Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1099

Chapter 1099 Golden Lock

Inside this scroll contains the portraits and the details of the disciples you all should take note of during the Monarch Horoscope Contest. Be careful. The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast transmitted her voice to the disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan, Everyone, good luck.

As she waved her hand, countless scrolls were thrown into the hands of Qin Nan and the rest. Following this, she kicked the ground and blinked her eyes at Qin Nan before her figure disappeared into the rift as she left the Touring Dojo.

In addition to her, the other Martial Monarchs were doing similar things too.

After all, they were only there after escorting their disciples, which gave them a chance to observe the disciples of the other factions.

In comparison with the rogue cultivators, the disciples of powerful factions did have some advantage.

Qin Nan had just put the scroll aside when a cultivator wearing a long blue robe and a mask on his face approached him.

Qin Nans eyes glistened, as he could already sense that the persons cultivation was extremely terrifying.

Cultivator Qin Nan, this is a gift from the Princess, which is able to save your life when needed. I hope you wont let the Princess down.

A crisp voice echoed in Qin Nans mind as a flash occurred in his vision. Following this, the cultivator disappeared from his sight, as a square-shaped wooden case the size of a palm and its surface carved with mysterious runes appeared in his hand.

A gift from the Princess?

Qin Nan was slightly startled, who subconsciously took a closer look and immediately discovered a blue pendant lying inside the case. Its surface had a moving gentle glow, while it contained a shocking life force inside it.

The pendant was obviously incredibly useful for him in emergency situations, thus it was surely valuable.

Even though she was busy with the matters of the Lost Herb Garden in the half-God region, she is still concerned about my situation.

Qin Nans grip on the wooden case tightened.

Meeting the Princess was actually one of the most fortunate things in his life.

When the Martial Monarch Realm experts had all left the dojo, the fifteen Monarch Envoys spoke simultaneously, There are three thousand three hundred and forty-two cultivators taking part in this Monarch Horoscope Contest. We will distribute the monarch badges according to your ranking now.

Following this, several monarch glows descended from the sky landing right before each cultivator, which slowly turned into a magical badge.

During the Monarch Horoscope Contest, this monarch badge will be recording everything.

The fifteen Monarch Envoys continued.

Qin Nan and the geniuses were astounded. Was that the only use of this monarch badge? Wasnt it suppose to do something else?

If that was the case, this monarch badge seems quite unnecessary.

Despite being confused, no one ended up questioning it.

The Monarch Horoscope Contest is split into three rounds. You will be told by the Monarch Envoys in charge of the round the specific rules when it begins.

Rays of golden light were emitted from the figures of the fifteen Monarch Envoys, which slowly turned into ten zhang tall and three zhang wide golden arches, with a white whirlpool in each of them.

Now, enter the entrance according to your ranking!

The fifteen Monarch Envoys yelled.

The cultivators figures shuddered as their blood began to boil in excitement.

The Monarch Horoscope Contest that they had long awaited had finally begun!

Their future would be determined by the outcome of the contest.


Shi Qingfan was the first to react, as his figure turned into a beam of light, firing into one of the entrances, followed by Sorceress Qian Qian, Sage Chen Zilai, Dao Qianzhong, and the others.

You all should return to the Sumeru Ring first.

A moment later, Qin Nan summoned Skeleton Xiao Hong, the two hounds, and one mouse back into the Sumeru Ring, before he flew forward.

He had no idea if he could bring them into the Monarch Horoscope Contest, thus he had to try.

In the end, Qin Nan was not stopped when he stepped inside the entrance, as his figure disappeared into the vortex. However, little did Qin Nan know, the Monarch Envoy standing right beside the entrance slightly shuddered, as it was aware of the presence of Skeleton Xiao Hong and the others.


Qin Nans figure descended from the sky.

As he reached the ground, he instantly scanned his surroundings with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

He found himself surrounded by a forest, within which many Martial Progenitor Realm beasts resided. The soil had a normal color too, while the sky was clear and perfectly ordinary.

Mm? Qin Nan raised his brows.

Is that the entrance to the next stage? Besides, this place feels like a separated space. I wonder how many cultivators are here?

A few questions popped up in Qin Nans mind.

At that instant, an ancient voice echoed from the sky, Fellow cultivators, Im the Monarch Envoy in charge of this stage. Ill now explain the rules. You are now in a distinctive space with a length of one hundred and thirty thousand li and a width of eighty thousand. There are four hundred and twenty-one cultivators in this space.

Ill pick a cultivator every five hours and give him a dragon-shaped golden lock. If the cultivator is able to hold onto the golden lock for five hours, he will then proceed to the second round. If someone else is able to claim the possession of the golden lock and hold it until it is redistributed, the person will be given the chance to proceed to the second round instead.

A dragon-shaped golden lock? This sounds interesting.

Qin Nan squinted.

Ill now give out the dragon-shaped golden lock.

The Monarch Envoy added. Following this, a huge explosion could be heard as a blinding ray of light descended rapidly from the sky.

It looked like a giant fireball from a distance away.

As the space was not too large, the shocking sight of the golden lock was thoroughly visible in every cultivators vision.

The direction its flying at, could it be...

Qin Nan was startled.

As he thought, the giant fireball was approaching his location, which caused Qin Nans vision to go blind for a moment with a flash as he was unable to dodge it in time. He could feel a heavy object landing in his hand.

He lowered his head and saw a dragon-shaped mysterious golden lock.


That way!

HAHA, I never thought the golden lock would be so close from where I was standing!

A few voices could be heard from all directions.

On top of that, countless auras were approaching Qin Nans location at a shocking pace!