Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1216

Chapter 1216 The Map Inside A Map The Treasure Inside A Treasure

"How is this possible!"

"The water curtain opened itself?"

"What the hell! What's going on here?"

Huo Dun and the rest of the cultivators were shocked!

They clearly knew how strong the water curtain was. It was impossible to break it unless a Martial Monarch Realm authority was there!

However, the water curtain blocking Qin Nan's path had just opened on its own!

Why was that the case?

"I see..."

Qin Nan wore a grin as he collected his thoughts.

He realized that Huo Dun and the others were trapped behind the water curtains. Otherwise, they would have rushed their way out there and taken all eighty Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits.

"The water curtains aren't something ordinary since they are able to trap so many cultivators. It looks like the map that the Ugly Crow Daoist gave me isn't just a random piece either. Following my previous theory, it's very likely that she has let me take all the Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits so she can take them off me in the Upper Arcana."

Qin Nan's eyes glistened.

Everything happened for a reason. There was no way his map would have such a different outcome if he were just given a random one.

Coming to a conclusion, Qin Nan entered the hall and approached the three ancient trees.

The cultivators stared right at him in bewilderment.

That was eighty Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits.

They had no choice but to watch someone take such a huge fortune from right in front of them.

It felt incredibly unpleasant, as if they were being burned alive.

Qin Nan flung his sleeves and retrieved the Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits into his Sumeru Ring.

A sudden thought crossed his mind, prompting him to cast a glance at the surrounding cultivators and say with a calm smile, "I didn't expect to be so lucky today. I'm getting eighty Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits with just an ordinary map..."

Saying this, Qin Nan suddenly raised his brows, as he discovered an opening right under the wall of the platform in the center.

The opening was hidden quite well without any sign of energy. Qin Nan only noticed it inadvertently.

Most importantly, the shape of the opening was the perfect fit for the map he had. Besides that, the three red dots on the opening were in the exact same place as the three red markings on the map.

"It must be a secret switch. I should try putting the map on it later."

Qin Nan mumbled.

That being said, the other cultivators were completely unaware of his finding.

On the other hand, the crowd felt they had just received a huge blow to their chests hearing Qin Nan's words.

This man was too heartless.

He purposely got on their nerves after receiving such a great advantage.

Zhan Xiaoxian's eyes glistened as she recalled something. She glanced at the cultivators and said, "Previously during the Battle for the Map, what were you guys saying? Brother Duan Qing is stupid? He's a fool?

"How about now? So what if you got your hands on the golden maps? Golden maps that can't bring you any treasure are just as useless!

"Funnily enough, you even mocked Brother Duan Qing when you're the ignorant ones!"

Zhan Xiaoxian's sharp comments penetrated the crowd's hearts like knives!

The expressions on the faces of Huo Dun, Ao Sha and the others immediately became dark!

Suddenly, Huo Dun's expression recovered as he thought of something. He said with a cold grin, "Xiaoxian, you're being too naive! Duan Qing was only able to enter with some special method that we don’t know about! If he's relying on the map, why was there a water curtain when he first arrived as well?"


Zhan Xiaoxian was startled. She had completely forgotten about it.

"Humph, it's definitely just an ordinary map. There are so many of us here with golden maps and ordinary maps too. Are you telling me that only Duan Qing's one is the right one? How ridiculous!"

Huo Dun burst into laughter.

"That's right, Duan Qing must have done something else!"

"I was just wondering, why would an ordinary map be able to open the curtain?"

"This Duan Qing is so stubborn. In order to justify his actions, he even tried to convince us that the map is the reason he was able to enter the hall. How cunning, he almost got me!"

Ao Sha and the rest of the cultivators collected their thoughts. Their gazes toward Qin Nan were filled with disdain!

So what if he managed to use his own method to claim the Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits?

It didn’t change the fact that he was stupid enough to give up on the five golden maps!

Besides, he wouldn't always be this lucky. He wouldn't be getting anything from the other places!


Zhan Xiaoxian's eyes flickered in anger. For once, she had no idea how to refute the crowd.

"Everyone, are you done? If so, then be quiet."

Qin Nan scanned the crowd with a sharp gaze as he finished retrieving the Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits. He took out the ordinary map and headed to the center of the hall.


Huo Dun and the rest were startled.

What was Qin Nan trying to do, taking out the map all of a sudden?

"There's an opening there. It has the same shape as the map!"

A cultivator who discovered something let out a scream.

"An opening with the shape of the map?"

Everyone was astounded. It was most likely a hidden switch, which would lead the person activating it to some valuable treasure!

Qin Nan entirely ignored the cultivators. He flicked his finger and fired the map from his hand into the opening.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

In the blink of an eye, a huge hole appeared in the hall, which fired countless white arrows at Qin Nan. The tips of the arrows had a strong poison applied to them!

"Destruction Domain!"

Qin Nan cried. A black glow was emitted, shattering the poisonous arrows into pieces.

However, it felt like there was no end to the arrows, as more of them were fired at Qin Nan. Even Huo Dun and the rest of the cultivators could feel a chill down their spine witnessing the scene.

If they were in his shoes, they would need to put in great effort just to resist the poisonous arrows!

"HAHAHA, Xiaoxian, did you see that? The opening must be a switch that will lead to some insane treasure! However, Duan Qing's map isn't the right key. Otherwise, why would he trigger this many attacks?"

Huo Dun burst out laughing with a hint of gloating.

It would be better if this Duan Qing ended up dying to the arrows.

The rest of the cultivators joined in the laughter with pleasant looks.

They had not been feeling great when they saw Qin Nan taking all the Heavenly Arcana Spiritual Fruits, thus they were quite happy to see him suffering now.

However, the arrows suddenly disappeared.

A mysterious rune suddenly appeared on each of the water curtains in front of the crowd. They fired a beam of light toward the platform in the center.


A series of explosions took place.

The walls of the platform suddenly split apart to the sides.

A strong presence of Qi burst out from the gap.