Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1210

Chapter 1210 Payback

Three figures appeared in the hall.

They were none other than the Illusionist Martial Monarch's clone, Elder Cen Wu, and Elder Liu Xue.

"Greetings, Hall Leader Illusionist!"

"Greetings, Hall Leader Illusionist!"


The cultivators were shocked and immediately gave their regards.

Qin Nan raised his brows slightly.

With him included, none from among the crowd would have expected the Illusionist Martial Monarch to be here too.

"No need to be so courteous."

Hall Leader Illusionist raised his head slightly. His expression darkened when his gaze noticed Qin Nan among the crowd.

Why was this son of a b**tch here too?

Hall Leader Illusionist did not ponder on it for too long. He glanced at the Vice Hall Leader of the Star Aligning Palace and calmly said, "I have just received news about the Ancient Battleground. Elder Cen Wu, Elder Liu Xue, and I will take on the first quest."

Qin Nan was stunned hearing this.

The old man was stunned too, who said with a wry smile upon collecting his thoughts, "Hall Leader Illusionist, I'm terribly sorry. Elder Qin Nan has taken the quest just a moment ago. There are only two spots left..."


Hall Leader Illusionist, Cen Wu, and Liu Xue were astounded.

Qin Nan was there to accept the first quest?

Hall Leader Illusionist quickly gathered his thoughts as he let out a cold grin in his heart.

He had wasted many jars of Jade-top Elysian at the Anti-Heaven Palace previously and had ended up being tricked by Qin Nan instead. He was incredibly dissatisfied with the result, thus he had been thinking of another way to get his revenge.

To his surprise, the chance had already arrived.

If that was the case, he would not mind teaching this ignorant kid what it meant to be a Martial Monarch Realm authority.

"Should I repeat my sentence? There are three of us, so three spots!"

Hall Leader Illusionist's tone became icy.

A hint of Monarch Aura burst out from his body, causing the entire Star Aligning Palace to tremble slightly.

Cen Wu and Liu Xue immediately understood Hall Leader Illusionist's intention. Their gazes toward Qin Nan were filled with gloating.

The cultivators in the hall were not idiots either. They realized that Hall Leader Illusionist was trying to use his status and power to snatch Qin Nan's spot away.


The old man could feel his scalp going numb. Either way, he would end up offending people.

"Hall Leader Illusionist, I'm quite sure that it's first come, first serve, right? Besides, for a quest that only has limited spots, usually it's more suitable to give it to someone stronger. Apologies for being blunt, but I guess that even if Elder Cen Wu and Elder Liu Xue were to team up, they still stand no chance against me!"

Qin Nan's face turned cold as he snapped. he did not seem to mind his words.


Cen Wu and Liu Xue were furious. They were just about to lose control, but they decided to withdraw the Progenitor Force they had gathered instead.

Qin Nan was right with his statement. Even the four elders together were no match against him, let alone two.

"What a joke! Cen Wu and Liu Xue have lots of experience. How could they not be suitable for the quest? Besides, I'm the Vice-Leader of the Anti-Heaven Palace, one of the nine Martial Monarchs of the Anti-Heaven Alliance. If I say I need three spots, I'm getting three spots! If you're not convinced about that, why don't you become a Martial Monarch too?"

Hall Leader Illusionist placed his hands behind himself and stared down at Qin Nan with eyes full of disdain.

The Ancient Lightning Martial Monarch had left the Anti-Heaven Alliance due to some mysterious mission a while ago.

Without the support of the Ancient Lightning Martial Monarch, so what if you've surpassed the rules of cultivation and shattered the Pillar of Courage?

As long as Qin Nan was in the Martial Progenitor Realm and he was a Martial Monarch, he could do whatever he wanted!

Cen Wu and Liu Xue smirked. So what if they had come late and were no match against him?

The surrounding cultivators let out sighs in their hearts with helpless looks.

They had acknowledged Qin Nan's strength in their hearts, but none of them would dare to voice out their opinions.

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with an icy murderous aura!

If Hall Leader Illusionist and his people were to arrive earlier and take the quest, he would not have any problem with it. However, this Hall Leader Illusionist dared to bully him with his authority?

"Hall Leader Illusionist, please calm down." The old man's forehead was covered in cold sweat as he spoke, "I'll now add your names to the list. Two months later, when the Ancient Battleground closes, you will then return to the Anti-Heaven Alliance to hand in the quest..."

The old man then performed a hand seal, causing three lines of words to appear on the giant crystal.

Illusionist Martial Monarch, Cen Wu, and Liu Xue have accepted the first quest.

"How does it feel? Very unpleasant? HAHAHA, come and get your revenge when you finally became a Martial Monarch!"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch burst into disdainful laughter before waving his hand. He took the three storage bags handed over by the old man and left the Star Aligning Palace with Cen Wu and Liu Xue.

He had achieved his goal and had the chance to release the grudge he had been holding onto for quite a while in his chest. As such, there was no point in him mocking Qin Nan any further. Otherwise, it would bring shame to his status as a Martial Monarch Realm authority.

Qin Nan remained in place and stared at the back of the Illusionist Martial Monarch and his crew. A terrifying murderous intent rumbled inside his chest.

"Elder Qin Nan, I'm very sorry. I was left with no choice. I can secretly give you an easy quest that will give you two hundred thousand contribution points after you've killed an elder of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground..."

The old man wiped the sweat on his forehead and said.

If he could, he would not want to offend Qin Nan either. Therefore, he had no choice but to offer his own contribution points as the reward for the quest.

"Elder, it's fine. I'll take the second quest then."

Qin Nan shook his head. He could not blame others for what had just happened.

The old man was startled, before he blurted out in joy, "Sure, I'll make the arrangements for you."

Qin Nan took a deep breath. Since it had all been decided, there was no way he could alter the outcome.

His only choice was to head to the Lower Arcana of the Ancient Battleground and find a way to obtain a Seven Slaughter Talisman to sneak into the Upper Arcana.

After all, a Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruit in the Lower Arcana was only worth five thousand contribution points.

Only the Heavenly Arcana Sacred Fruits in the Upper Arcana were able to bring him great profit.

"Elder Qin Nan, it's done." The old man said.

"Alright, thanks."

Qin Nan turned around and headed straight for the entrance.

"If I actually killed his clone, I'd be expelled from the Anti-Heaven Alliance, and lose the chance to acquire the piece of the Canglan Tree. That would be meaningless. But, once we're in the Upper Arcana..."

Qin Nan raised his head staring into the sky and exhaled deeply.

His gaze instantly became sharp like a saber.

Once he found his way into the Upper Arcana...

He would teach the Illusionist Martial Monarch that...

Even if he had yet to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm, he was not someone they could afford to bully either.

...Meanwhile, in the Middle Continent, the Dragon Emperor Clan...

"Enough, there's nothing to see, let's go."

A cold voice could be heard.

Two hounds stood at the bottom of the Human Peak. Their eyes were filled with unwillingness. They finally withdrew their gazes after a while.

"Big sister, where are we going?"

Skeleton Xiao Hong held her jaw with her hand and said, "The Heavenly Fortune Mountain Range, the Wretched Disaster Forest, the Land of the Flame Tribe, why don't you pick one?"

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse squeaked.

"The Heavenly Fortune Mountain Range."

The two hounds pulled long faces. Were the Wretched Disaster Forest and the Land of Flame Tribe somewhere suitable for weaklings like them?

"Mm, Heavenly Fortune Mountain Range it is."

A skeleton, a mouse, and two hounds left the Human Peak.

The Human Peak which was filled with a great presence of Qi was now completely empty apart from the statue of a young man. It had fallen completely silent.