Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1149

Chapter 1149 People From The Half God Region

Following the Dragon Emperors declaration, different tunes appeared from the fifty-eight mountains, which surprisingly did not sound messy when combined together, but rather resulted in a unique melody.

Meanwhile, disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan wearing golden robes stepped onto the dojo while presenting delicacies and precious magical wines.

As for the glowing dojo at the center, inner disciples of the Dragon Emperor Clan began to showcase the famous Monarch Arts and Martial Skills invented by the Dragon Emperor Clan.

The Monarch Ascending Ceremony consisted of three parts.

Firstly, the tunes, delicacies, and wines were presented to let the guests enjoy themselves.

Secondly, the arrival of the geniuses before they were declared Martial Monarchs under the blessings of the Martial Monarchs attending the ceremony.

Thirdly, friendly duels between the inner disciples, core disciples, and even the Martial Monarchs of different factions.

Currently, they were still in the first stage of the ceremony.

However, without anyone knowing, in a corner of the glowing dojo...

Hey, Brother Gong, I dont understand, why did you drag me here? Every second I waste here will cost me hundreds of thousands of Monarch Crystals! Besides, that Qin Nan isnt even here, he must be cultivating somewhere in seclusion... Sima Kong gulped down a mouthful of magical wine and stared at the young man beside him with a troubled look.

The young man had short hair and glistening eyes. The aura inside his body was immeasurable like a magnificent ocean.

If Qin Nan were present, he would surely identify him to be the successor of the Nine Symbolic Words, the famous leader of the Blood Scorpion in the Desolated Battle Ground, Gong Yang.

Qin Nan will surely be here. Hes about to show himself soon. Something insane is going to happen during the Monarch Ascending Ceremony. We must give Qin Nan a hand when the time comes.

Gong Yang shook his head as his gaze sharpened.

What could possibly happen? This is the Dragon Emperor Clan, who would dare to do anything stupid? The Dragon Emperor alone is so powerful that even newly ranked up Martial God Realm experts would not dare to trouble him, not to mention the other Beast Monarchs on guard...

Sima Kong murmured in disbelief.

Gong Yang did not comment further as he continued to observe the surroundings.

Meanwhile, at the front of the dojo, the leading position among the Battle Dragon Seats...

The middle-aged man who was the Dragon Emperors disguise turned his head slightly and transmitted his voice to the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, Whats going on? Is Qin Nan still cultivating in seclusion? I cant wait to see his capabilities during the duels.

Chief, Ive just sent him a message. He will be here soon... The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast responded, who suddenly realized something, causing her eyes to flicker, Chief, Ao Cangtian and the others are out.

Oh? Very well, prepare to enter the second phase.

The Dragon Emperor nodded.

...Time gradually passed. Half an hour later...


Two loud explosions could be heard coming from the rift in the distance.

The authorities, elders, and disciples immediately raised their heads.

A huge segment of the rift crumbled, as dazzling golden rays burst out from the gap like two ancient suns rising into the sky, followed by a strong monarch aura that swept into the surroundings like a storm.

Two figures slowly stepped out from the rift with formidable auras like ancient titans.

They were none other than Ao Cangtian and Sorceress Qian Qian.

Such powerful auras!

Gasp, their auras are so terrifying after ranking up to the Martial Monarch Realm!

I believe none of them could be ordinary Martial Monarchs!

Absolutely, monarch glows as bright as the sun and auras as immeasurable as the ocean. Their presence is already so strong prior to overcoming the Tribulation. They will most likely achieve the second-layer Martial Monarch Realm after overcoming the Tribulation. As expected of the geniuses ranked in the top ten on the Monarch Ranking! The eldest Martial Monarch present slowly spoke and commented.

Im Ao Cangtian, my respect to the Dragon Emperor, Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, Diabolic Monarch Beast! Greetings, Senior Extraordinary Saber Monarch, Senior Fallen Demon Monarch, Senior Wuji Monarch...

Im Qian Qian, greetings, Dragon Emperor, Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast, Diabolic Monarch Beast, Extraordinary Saber Monarch...

The two went up and brought their fists together while speaking with thunderous, crisp voices.

The geniuses watching them below lost their thoughts as their hearts experienced a great shock. They were once considered the same level as them, but now, it felt like they were so far away.

Senior Extraordinary Monarch Saber, Cultivator Tang Qingshan mentioned that hes not interested in the ceremony, so he has returned to the sect instead.

Ao Cangtian said smilingly to the Extraordinary Saber Monarch.

This guy...

The Extraordinary Saber Monarch wore a wry smile but his heart was filled with a hint of helplessness. Even though the public assumed Tang Qingshan to be his disciple, the people of the Heaven-Saber Sect knew that he was actually his Junior Brother, thus he had no authority over him, not to mention that Tang Qingshan had also achieved the Martial Monarch Realm now.

It doesnt matter. You two should take your seats. Nine-Tailed, its time for the second phase. The Dragon Emperor said calmly.

Affirmative. The Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast stood up and flew towards the sky above the dojo with a kick. She quickly scanned her surroundings and said with a charming smile and a pleasant voice, The Monarch Horoscope Contest has completely come to an end. First of all, I would like to congratulate Ao Cangtian, Sorceress Qian Qian, and Tang Qingshan for successfully achieving the Martial Monarch Realm! Now, lets proceed with the second ceremony, which will declare them to be Martial Monarchs under the blessings of the rest of the Martial Monarchs...

Humph, what bullshit is this, whats with the complicated ceremonies? Isnt it just the title of a Martial Monarch? In my opinion, since Ao Cangtian was Qin Nans mount, he should just be titled The Cangtian Dragon mounted by Qin Nan. That Sorceress Qian Qian looks quite attractive, with a petite figure, lets call her the Mini Demon Monarch...

Sima Kong who was standing among the crowd wore a grin.

However, an unexpected occurrence took place!


The whole place felt like it had been struck by a giant hammer, resulting in a shocking explosion which caused the rift across a few thousand li to shatter simultaneously as strong gusts of wind burst out from the gaps!

The geniuses on the dojo were stunned, while the Martial Monarchs eyes flickered.

What was happening?

Why would someone dare to disturb the Monarch Ascending Ceremony of the Middle Continent?

The South-Heaven Sacred Ground is here!

The Jade-Lake Sacred Mountain is here!

The Martial Principle Sect is here!

Three blasting voices which felt like they had descended from the Heavens echoed in the ears of the crowd.

At that instant, the Martial Monarchs were stunned. The geniuses felt their bodies turning stiff as their faces were filled with astonishment.


What was going on?

These were the three strongest factions of the half-God region!

They had never participated in the Monarch Ascending Ceremony of the Middle Continent in the past. Why would all of them be here this time?

Sima Kong who had previously been wearing a smug look was dumbfounded!


Was something crazy really going to happen?

Did this mean the three great factions were the reason Qin Nan would be in danger?