Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1154

Chapter 1154 Utterly Disdainful

On the glowing dojo, the elders and the geniuses were stunned.

They had not expected the situation to come to this.

They are the geniuses on the God Ranking!

Theres no way the geniuses of the God Ranking would lose even without their Martial Spirits and suppressing their cultivation, right?

Sigh, our Middle Continent is going to taste a huge defeat this time.

The cultivators said while shaking their heads.

In their opinions, the geniuses from the three great factions were surely significantly stronger than the geniuses of the Middle Continent regardless of the conditions.

The Dragon Emperor and the rest of the Martial Monarchs had a discussion through their Divine Sense and immediately made their decision.

Dao Qianzhong, Wen Wu, you two will represent the geniuses of the Middle Continent. The Extraordinary Saber Monarch calmly said.

Jiu Hui, go and have some fun with the geniuses from the three great factions. The Fallen Demon Monarch said with a cold tone.

Xiang Taiji, youre up.

Du Xinyuan, you too.

Five geniuses were instantly picked.

Dao Qianzhong was ranked in the top ten of the Monarch Ranking, who had almost inherited a Monarch Horoscope. Jiu Hui, Xiang Taiji, and Du Xinyuan were ranked in the top twenty, while Wen Wu was ranked in the top forty. The formation was considered the strongest group they could assemble among the disciples.

It was the decision that the Martial Monarchs made, who all agreed to secure the victory of the starting round.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

However, to everyones surprise, only three disciples of the three great factions flew out from the crowd and landed at the center of the dojo. They were two female disciples from the Jade-Lake Sacred Mountain and a male disciple from the Martial Principle Sect.

Mm? Whats the meaning of this?

The Dragon Emperor frowned.

The elders and geniuses were confused too.

The disciple of the Martial Principle Sect immediately stepped forward and brought his fists together. He then said with a calm tone, Fellow Martial Monarchs and seniors, pardon us, but after a quick discussion among ourselves, we all agreed that sending five people to fight against the geniuses of the Middle Continent would be a waste of resources. Three people...are more than enough!

The stern faces of Dao Qianzhong and the rest of the geniuses were replaced with anger hearing this.

Not only them, even the elders, geniuses, and the Martial Monarchs gazes turned cold too.

How disdainful!

He thinks three of them are enough to deal with five of our geniuses?

F**k! Hes looking down on us!

Dao Qianzhong and the rest, do your best and teach those assholes a lesson!

Several infuriated voices echoed through the sky.

After all, most of them were born in the Middle Continent or somewhere even more remote. Since the three great factions were looking down on Dao Qianzhong and the others, it could also mean that they were looking down on everyone too.

Let the fight begin.

The Black-Eyed Martial Monarch declared.


The furious Dao Qianzhong and his crew immediately unleashed strong auras as they communicated through their Divine Sense and established a magical formation while flanking the three geniuses of the three great factions from different directions!

The noisy dojo immediately fell silent, as everyones eyes were fixated onto the battle!

At that instant, the battle burst into action!


A series of explosions took place on the dojo!

Countless Monarch Art glows were emitted!

Within a thousand breaths time, with Dao Qianzhong and his crew working together and combining a powerful strength due to their perfect teamwork, they were able to apply pressure to the three geniuses of the three great factions by constantly knocking them backward!

However, before the crowd could cheer them on, the geniuses from the three great factions immediately unleashed their powerful auras while executing terrifying Monarch Arts, suppressing Dao Qianzhong and his crew straight away!

The tide of the battle had turned!

In addition to that, even with the three geniuses of the three great factions suppressing their cultivations, their progenitor force was still stronger than Dao Qianzhong and his crew, and their comprehension of the Monarch Arts was immeasurable. As a result, Dao Qianzhong and his crew had no chance to fight back!

The crowds expressions became unpleasant!

As time gradually passed, the intensity of the battle grew continuously!


After the period it took three incense sticks to burn!

The two female disciples of the Jade-Lake Sacred Mountain executed a powerful Monarch Art, which completely sealed off the movements of Dao Qianzhong and his crew, causing them to wear stunned expressions. Before they could react, the disciple of the Martial Principle Sect who had accumulated his strength throughout this duration unleashed his power, resulting in a blinding glow that devoured the figures of the five cultivators!


Following a series of explosions!

Dao Qianzhong and his crew were severely injured. Their figures were covered in blood as they slammed hard into the ground and lost their consciousness!

At that instant...

The entire dojo fell into a dead silence!

Although the Martial Monarchs, elders, and geniuses had prepared themselves for the result, they could feel their hearts tightening as if it were being clenched by a giant hand, causing them to feel like suffocating!


Theyd lost!

The five geniuses of the Middle Continent were completely smashed by the three geniuses of the three great factions!


I knew it!

The geniuses from the three great factions are indeed terrifying. Even the five of them stood no chance at all!

That young man has thoroughly mastered that Monarch Art!

Indeed, even at the same cultivation levels, the geniuses from the half-God region are unbeatable!

Countless sighs could be heard coming from the dojo.

The elders and geniuses looked extremely helpless.

Despite being furious and frustrated, they could not help but admit the difference between their strengths.

The three great factions have won the first round. The Black-Eyed Martial Monarch glanced at the Dragon Emperor and the others and said with a calm smile, Dragon Emperor, well continue to the second round. The same as the last round, you are first to decide your candidates.

...Meanwhile, at the Dragon Bone Cliff, deep inside the Dragon Emperor Clan...


Qin Nans eyes sprang open as his figure unleashed a strong aura!

Oh shit! I was too into the process!

Qin Nan slapped his own forehead!

He somehow noticed that the dragon Qi here at the Dragon Bone Cliff was extremely useful for his body, thus he had entirely lost track of the time as he was so focused on cultivating!

If he did not purposely stop the process, he would most likely have spent more time cultivating!

He quickly looked at the message from the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast in his badge an wore a wry smile!

This was bad, he would surely be punished when he showed up later!

Forget it, I should head to the ceremony at once. I believe its still going on!

Qin Nan mumbled to himself and raised his head staring into the sky from the Dragon Bone Cliff. After all, the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast was currently at the Monarch Ascending Ceremony, thus she would not be able to come and pick him up. He would have to find a way to leave this place on his own!

This seems like an isolated space surrounded by many forbidden formations on the outside. I guess Ill have to use the Heaven-Shattering Saber. Ill apologize to the Nine-Tailed Monarch Beast later...

Qin Nan observed his surroundings and came to a conclusion. He drew out the Heaven-Shattering Saber and slashed at the sky!