Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1137

Chapter 1137 Jiang Bilans Death

Tang Qingshan, Ao Cangtian, Sima Kong, Mu Mu, and the others were utterly shocked.

Jiang Bilans face turned pale as well.

Everything had happened so fast that she could not react in time to stop it.

At that instant, it felt like the time had frozen, as everyone stared at the giant human-figured fireball moving closer toward Qin Nans figure

Finally, at the last moment!

The sense of life-threatening danger caused Qin Nan to wake up and unleash the Destruction Domain!


Following a loud explosion, the pitch-black Destruction Domain began to shatter as Qin Nans body received an incredible impact, causing him to let out a groan as he was knocked a few steps backward before he was able to regain his stability!

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Following this, a few blinding golden rays sprang into the sky from Qin Nans body and floated in the air, which were none other than the nine Monarch Horoscopes!

Qin Nan was disturbed in the process of refining the primary monarch force, causing him to lose his focus. As such, the force of the Divine God of Battle dissipated. Although the nine Monarch Horoscopes were willing to let Qin Nan refine their power, they had no choice but to unconsciously obey the rules of Monarch Horoscopes, thus causing them to exit his body!

In other words, the process had been interrupted before Qin Nan could absorb sufficient primary monarch force for his Martial Trees!


Its the nine Monarch Horoscopes!

Qin Nan was interrupted when he was trying to inherit the Monarch Horoscopes! We still have a chance!

Shi Qingfan, Dao Qianzhong, and the rest of the geniuses who were severely injured became energetic as their faces were filled with joy. They did not expect the tables would be turned despite the fact that they had thoroughly lost the battle previously.


Tang Qingshan, Ao Cangtian, Sima Kong, Mu Mu, and the others wore dark expressions!

They clearly knew the significance of failing to inherit the Monarch Horoscopes. After all, there was only one chance to achieve their goal, and it would never be given to them twice!

South-Heaven Spirit Envoy! How dare you! Qin Nans eyes flickered with tremendous fury. It felt like the murderous intent surrounding his figure was about to materialize!

As a matter of fact, the primary monarch force that he had retrieved was only equivalent to three Monarch Horoscopes, thus it was nowhere enough to support his nine Martial Trees. How could he not be furious since he had been interrupted by the South-Heaven Spirit Envoy?

HAHAHA! Qin Nan! Ive stopped you! But, Im not here just to stop you, Im here to take your life! Youre going to hell! The South-Heaven Spirit Envoy burst out laughing as its expression became twisted. Following this, several blinding blue rays were emitted from its blue skin!

It was its final attack, to detonate itself by burning the South-Heaven Qi!


Qin Nan was startled!

However, in the nick of time, a glamorous figure sprang forward and landed before him.

The Flesh of Death!

A tremendous deathly aura was summoned encapsulating the glamorous figure, as if the Monarch of Death were reincarnated.

The figure was none other than Jiang Bilan.

Jiang Bilan, you...NO!

Qin Nan was slightly started before he suddenly realized something and let out a roar.

However, it was too late, as the twenty zhang tall figure of the South-Heaven Spirit Envoy exploded, resulting in a huge blast as countless flames surged in Qin Nans direction.

From a distance, it looked like a part of the dojo had turned into a sea of blue flames.

The damage caused by the explosion was utterly terrifying.

Qin Nan!

Sima Kong and the others were astounded.

Failing to inherit the Monarch Horoscopes was nothing comparing to losing his life.

A few moments later, the burning sea of flames was finally extinguished, as two figures flew out and slammed hard into the ground.

Qin Nan? Hes still alive!

Sima Kong and the rest were startled, who immediately went up to them. However, they were thunderstruck when they took a closer look.

Qin Nans body was filled with various wounds as fresh blood burst out from them. It turned out that he was also injured, even with Jiang Bilan protecting him.

Jiang Bilan? Jiang Bilan? Wake up! Wake up now! Right, the pendant, it will save your life, dont you worry...

Qin Nan began to panic for the first time as he looked at heavily injured Jiang Bilan whose clothes were torn and aura was extremely weak. He immediately took out the pendant and directed streams of life force into Jiang Bilans body.

Qin...Qin no use...Its not just the injury of my flesh The life force in my body has also been depleted The pendant...wont should keep it to yourself...

Jiang Bilan opened her eyes staring at Qin Nan and spoke with all her might.


Qin Nans eyes widened.

Jiang Bilan had consumed all of the life force in her body?

He was aware that Jiang Bilan had mastered a forbidden technique that could burn her life force in exchange for power, but wasnt she well before? Why would it deplete all of a sudden?

Could it be that she had been burning her life force to stop the South-Heaven Spirit Envoy?

Im...Im sorry...

Jiang Bilans eyes revealed a hint of remorse. If she were slightly stronger, if she did not let her guard down, she would be able to stop the South-Heaven Spirit Envoy, thus Qin Nan would not have failed to inherit the Monarch Horoscopes!

Enough! Stop talking! Ill save you!

Qin Nan collected his thoughts and immediately directed the life force of the pendant into Qin Nans body without hesitation.

Its...really not going to help me... Jiang Bilan used all of her strength to force a radiating smile as she said, Besides...even when all my life force is depleted...Ill turn into a Death Crystal...and comprehend in that form If I succeed...Ill be able to refine the Flesh of Death...In other words...I wont die...

Saying this, starting from her feet, her flesh began to shatter into pieces which transformed into tiny crystals that rose into the sky.

Jiang Bilans eyes became dull upon seeing this.

Although according to the Ancient Death Manual, she would have a chance to refine the Flesh of Death if she combusted all of her life force and turned into a Death Crystal, allowing her to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm straight away. However, the chance was too slim, as it was even more difficult than surpassing the rules of cultivation.

Qin Nan ignored her words and continued to heal her with the life force.

Qin Nan...promise me one thing...

Jiang Bilan said with a weak tone.

Qin Nan was slightly startled.

I...I was so wrong in the past...I regret it...I hope...I hope that....even if you cant forgive me completely...but...please dont hate me I truly...regret it If I was given one more chance...I would never...never harm...

Jiang Bilan said with a pleading expression, but before she could finish, her body broke into pieces of crystals that gathered together and merged into a giant black crystal in the blink of an eye. It was completely filled with darkness, with no sign of life.

Jiang...Jiang Bilan?

Qin Nan was stunned. He unconsciously yelled as his body began to tremble.

However, there was no response.

The black crystal was as silent as death.

Jiang Bilan...Jiang Bilan...Jiang Bilan...

Qin Nans voice trembled as he repeated the call. His voice became softer gradually, as he fell silent in the end.

At that instant, a great force clenched his heart, which continued to tighten its grip, trying to suffocate him.

He glanced at the Death Crystal and clenched his fists, causing his nails to penetrate his palms. A moment later, as he recalled something, he raised his head, his hair dancing wildly as he uttered a furious roar into the sky with bloodshot eyes, South-Heaven Gate! I, Qin Nan, swear to the Heavens that Ill surely break you into pieces with my own hands! Ill make sure not a single part of you remains intact! Otherwise, may the Heavens put me under an eternal curse!


At that instant, it felt like a series of terrifying explosions were occurring deep inside the rift!