Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1179

Chapter 1179 Azure Dagger

Qin Nan shrugged without saying anything. He turned around and left the place.

Following this, he continued to stroll on the streets of Linran City. He ended up earning twenty thousand God Stones from the stalls along the way.

However, he was unable to find any trace of the pieces of Canglan Tree, or any astonishing treasure.

"Mister, please hear me out."

At that instant, a crisp voice could be heard. Qin Nan turned around and saw a woman wearing a long robe approaching him from ten zhang away.

"I'm Zhan Xiaoxian, an inner disciple of the Battle Tribe, one of the eight ancient tribes. I've been observing you for quite a while... Do you mind if I know your name?" Zhan Xiaoxian asked.

Qin Nan was startled.

Zhan Xiaoxian? An inner disciple of the Battle Tribe?

He unconsciously lowered his head, and as he thought, the ring on his finger began to emit a faint glow.

Qin Nan was astounded, who swiftly used his left eye of the Divine God of Battle to scan Zhan Xiaoxian's figure. A while later, his eyes were fixated on Zhan Xiaoxian's chest.

On the jade-white skin close to her collarbone was an azure dagger the size of a palm, which was entirely transparent and covered in a magical glow, hinting at its extraordinariness. However, what attracted Qin Nan's attention the most was the handle of the dagger, which was engraved with five wooden pentagon blocks the size of a nail, which had a crimson color to them.

Although the wooden blocks were emitting an ancient aura, Qin Nan's left eye of the Divine God of Battle keenly detected the final piece contained an indescribable power, that even his left eye failed to see through.

"So a piece of the Canglan Tree?"

Qin Nan's breath intensified.

Even though it was only a tiny piece, it was hard for Qin Nan to maintain his calmness after seeing it in person.

"Mister?" Zhan Xiaoxian's eyes flickered with doubts. Why was this scholar-like young man staring at her chest?

"I'm sorry, I lost my thoughts for a second." Qin Nan swiftly recovered and spoke, "I'm Duan Qing, is there any reason you're looking for me?"

"Duan Qing, right? Through my observation, I noticed that every time you make your move, it felt like you were actually able to see through everything, which showed how powerful your eye-technique is. Why don't you help me once with a bet? If you succeed, not only would the treasure belong to you, I'll also give you great benefits." Zhan Xiaoxian stared into Qin Nan's eyes.

Previously, she had absolutely no idea how to deal with the matter at hand. To her surprise, she somehow bumped into someone with such a powerful eye-technique on the street, which brought hope into her heart.

At least with Duan Qing's help, she would not lose the bet by too much.

Qin Nan's eyes flickered hearing this, as he did not expect Zhan Xiaoxian to initiate contact with him, and even asked him for a favor.

"I don't mind helping, but if I win, can you give that dagger to me?" Qin Nan cut straight to the topic.

Although the azure dagger was a half-Monarch Weapon, it was partially broken, thus it was no longer valuable. As such, he had decided to reveal his desire.

"You want this dagger?" Zhan Xiaoxian's eyes were filled with surprise.

The dagger was the first weapon she had received as a gift when she was young. Even though with her current eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm cultivation, she would rarely need to rely on it, but she had been carrying it with her all the time.

Why would Duan Qing want such an invaluable dagger?

Could there be some kind of treasure inside it?

"The dagger is somehow related to an old friend of mine who has been missing for a long time, so I'm quite interested to get it. If you're willing to give the dagger to me, I'll try my best to help you." Qin Nan said in a calm manner.

Although he could rob the dagger from her with brute force, it was not necessary to do so.

He would not mind robbing his enemies, but if he were to rob a stranger that he had just bumped into, what difference would there be between him and a thief?

"Alright, I can give the dagger to you, but you'll need to help me with a bet involving fragments later. I'll contribute the God Stones needed for the bet, but if you lose, I won't give the dagger to you." Zhan Xiaoxian's eyes glistened as she said.


Qin Nan agreed without hesitation.

If it were only a bet involving fragments, he would not have any trouble winning with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle.

"Come with me."

After reaching a deal, Zhan Xiaoxian did not waste any time. She immediately led Qin Nan to another street and arrived before a palace.

The palace was seven floors tall and entirely golden in color. It was emitting a brilliant glow under the sunlight. Those with relatively ordinary cultivations would not dare to glance directly at it.

The palace was named the Golden Soaring Palace. Its entrance was crowded with cultivators, resulting in a lively scene.

"Lead the way."

Zhan Xiaoxian walked to the entrance and presented a golden invitation with a cold expression, displaying the typical pride as the inner disciple of a formidable tribe.

"Greetings, Lady Zhan. My young master and the others have been waiting for you."

One of the servants' eyes flickered as he came up to Zhan Xiaoxian in a humble manner and led them to a huge door on the seventh floor.

Normally, a room like this would be protected by layers of formations, which would make it soundproof and impenetrable by Divine Sense. However, for some reason, as soon as Zhan Xiaoxian and Qin Nan arrived, they could hear voices from the room.

"Tsk tsk, I believe Zhan Xiaoxian wouldn't dare show up here!"

"HAHAHA, of course she wouldn't, she doesn't know any eye-techniques or any eye-technique experts at all. Wouldn't she be embarrassing herself if she were to come here?"

Green veins surfaced on Zhan Xiaoxian's forehead as she heard the words. Before Qin Nan could react, she kicked the door open and yelled, "Who says I don't dare to show up?"

In the meantime, Qin Nan made use of the chance to scan the room.

At the lead position sat a short-haired man with a cultivation of the eighth-layer Martial Progenitor Realm, who was wearing a smile. His aura was quite similar to the Martial Monarch inside the City Lords Mansion. He was most likely related to Linran City.

On his sides sat a male and a female. The male was wearing a unique red robe, who possessed a cultivation of the seventh-layer Martial Progenitor Realm. He looked like a giant furnace. The woman, on the other hand, had a cold aura as if she were a ghost.

"Flame Tribe? Undead Tribe?"

Qin Nan raised his brows.

The eight ancient tribes of the Canglan Continent consisted of the Heavenly Fortune Tribe, the Flame Tribe, the Undead Tribe, the Lightning Tribe, the Blood Tribe, the Dead Spirit Tribe, the Ocean Tribe, and the Battle Tribe.

The Heavenly Fortune Tribe was the most mysterious, while the Flame Tribe, the Undead Tribe, the Lightning Tribe, and the Blood Tribe were the most common.

"Oh, Zhan Xiaoxian, you're actually here?" The woman of the Undead Tribe exclaimed in a shocked tone.

"My fault, that was my bad. I've misunderstood you. I thought you wouldnt have the guts to come. Yo, who's the young man behind you, some random helper you found on the street?" The young man from the Flame Tribe glanced at Qin Nan before shifting his gaze and saying with a disdainful look.

"Enough with the nonsense, Dong Kuo, it's time to start the bet." Zhan Xiaoxian said in a cold tone.