Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1144

Chapter 1144 Deterring The Crowd

Who is it?

Whos there?

"How bold, who dares to trespass on the Wuji Mountain Range!"

A few furious roars could be heard coming from under the cliff, as several monarch arts were fired into the sky like beams of light.

Qin Nan's dark crimson hair danced wildly in the wind as his figure split into numerous indistinct shadows that dodged the monarch arts before he landed at the bottom of the cliff.

Qin Nan raised his head and immediately saw eighteen cultivators standing not far ahead of him. Fifteen of them with relatively strong cultivations were wearing clothing related to the Wuji Alliance. Among the remaining three young men, one of them had a hint of pride displayed between his brows, indicating his unique background.

As for the other two, one was in a white robe holding a sword while the other had hair reaching his shoulders.

"Mm? The White-Robed Swordman Wu Chen? The Demon-Eyed Waterman?"

Qin Nan was slightly startled. He did recall the intense battle between them in the first stage of the Monarch Horoscope Contest. Too bad for them, they did not make it to the third stage.


Qin Nan's attention was soon grabbed by the scene behind the eighteen people. He could see a lake and a giant boulder which had a height of three people at its center. The boulder was pure white and constantly emitting a thunderous glow which resulted in a vortex, as if it were the entrance to a whole new world.

It was likely that the boulder would lead him to the true treasure of the Heaven-Shattering Martial Monarch.

On the other hand, the disciples of the Wuji Alliance who had fired their attacks were astounded. They did not expect the person before them to be able to dodge all their attacks with ease.

His cultivation was most likely on par with the White-Robed Swordsman and the Demon-Eyed Waterman?

"What are you waiting for?" The young man standing in the middle snapped with a cold gaze, "This is a forbidden area of the Wuji Alliance. This man is trespassing, kill him right now. If he dares to resist, we'll report back to the sect immediately."

Although the young man was aware of Qin Nan's outstanding strength, they were appointed to guard one of the greatest mysteries of the Wuji Alliance. Anyone who saw it had to be slain instantly.


The fifteen disciples of the Wuji Alliance immediately wore murderous looks.

"Stop it!"

The White-Robed Swordsman Wu Chen and the Demon-Eyed Waterman collected their thoughts.

The disciples of the Wuji Alliance were stunned, their eyes filled with doubts.

"What is it?"

The young man frowned slightly.

"This man isn't someone you want to go against." The Demon-Eyed Waterman transmitted his voice to the young man as he brought his fists together facing Qin Nan, "Cultivator Qin Nan, what a surprise. I didn't expect to see you here."

"Qin Nan?"

The young man wore an astounded look.

The fifteen disciples of the Wuji Alliance were shocked too. They never thought the young man would be the famous Qin Nan himself.

"What a coincidence, but I've got something at hand at the moment. I won't have much time to chat with you, let's do it some other time." Qin Nan brought his fists together before he proceeded toward the boulder with a kick.

"Stop him! Quick, don't let him advance any further!" The young man collected his thoughts and demanded in excitement.

That was Qin Nan; he had the secrets of the Heaven-Shattering Treasure with him. Once he claimed them after Qin Nan was killed, his status would skyrocket instantly.

That being said, he clearly knew that Qin Nan was powerful. However, how difficult would it be to defeat him since they had eighteen people?

The fifteen disciples of the Wuji Alliance immediately made their moves without hesitation.

"Are you out of your mind?"

The White-Robed Swordsman Wu Chen and the Demon-Eyed Waterman were dumbfounded. They instantly sprang forward and attacked the fifteen disciples, knocking them backward.

"What are you doing? Have you forgotten your responsibilities?"

The young man snapped ferociously as green veins surfaced on his forehead.

He never expected the two to interfere and stop the attacks.

The disciples of the Wuji Alliance wore dark faces too.

"Let me tell you, if any of you knew..."

The Demon-Eyed Waterman took a deep breath to withhold the anger in his heart. However, before he could finish, an astonished voice could be heard.

"Qin...Qin Nan is walking toward the boulder!"

The words served as a shocking thunder.

The young man and the disciples of the Wuji Alliance turned around and stared at Qin Nan with blank faces.

Was this Qin Nan out of his mind?

They clearly knew that the boulder was the greatest secret of the Wuji Alliance!

In the past, the Wuji Martial Monarch had led one hundred and eight peak Martial Progenitor Realm experts, and even invited two friends who were both Martial Monarchs to establish the Wuji Heavenly Destruction Formation to shatter the boulder with brute force. To their surprise, the boulder remained unharmed and had even responded by killing fifty-eight of the peak Martial Progenitors.

If it weren't for the safety precautions that the Wuji Martial Monarch had prepared beforehand, the others would have suffered great consequences too.

Wasn't Qin Nan trying to kill himself by approaching the boulder?

However, they immediately witnessed an unforgettable sight.

Qin Nan continued to move toward the boulder without being hindered. He casually arrived before the boulder and his figure emitted a stream of saber intent as he stepped into the boulder, causing him to vanish before the crowd.


The young man and the disciples of the Wuji Alliance were astounded, with their eyes open wide.

What just happened?

Did Qin Nan just do something that even three Martial Monarchs and one hundred and eight peak Martial Progenitor Realm experts had failed to do?

Furthermore, he wasn't even harmed in the process?

The Demon-Eyed Waterman was clueless as to the secret of the boulder, but he could somehow guess at its importance. His eyes became cold as he spoke sternly, "Let this be a reminder, if you're planning to kill yourself, don't drag me and Wu Chen along! I don't care who you mess with, including the geniuses of the half-God region, but you should never mess with Qin Nan!"

"I hope you understand that even the most famous geniuses like Shi Qingfan, the Sage, and the Sorceress would not dare to mess with Qin Nan even if they were promised some incredible rewards. If you insist on going against him, I'm afraid I won't be joining even if it means breaking my oath."

The White-Robed Swordsman Wu Chen said in a cold tone staring at the crowd.

They both still remembered how astonished they were when they saw Qin Nan unleashing five Martial Trees into the sky.