Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183 Shocking Identity

"What was that?"

"Such an incredible presence, it's coming from the top floor!"

"I heard from the servant that the disciples from the Battle Tribe, the Undead Tribe, the Lightning Tribe, and Young Master Dong are having a fragment-betting battle on the top floor!"

"Could it be the rare phenomenon that was triggered after a fragment was revealed?"

"A rare phenomenon from revealing a fragment? How outstanding would the fragment need to be?"

The cultivators who were in the midst of map, rock, and fragment betting in the Golden Soaring Palace were utterly stunned.

They would most likely rush onto the top floor of the Golden Soaring Palace if they had access to it.

...Meanwhile, in the room on the seventh floor...

Master Yi Feng, Dong Kuo, the woman from the Undead Tribe, the man from the Lightning Tribe, and Zhan Xiaoxian were staring at the ten demons in astonishment.

It felt like the previous roars had directly penetrated their souls.

The reason being that the scene was too unbelievable.

"With these ten demons, I believe this fragment alone would be worth at least two hundred and fifty thousand God Stones?"

Qin Nan glanced toward Dong Kuo as his aura changed instantly, which was sharp like a sword.

Since you, Dong Kuo, like to bully people by abusing your authority, go ahead and try doing that now?

"No." Master Yi Feng collected his thoughts, whose eyes glistened as he spoke, "The ten demons are somehow related to a Martial Monarch Realm authority ranked in the top two hundred on the God Ranking. Someone would be willing to buy it for three hundred thousand God Stones."

"Young Master Dong, was that clear to you? Now who's the winner of the bet?"

Qin Nan uttered with a thunderous voice.

Dong Kuo, the woman of the Undead Tribe, and the young man of the Lightning Tribe were awakened by the voice. They did not dare to exchange glances with Qin Nan as they could feel their faces burning. They felt extremely uncomfortable, and had the urge to hide in a hole.

They had lost, a total defeat.

They had even mocked and looked down on their opponents at the start.

If this were made known to the public, it went without saying that they would be a laughing stock to many people.

"We've won the bet! Duan Qing, you're so awesome!" Zhan Xiaoxian's face blushed in excitement before she immediately turned toward Dong Kuo and the others and said, "Why aren't you acting smug now? Didn't you say we were surely going to lose? Weren't you mocking the Battle Tribe? How about now? You..."

It was as if Zhan Xiaoxian had gone completely into the battle mode, who spat out with sharp remarks.

"Zhan Xiaoxian, enough! Don't you dare cross the line!"

Dong Kuo was the first to run out of patience and snap!

"The line? I would be damned if I don't cross the line today! Why didn't you think about that when you increased the price of the fragments just then..."

Zhan Xiaoxian showed no sign of backing off, whose aura grew fiercer!

Dong Kuo and his crew were left speechless, whose expressions changed tremendously. After enduring it for a moment, they let out a furious roar before dashing toward the exit. They kicked the door open and left in a miserable manner!

"Awesome, that felt so nice!" Zhan Xiaoxian felt incredibly pleasant who then turned to Qin Nan and said, "Duan Qing, thanks for your help. Here's the Azure Dagger!"

She removed the dagger from her neck and threw it to Qin Nan without hesitation!

Qin Nan's figure shuddered. His calm heart was instantly filled with excitement!

He had found the first piece of the Canglan Tree!

Qin Nan took a deep breath and carefully put the dagger into his ring, before bringing his fists together toward Zhan Xiaoxian, "Thanks, this dagger means a lot to me! By the way, Xiaoxian, the fragment is yours!"

"Mi...mine? No, I can't take it..."

Zhan Xiaoxian was shocked, who immediately shook her head.

"That has been decided!"

Qin Nan demanded firmly.


Zhan Xiaoxian was uncertain for a moment, before she clenched her teeth and put the fragment into her ring.

At the same time, she also made an oath in her heart that if Duan Qing were to encounter any trouble, she would try her best to help!

"I'll be leaving."

Qin Nan smiled and brought his fists together. His focus now was to refine the piece of the Canglan Tree, to see what change it would bring to his Martial Trees.

"Wait." Suddenly, Master Yi Feng transmitted his voice to Qin Nan, "Qin Nan, I have something to discuss with you. Follow me."

Qin Nan was shocked hearing this.

Qin Nan? Master Yi Feng knew my true identity?

That doesn't make any sense. Even if Master Yi Feng's Icy Kingdom Eyes were powerful, their powers were still limited. Besides, he was disguising himself with the Immortal Appearance-Changing Art, there was no way he could see through it.

Having this thought, Qin Nan instantly made up his mind and followed Master Yi Feng.

With Master Yi Feng leading the way, the two left the Golden Soaring Palace and came to a remote residence which was concealed by countless obscure formations.

As soon as they arrived, Qin Nan's gaze instantly turned cold as he spoke, "Master Yi Feng, who exactly are you?"

Yi Feng did not seem surprised seeing Qin Nan's murderous intent, who replied with a gentle smile, "Qin Nan, have you heard of the Anti-Heaven Alliance?"

"Anti-Heaven Alliance? You're one of them?

Qin Nan's eye flickered with astonishment.

Despite the countless thoughts that crossed his mind, he had never expected Yi Feng to be from the Anti-Heaven Alliance.

"That's right. To be precise, I'm an elder of the Anti-Heaven Alliance." Yi Feng took out a badge and threw it into Qin Nan's hands, "I have been visiting various ruins and places to find new talents to join the Anti-Heaven Alliance. To my surprise, I stumbled into you."

Qin Nan glimpsed at the badge. Both its aura and its material were exactly the same as what was described in the scroll that Gong Yang had given him.

The center of the badge was also carved with the word 'Yi' in a unique way, which served as a precaution to prevent someone from faking it.

"How did you discover my identity?"

Qin Nan asked with a hint of caution.

"With the Anti-Heaven Stone, it can detect the presence of those who are listed as enemies by the South-Heaven Gate."

Yi Feng took out a round stone with a miraculous blue color. It seemed to have sensed something special, thus causing the glow it was emitting to become brighter.

"Besides, according to the latest news, you have left the Middle Continent. There's no doubt that you were coming to the half-God region. In addition, we are well aware of your details, knowing that you're an expert in saber arts, eye-techniques, and movement techniques."

Yi Feng said with a smile.

"I see."

The doubts in Qin Nan's heart disappeared.

"Qin Nan, let's get down to business. I will ask you now, are you interested in joining the Anti-Heaven Alliance? I don't mind telling you, within the next three years, our Alliance Leader is planning to wage a war southward..."

Yi Feng stared right into Qin Nan's eyes for a moment before saying in an astonishing manner, "To shatter the South-Heaven Gate!"