Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1122

Chapter 1122 Monarch Horoscope Contest Seven
Chapter 1122 - Monarch Horoscope Contest (Seven)

As everyone knew, those who passed the trial of the Monarch Ranking, defeated the other geniuses, and received the approval of the Monarch Horoscope would be able to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm.

If that was the case, why would Qin Nan suffer such a severe injury?

And why would the Monarch Horoscope fly out from his body on its own?

Could it be....

Qin Nan had failed to inherit the Monarch Horoscope?

The thought popped up in the crowds mind.

However, they had never heard of anyone failing to inherit the Monarch Horoscope after earning its approval.

Is it possible that because Qin Nan has surpassed the rules of cultivation, it resulted in some sort of conflict between the two, which caused the process to fail? Fang Changqings eyes flickered as he spoke.

Unlike the other geniuses, Fang Changqing actually possessed an extraordinary Martial Skill Talent, that even Qin Nan was impressed by.

As such, Fang Changqing was able to pinpoint the possibility for the situation. Even though it was slightly different from the truth, it did point out the reason behind it.

The geniuses were excited hearing this.

That was right!

Qin Nan had surpassed the rules of cultivation!

Therefore, it was possible that he would have some conflict with the Monarch Horoscope!

This meant that Qin Nan had actually failed to inherit the Monarch Horoscope!

If that was the case...

The geniuses were startled.

Qin Nan was currently seriously injured, thus they could easily deal with him.

Once they killed Qin Nan, they would be able to grab his Heaven-Shattering Saber, the treasure left by the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch, the Monarch Horoscope, and the secret to surpassing the rules of cultivation!

Having this thought, the geniuses hearts began to race, causing them to breathe heavily!

Qin Nan was like a human-figured treasure vault waiting to be robbed!

Xuan Yue, Mu Mu, protect Qin Nan!

Sima Kong collected his thoughts and yelled. With a flick, he summoned an ancient golden bowl which expanded rapidly in the air and covered Qin Nans figure within it.

Xuan Yue and Mu Mu were instantly aware of the situation too. The former transformed into his actual form and stood in front of Qin Nan, while the latter unleashed her force and summoned the Merciless Sword!

Mm? Step aside!

HAHAHA, the Heaven-Shattering Saber is mine!

Who dares to compete with me? I believe youre tired of living!

Several voices blurted out as the geniuses attacked without mercy.

Even though the geniuses were surprised that someone was willing to protect Qin Nan under such circumstances, they decided to ignore them straight away, as the trios cultivation was only average among them.

At that instant, countless Monarch Arts were executed. Even with Sima Kongs capabilities and Xuan Yue and Mu Mus assistance, they could barely hold their ground.

There were too many of them.

This highlighted the cruelness of the Monarch Horoscope Contest.

Even if it were Shi Qingfan, the Sorceress, or the others, they would be flanked by the other geniuses once they were severely injured, causing them to lose their strength.

Besides, Qin Nan had completely lost his consciousness, thus he was unaware of anything that was taking place.

The pendant inside his Sumeru Ring emitted a blue glow which silently entered his body, allowing his injuries to recover so rapidly that it was visible to the naked eye.

Something is treating his wounds! Sima Kong keenly noticed it, causing his eyes to flicker as he transmitted his voice, We have to hold our ground. It will be fine once Qin Nans able to recover!

Xuan Yue and Mu Mu nodded while clenching their teeth.


A series of explosions took place.

The number of geniuses joining the attack suddenly increased to over twenty when it had only been ten to begin with.

We cant hold out any longer!

Sima Kongs face became pale.

Xuan Yue and Mu Mus figures began to tremble as they were constantly knocked backward, causing their auras to become unstable.


At that instant, a shocking aura flew rapidly toward them!

The person turned out to be Dao Qianzhong!

He had fled from the battle against Tang Qingshan to specifically target Qin Nan!

The Heaven-Shattering Saber, once Ive taken it, Tang Qingshan, I shall have my revenge! Dao Qianzhongs eyes were filled with a great look of greed.

In addition to Dao Qianzhong, a few other cultivators whose strength was comparable to those ranked in the top ten on the Monarch Ranking decided to turn around to target Qin Nan!

After all, some of them had realized that Qin Nans belongings were more valuable than a Monarch Horoscope!

Its over...

Sima Kong entirely lost hope.

Goddamnit, am I really going to die here before I can become the God of Thieves?

Bastard Qin Nan, are you really going to die here after youve surpassed the rules of cultivation?

At that instant, it felt like the time had frozen.

Tang Qingshan who was not far away experienced a great shock for the first time.

He clearly knew that Qin Nan would surely die to the cultivators if he did not interfere in time.

However, if he decided to help, the Monarch Horoscope he was targeting would surely be taken, which meant that all of his effort until now would be in vain.

It was the Monarch Horoscope!

They only had a chance to secure it every hundred years!

If he were to miss out on this chance, he would have to wait another hundred years!

Did he really want to give up here?

Apart from Tang Qingshan, Jiang Bilans eyes also flickered vigorously.

Throughout the battles she had gone through in the Middle Continent, she had almost used up the entire of her lifespan.

If she failed to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, she would only be able to live another year longer.

As such, the Monarch Horoscope was the only way left to keep her alive.

However, if she were to help Qin Nan, the Heaven-Yin Daoist and the other cultivators would use the chance to claim the Monarch Horoscope. As such, it was almost impossible for her to secure one!


What should she do?

Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

Countless Monarch Arts were fired in Qin Nans direction like a tide.

Sima Kong knew it was overseeing this. He rolled his eyes and yelled with all his might, Qin Nan, you son of a bitch, you owe me one million Monarch Weapons!

It was a huge loss for him, and he could only let Qin Nan pay him back in the next life!

However, at that instant!

Two powerful auras were fired in Qin Nans direction; one which was a brilliant saber intent while the other was a mysterious wheel, which completely destroyed the Monarch Arts directed at him!


Dao Qianzhong and the rest of the geniuses were dumbfounded.

HAHAHA, you guys are pretty daring to harm my Junior Brother!

Following a burst of deafening laughter, Tang Qingshan slowly walked toward Qin Nan with an imperious aura as if he were possessed by the spirit of the Godly Exterminator.

His eyes sharpened.

That was right, he had made his choice.

Even though the Monarch Horoscope was extremely important for him, even if he would have to wait another hundred years if he were to miss the chance...

His Junior Brother was the one and only in this world. He would never meet someone like him even if he waited for a hundred or even a thousand years!

Although you have tortured me over a hundred times in the second stage, for some reason, I just cant stand there and watch you being killed.

Jiang Bilan wore a charming smile as she glimpsed at Qin Nan.

Maybe she would lose the chance of securing a Monarch Horoscope, but she knew that she would regret it for the rest of her life if she did not interfere.

She finally had a chance to redeem herself, thus she was not willing to regret her past again.

She would do whatever she felt like, as long as it was something she sought.


Dao Qianzhong and the geniuses were dumbfounded.

Tang Qingshan and Jiang Bilan had given up on the Monarch Horoscopes to protect Qin Nan?

Were they out of their minds?