legend. He was like a god to them.

Nothing would be impossible if Chen Zilai were involved.

The third-ranked genius of the Monarch Ranking, Sage Chen Zilai, huh?

The cultivators of the Black Dragon wore solemn expressions but showed no sign of losing their ground, as they had predicted this to happen.

The leader of the Black Dragon withdrew his gaze and glimpsed at Qin Nan, whose face was calm like still water.

He could not help but feel curious. What would Qin Nan do now that Chen Zilai has shown himself?

The seven Guardians and the rest of the authorities wore blank faces, as none of them had expected Bai Ling to actually summon Chen Zilai here.

Meanwhile, Chen Changli wore a wry smile on his face. If he hadnt been too greedy in the past, maybe the genius who had the same surname as his, Chen Zilai, would be helping their Chen Clan instead of Bai Ling.

HAHAHA! Qin Nan, you still want me to cripple my cultivation? In your f**king dreams! Im telling you, Chen Zilai owes me a favor, so I wont have any problem asking him to kill you all! You have left me with no choice! The fear on Bai Lings face was replaced with a twisted expression.

Since she had summoned Chen Zilai to repay the favor, she might as well request him to kill all of them.


A shocking roar exploded in the sky as a ray of light descended from above, landing onto Bai Lings figure and sealing her movement.

Bai Lings eyes instantly widened.

The others were startled too.

The giant statue with Chen Zilais appearance landed on the ground while placing his palms together. His eyes gazed downward with a wry smile, Amitabha, Qin Nan, I never thought we would meet here. Im sorry for what has happened.

Following this, the whole place fell silent.

The smiles on the cultivators faces froze instantly.

The seven Guardians, Emperor Wang Liyan, and the rest of the authorities were dumbfounded too.

Bai Lings figure began to tremble vigorously.


What was going on?

The legend of their Southern Continent, who was currently ranked in the top three of the Middle Continents Monarch Ranking, was apologizing to Qin Nan?


Even the people of the Black Dragon were confused as well.

On the surface, Qin Nan was only ranked fifty-second on the monarch Ranking, while Chen Zilai was ranked third. The difference between their status was extremely huge, and yet why was Chen Zilai apologizing to Qin Nan?

Qin Nan raised his head looking at the giant statue and said in a calm tone, This is quite a surprise. I never expected this woman to actually summon you here. So... are you here to stop me?

A great battle intent burst out from Qin Nans body.

His eyes were sharp like the cutting edge of a saber.

He had demanded Bai Ling cripple her cultivation instead of killing her because he was relatively friendly with Chen Zilai and Chen Buhui.

If Chen Zilai were here to stop him, there was no need to say anything further.

Only one word was needed.