Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1211

Chapter 1211 The Ugly Crow Daois

After leaving the Star Aligning Palace, Qin Nan calmed his thoughts before activating the Seven Luminaries Sword Talisman.

It was needed to leave the Anti-Heaven Alliance.

Qin Nan instantly disappeared as a powerful sword intent encapsulated his figure.

A few breaths later, on the street of a nameless city, Qin Nan appeared out of nowhere under the nearby cultivators' amazed gazes.

"This Seven Luminaries Flying Sword is astonishing indeed. It somehow erased my South-Heaven Mark too."

Qin Nan glanced at his chest before looking at the cultivators around him. He asked them about his current location and took out the scroll that Gong Yang had given him.

After confirming the direction he should take, Qin Nan flew into the distance like a ray of light.

The half-God region was different to the Middle Continent. It did not have a connecting center like the Middle Sector City, thus Qin Nan would have to rely on himself to travel to his destination.

Time gradually passed. Two days were gone in the blink of an eye.

"So this is the Heavenly Fortune Mountain Range?"

Qin Nan halted in the air and looked ahead.

Below him was a boundless desert with wild gusts of wind howling. However, giant mountains could be seen in the distance rising out of nowhere, which clustered together into a mountain range. It was as if a curtain had been set up from the ground to filter the sand.

On top of that, strong auras from several huge vessels were approaching the desert from the distance. They consisted of strange-looking ships, giant swords, etc. which were flying toward the middle of the mountain range at an incredible pace.

Despite being a far distance away, Qin Nan could still see a beam from a mystical glow around the center of the mountain range.

It was most likely the entrance of the Ancient Battleground.

"I should head there first."

Qin Nan immediately used his Immortal Appearance-Changing Art to assume the identity of Duan Qing before flying toward the mountain range.

The reason he had done so was because the entrance of the Ancient Battleground would surely be crowded with the people from the Eight Ancient Tribes, the Three Great Factions, etc. If someone were to discover his identity, it would most likely attract the Martial Monarchs of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground there to hunt him down.

According to Qin Nan's plan, he would use his actual appearance as bait once they entered the Ancient Battleground just to attract the people of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground to him.

After flying in the mountain range for half an hour, Qin Nan finally came to a stop.

Around fifty li ahead a formidable barrier that appeared out of nowhere was encapsulating the giant mountain that was over ten thousand zhang tall. Its suppressive aura was intimidating enough to stop anyone from getting closer.

On the peak of the mountain stood a five hundred zhang tall and three hundred zhang wide mysterious door of light that was emitting countless different auras.

Qin Nan's eye flickered with astonishment.

If he wasn’t mistaken, the light door had also appeared at the Heavenly Fortune Path of the Eastern Continent.

"With that in mind, this light door should also be linked to that mysterious Madam Heavenly Fortune too."

Qin Nan mumbled in his heart before scanning ahead with his left eye.

At a rough glance, there were roughly at least a few thousand auras of the Martial Progenitor Realm.

Among the auras, half of them were rogue cultivators. Only a small portion of them were from the Eight Ancient Tribes, the Six Forbidden Grounds, or the Three Great Factions, whose cultivations were not too impressive either.

Besides that, there were twenty five palaces that were fully protected by forbidding formations at the bottom of the mountain. Each of them was filled with quite a number of cultivators.

They were clearly some temporary eateries and inns that some of the cultivators had constructed.

"That's strange, why aren't the people from the renowned factions here yet?"

Qin Nan frowned. He hesitated for a moment before heading toward one of the palaces.

He only had limited information prior to arriving there. Therefore, he would be able to collect lots of information there.

The place that Qin Nan entered had four floors in total. Most of the cultivators were having a drink inside, more than a hundred of them. On top of that, the majority of the rogue cultivators possessed strong auras with concealed murderous intent. They were not to be underestimated.

Qin Nan simply ordered a jar of wine and found himself a corner. He sat at a table and listened.

After half the period it took an incense to burn, Qin Nan's eyes emitted a flicker.

Just a moment ago, he had obtained some useful intelligence.

The Ancient Battleground would be open tomorrow.

Furthermore, only the Lower Arcana would be open first, followed by the Upper Arcana three days later.

Most of the disciples and the authorities of the renowned factions would only arrive then, as to them, entering the Lower Arcana was purely wasting their time.

As for the disciples of the factions who were there, they were basically those without a Seven Slaughter Talisman.

"If that's the case, I should get my hands on some Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits in the Lower Arcana, then find a way to acquire a Seven Slaughter Talisman when the renowned factions are here..."

Qin Nan came to a decision.

At that instant, a few voices suddenly caught Qin Nan's attention.

"Sigh, I'm not sure if I’ll have the chance to get a Seven Slaughter Talisman this year. Otherwise, I will be spending all my time trying to get more Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits."

"Let's work together then."

"Forget it, let's not talk about that. Are you planning to participate in the Battle for the Map?"

"Battle for the Map? Cultivator, it's my first time here at the Ancient Battleground. Can you explain more about this Battle for the Map?"

The middle-aged man with a rather rough appearance said patiently after hearing someone raise the question, "The Battle for the Map is just what we call it. Basically, every time the Ancient Battleground is accessible, someone called the Ugly Crow Daoist will be here to sell the maps for the Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits."

"HAHA, that's right. The Ugly Crow Daoist is extremely mysterious. His cultivation level is below the Martial Monarch Realm, but his capabilities are rather impressive. Besides, he will only sell a hundred copies of the map every time."

"Among the hundred copies, there are five that are described as the Golden Maps, while the remaining ninety-five are ordinary maps. In the past, many cultivators have obtained a huge amount of the Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits by following the Golden Maps."

"Friend, you can't say that for sure. The Golden Maps don't always let you find a lot of Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits. Many of them failed in the end. On the other hand, someone has also found a great deal of Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits through the ordinary maps."

"That's very rare though. Oh, I almost forgot, those who are planning to participate in the Battle for the Map have to pay two thousand God Stones to the Ugly Crow Daoist."

Qin Nan had a better understanding of the battle from the discussion between the middle-aged man and the other cultivators.

"Humph, we still have to pay God Stones just to participate? As if I would do that. I will just rob it from the Ugly Crow Daoist." A rather proud young man sitting on the third floor said.

"Kid, don't be ridiculous. There were cultivators who were trying to rob the map from him in the past. What do you think happened?" A blue-haired old man calmly said.

"What? Did they all die?" The young man frowned.

"Wrong. After they left the Ancient Battleground, they somehow vanished into thin air. Later, someone actually discovered that they had been turned into human-figured trees by some terrifying art and were planted on this mountain. There must be around seventy to eighty of them now." The old man said with a cold grin.


In addition to the young man, many of the cultivators were startled as well.

"Ugly Crow Daoist?"

Qin Nan's lips curled upward slightly. This sounded interesting.