Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1182

Chapter 1182 The Roars Of Ten Demons

"Such a strong blood intent! The fragment's value is at least twenty thousand God Stones!"

Dong Kuo, the woman from the Undead Tribe, the young man from the Lightning Tribe, and Master Yi Feng were astounded.

On the other hand, Zhan Xiaoxian uttered a cold harrumph while cursing in her heart that the remaining two fragments would contain nothing.

However, the outcome was surely a disappointment for her.

Master Yi Feng made his move again, who summoned a pitch-black fireball on his left hand and a puff of stormy glacier on his right hand and fired them at the other two fragments.

At that instant, the two fragments with magical glows suddenly emitted a brilliant light.

They could only sense a strong flame intent and a tremendous icy intent surging toward them, which slowly merged together to produce a world of ice and fire.

"Such a strong flame intent! Such a terrifying icy intent! Most importantly, by combining the two fragments it would further increase the intent produced as the fire and ice merge together! These two fragments are worth at least sixty thousand God Stones!"

Dong Kuo and his crew were overjoyed.

All three fragments turned out to be valuable treasure, resulting in a total value of eighty thousand God Stones.

After deducting the thirty thousand God Stones used to buy the fragments, it meant that they had made a profit of fifty thousand God Stones.

"Zhan Xiaoxian, it's your turn now! I can't wait to see the actual value of the fragments which you've spent one hundred and fifty thousand God Stones on!"

Dong Kuo and his crew collected their thoughts and cast a disdainful glance toward Zhan Xiaoxian and Qin Nan.

Master Yi Feng wore a calm expression. He had taken a closer look at the fragment that stood out. Even though it was valuable, there was no way Qin Nan would win the bet.

Even Zhan Xiaoxian seemed extremely nervous. After all, she had spent one hundred and fifty God Stones on the fragments.

"Make sure you're watching carefully."

Qin Nan said calmly as he activated his left eye of the Divine God of Battle while raising his right arm and flicked a stream of saber intent to strike the fragment.

It felt like the outer shell of the fragment covered in a magical glow was removed by the saber intent, allowing a strong presence of Qi to sweep into the surroundings.

"It's a treasure!"

Zhan Xiaoxian stared with her eyes open wide.

"Humph, even though the Qi is strong, its value would at most be fifteen thousand God Stones. Even if the remaining two fragments were fifty thousand God Stones each, you would still lose..."

Dong Kuo and his crew wore disdainful faces, but Qin Nan was already on the move when they were halfway through the sentence.

The saber intent from his right hand had disappeared after it was replaced with a destruction intent which was directed toward the fragment.

Following a series of crackling noises, it felt like the fragment had experienced an entirely different change, causing it to emit golden rays, which changed the room into a golden world.


Qin Nan's actions did not stop there. He hurled a punch forward, which merged the will of destruction and the saber intent of the Heaven-Shattering Saber into a destruction fist intent.


It was as if the fragment had exploded.

The golden rays it produced instantly gathered together, forming a three zhang tall golden figure wearing an armor plate holding a long spear in its hand. A great imperious aura burst out from its body, shocking everyone in the room.

" could this be? Such a strong imperious aura Such a formidable presence That alone would make the fragment worth at least a hundred thousand God Stones!"

Dong Kuo and his crew were dumbfounded.

A fragment valued at one hundred thousand God Stones was extremely rare to be found even in the entire Linran City.

Normally, there would only be two or three of them every two or three years.

"That's right, this cultivator's eye-technique is indeed impressive, able to see through the three layers of seals on the fragment."

Master Yi Feng slightly nodded, but he soon shook his head after uttering his compliment.

If Dong Kuo had not raised the price, Qin Nan might be the winner. However, it did not matter if he managed to pick a fragment with a value of one hundred thousand God Stones.

The reason being that the other two fragments would at most have a value of five thousand God Stones in total. Therefore, it was not enough to cover the one hundred and fifty thousand God Stones they had spent on the three fragments.

"Duan Qing, you're very good!"

Zhan Xiaoxian was both shocked and overjoyed.

"I do admit that this Cultivator Duan Qing has an outstanding eye-technique, but do you really think the other two fragments would also be one hundred thousand God Stones each? Not a chance! You've surely lost the bet!"

Dong Kuo and his crew recovered from the astonishment. Their faces were filled with scornful smirks without any sign of surprise.

Zhan Xiaoxian's expression instantly froze!

Dong Kuo was right. There was no way the other two fragments would have a value of one hundred thousand God Stones in total.

They had lost!

"Young Master Dong is sharp indeed. It's true that the value of the remaining two fragments won't add up to a hundred thousand God Stones. As a matter of fact, their total value is only five thousand God Stones!"

Qin Nan smilingly said.

"Only five thousand, it seems like we've overestimated..."

Dong Kuo and his crew were stunned hearing the words, but they swiftly responded in a mocking tone.

Meanwhile, Master Yi Feng's gaze seemed confused.

The reason being that Qin Nan was acting far calmer than he had expected. Did he miss something important?

"Although the remaining two fragments are not valuable, who told you that this fragment is only worth a hundred thousand God Stones?"

Qin Nan said in a shocking tone.

The figures of Dong Kuo and his crew, Master Yi Feng, and Zhan Xiaoxian shuddered slightly.

Following this, Qin Nan appeared before the fragment with a flicker and slapped downward. Several streams of Primary Qi were inserted into the fragment from his palm.

Even though the fragment was quite valuable, it was true that it only had three layers of seals. Its true value was revealed after the seals had been broken.

That being said, Qin Nan still had some Primary Qi in his body.

Since a long ago, the Chaos Qi inside his body had been able to repair fragments. He had even used it to earn a great fortune from the Blak Dragon Auction, before detonating the repaired fragments in the end.

If the Chaos Qi were capable of doing so, the Primary Qiwhich was an improved version of the Chaos Qiwould surely work too.

Although in the Middle Continent, Qin Nan's Primary Qi had only come in handy a few times, it was the best solution for the situation he was currently in.

As he thought, after the streams of Primary Qi entered the fragment, the golden figure suddenly showed a tremendous change.

A few mysterious black rays were unleashed from the golden figure.

Several streams of the will of demons swept the place.

The golden figure transformed into the illusionary figure of a demon.


Master Yi Feng opened his eyes wide as his face was filled with utter disbelief. He never thought the fragment could have such an unbelievable change.

However, that was far from the end of it.

A strong absorption force was unleashed from the fragment, which sucked over hundreds of the fragments nearby into it.

The black glow emitting from the fragment grew stronger.


Nine blasts took place and echoed in the room!

One figure after another slowly appeared, standing firmly between the Heavens and Earth with a terrifying will of the demons!

It was not only a single illusionary figure of a demon, but ten of them in total!


At that instant, the ten demons seemingly sensed something, causing them to raise their heads and utter a roar into the sky!

The enormous Golden Soaring Palace trembled vigorously at that instant while glowing brightly, as if the roars were about to crumble the entire place!