Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1181

Chapter 1181 Constant Bullying

"Dong Kuo, you shameless prick, asshole, weirdo!"

Zhan Xiaoxian pointed at Dong Kuo and burst out scolding.

The reason was that if they were to spend eighty thousand God Stones buying the fragments, even if they happened to contain some valuable treasure, it would at most sum up to around a hundred thousand God Stones. As a result, they would only earn just over twenty thousand God Stones, making it hard to win the bet against Yi Feng!

The woman of the Undead Tribe and the man of the Lightning Tribe smirked as they stood aside.

So what if you were able to find an eye-technique expert?

They were determined to humiliate Zhan Xiaoxian and the Battle Tribe.

Master Yi Feng wore a calm expression seeing this as if nothing were his concern.

"I'm the owner of this Golden Soaring Palace, so I have the right to decide the price of the fragments. If you don't agree, just concede the bet, since that's what the people of the Battle Tribe are good at."

Dong Kuo looked at Zhan Xiaoxian, before giving Qin Nan a grin.

Going against him?

Not a chance!

"Eighty thousand God Stones it is. We'll take them."

Qin Nan who had been silent until now calmly said.

In addition to the crowd, even Zhan Xiaoxian was slightly stunned hearing this.

She was about to say something but decided against it when she saw the calm expression on Qin Nan's face.

As Dong Kuo collected his thoughts, his expression became dark, but he soon burst out laughing and said, "Eighty thousand God Stones, it seems like there's some sort of treasure inside those fragments. However, since Zhan Xiaoxian was disrespectful toward me just now, the price for the three fragments will now increase to one hundred and thirty thousand God Stones!"

The smirks on the faces of the other two cultivators suddenly grew wider hearing this.

If Qin Nan and Zhan Xiaoxian had had some choice of winning just then, it had become entirely impossible now for them to win the bet.

"What? You son of a..."

Zhan Xiaoxian's figure began to tremble in anger.

She did not expect this Dong Kuo to be so shameless, to even increase the price further.

Even Qin Nan's calm gaze flickered with a hint of coldness.

People like him who bullied others by abusing their authority were the most hated by him.

"If that's the case, let's raise the price to one hundred and fifty God Stones!" Seeing Zhan Xiaoxian losing her ground, Dong Kuo acted even more scornfully and said in a mocking tone, "If you're still willing to buy the fragments, I won't increase the price any further. That being said, I don't think you would dare to take the risk!"

"That's right! Zhan Xiaoxian! Don't be a coward!"

"Are the people of the Battle Tribe nothing but cowards?"

The woman from the Undead Tribe and the man from the Lightning Tribe took a hold of the opportunity to mock her too.

Master Yi Feng who was standing beside then shook his head slightly. He was able to tell that one of the fragments was different than the others, but there was no way they could win the bet when Dong Kuo raised the price to one hundred and thirty thousand God Stones, let alone one hundred and fifty thousand.

"Dong Kuo!"

Zhan Xiaoxian was no longer able to withhold her anger. A tremendous aura burst out from her body, followed by a crackling noise as if an ancient river were rumbling inside her.

It was the natural talent of the Battle Tribe, the roar of the battle blood.


Qin Nan's eye flickered with astonishment.

As Zhan Xiaoxian unleashed her aura, his left eye, left arm, and the Heaven-Shattering Saber surprisingly shuddered for a moment.

What's going on here?

"Calm down!"

Before Qin Nan could ponder further, he said to Zhan Xiaoxian in a deep voice.

The enraged Zhan Xiaoxian felt like a bucket of cold water had just been poured on her head when she heard the voice, allowing her to recover.

She clearly knew that if she were to use violence here, things would become troublesome.

"Duan Qing, pardon me. I never thought these people would be so shameless. Sorry to involve you, I'll give you the dagger no matter the outcome."

Zhan Xiaoxian took a deep breath and transmitted her voice to Qin Nan.

Qin Nan was startled. He did not expect Zhan Xiaoxian to say this.

"Do you trust me?" Qin Nan suddenly asked after collecting his thoughts.

"Err..." Zhan Xiaoxian was taken by surprise.

Qin Nan let out a smile before turning around to Dong Kuo and his crew and said in a calm yet astonishing tone, "One hundred and fifty thousand God Stones? We'll take the fragments!"

He had initially decided not to use his last resort, but seeing Zhan Xiaoxian's attitude toward him and the shameless attitude of Dong Kuo, it seemed like he was left with no choice!


Dong Kuo, the woman from the Undead Tribe, the young man from the Lightning Tribe, and Master Yi Feng were astounded.

"Duan Qing, that's..."

Zhan Xiaoxian immediately whispered upon recovering from the shock, trying to stop him.

One hundred and fifty thousand God Stones was considered quite a huge amount. Besides, her parents had only given her one hundred and sixty God Stones for the Linran Dragon Lunar Private Gathering so that she could get some useful resources from the auction.

Most importantly, they would still lose after buying the three fragments for one hundred and fifty thousand God Stones.

"Trust me."

Qin Nan said calmly. The three words were enough to display his outstanding confidence.

The confidence was not something that he was born with naturally, but something that he had cultivated over time through the countless times fighting against stronger opponents and having comebacks in the end.

Zhan Xiaoxian's heart shuddered. A while later, she clenched her teeth and wore a determined expression.

Screw it, one hundred and fifty thousand God Stones it was. She had decided to go all out today.

Even if she lost, she still had the chance to earn it back by robbing some cultivators.


Dong Kuo, the woman from the Undead Tribe, and the man from the Lightning Tribe burst out laughing simultaneously.

They never thought the young man would take the bait after being slightly provoked, just like Zhan Xiaoxian herself.

Master Yi Feng's eyes flickered with a hint of disappointment.

How did this guy surpass the rules of cultivation with such a personality?

"Cultivator, you're indeed courageous. However, one hundred and fifty thousand God Stones is not considered a small amount. Are you sure you have enough God Stones on you?" Dong Kuo asked in a sarcastic manner.

"One hundred and fifty God Stones, take it." Zhan Xiaoxian snapped coldly as she hurled a Sumeru Ring forward.

Dong Kuo received the Sumeru Ring and quickly scanned it with his Divine Sense, before wearing a smile on his face.

It was surely a big win for him. Not only did he humiliate Zhan Xiaoxian, but he had also earned one hundred and fifty God Stones from it.

"HAHA, splendid. Master Yi Feng, please remove the seal of the fragments!"

Dong Kuo swiftly said after laughing. He could not wait to see Zhan Xiaoxian and Qin Nan suffering a great loss.

The woman from the Undead Tribe and the young man from the Lightning Tribe were anticipating their victory too.

"Sure thing."

Master Yi Feng glanced at Qin Nan, before walking up to the three fragments and performing an obscure hand seal, firing a ray of light onto one of the fragments.

Everyone could only sense a tremendous bloody intent bursting out from the rusty fragment as if it had just been awakened.

It felt like the entire room had turned into a bloody space.