Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1238

Chapter 1238 A Magical Place

"Mm? Xiao Hong? Why are you guys here?"

Qin Nan was stunned as his eyes sprang open and he saw the figures before him.

He was completely unaware of what had just occurred a few moments ago. The only thing he remembered was that just as he had been about to be killed, Princess Miao Miao and Wang Zhao had cooperated and turned him into an ancient tree, trying to sneak him out from the battle.

"Squeak, squeak!"

"Master, you sure are clueless. Big Sis here decided to leave the Dragon Emperor Clan, so we all agreed to come to the Heavenly Fortune Mountain Range. To our surprise, we stumbled into an evil, cunning woman called Ma Rong on our way here. She had done so many inhumane acts, so on behalf of the Heavens, we taught her a great lesson. After that..."

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse was excited to be reuniting with Qin Nan. He jumped onto Qin Nan's shoulders and rubbed his furry head on his face.

The two hounds danced wildly while fully explaining what they had encountered along their journey there as if they were telling a tale. At times, they even waited for Qin Nan to compliment them.

After listening to the story, Qin Nan finally understood everything that had happened.

"Thanks to all of you."

Qin Nan took a deep breath and said to Skeleton Xiao Hong, the Heavenly Fortune Mouse, and the Heavenly Fortune Hounds in a solemn tone.

Qin Nan clearly understood the great risk they had borne to save his life. If they had made a mistake and exposed their presence to the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast and the others, even with the strengthening of the Heavenly Fortune Force, death would still be inevitable.

"Cough cough, master, don't be so serious. It's quite embarrassing."

The two hounds shuddered and blushed.

"Master, the two Martial Monarchs were planning to kill you, when are we going to return the favor?"

The flames in Skeleton Xiao Hong's eye sockets flickered as a cold murderous aura was unleashed.

"Big Sis, don't be so impatient! We have to think twice before doing something like that..."

The two hounds were terrified and immediately advised against it.

"HAHA, we're not in a rush for that. We'll get plenty of chances in the future!"

Qin Nan burst out laughing before his eyes flickered sharply!

It was mere chance that he was able to survive, which he had never expected in the first place!

Since even the Heavens were unwilling to let him die and had given him a second chance, how could he let it go easily without avenging himself?

No f**king way!

However, all he needed was a chance, an opportunity!

Once the time came, Qin Nan would not hesitate to draw out his saber!

"By the way, where are we now?"

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and realized an important question.

It went without saying that it was nearly impossible to try hiding from the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast, the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch, and the rest of the Martial Monarchs.

"Hehe, master, we're currently inside the Upper Arcana Sacred Mountain. Only the people of the Heavenly Fortune Tribe are allowed to enter this place. Even the Martial Monarchs would have a hard time finding us here!"

The two hounds spoke in a rather proud tone.


Qin Nan glanced at his surroundings.

He figured out that they were currently in a cave and on the walls nearby hung white orbs emitting strong Heavenly Fortune Qi. The cave continued further with a deep stony path with a magical aura.

On top of that, when he tried inspecting the place with his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, his vision was hindered by a strange force, preventing him from looking deep into the place and at the situation outside.

"According to the rumors, this is the path to the Heavenly Arcana."

Skeleton Xiao Hong said.

"The Heavenly Arcana?"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered in astonishment.

He never thought the Upper Arcana Sacred Mountain would be hiding such secrets inside it.

"Let's go and take a look, shall we?"

Qin Nan made up his mind without hesitation.

The Heavenly Fortune Mouse and the Heavenly Fortune Hounds were the reason they were there, thus it only made sense if they were to venture deeper into the place.

Skeleton Xiao Hong, the Heavenly Fortune Mouse and the Heavenly Fortune Hounds nodded in agreement.

The group proceeded on the stony path.

While moving forward, Qin Nan also learned lots of new information from talking with Skeleton Xiao Hong and the others.

For example, the other eight skeletons were currently standing by in some unique space that Xiao Hong controlled. They had signed a unique pact with Xiao Hong, thus allowing them to share their power among themselves, with their lives bound together.

Time gradually passed and the period it took an incense to burn later...


Qin Nan came to a stop.

The journey had been quite peaceful. However, the stony path ahead had three corpses, each having completely lost their life force, but which still had a lingering monarch aura around them.

It was obvious that these were three corpses of Martial Monarchs.

A few meters ahead of the corpses stood a black stone door, sealing the path off.

The door was carved with an ancient drawing, which resembled a blurry figure with a hunchback.

Qin Nan was rather familiar with the figure. It belonged to none other than Madam Heavenly Fortune.

"You two, open the door."

Skeleton Xiao Hong glanced at the two hounds.

"Damn, Big Sis, why is it us again? Alright, off we go..."

The two hounds grumbled for a while before accepting their fate. They raised their paws and swiped across, firing two drops of white blood at the stone door.


The stone door was instantly activated, which fired a few white rays upward before it began to pull open on both sides.

At the same time, an illusionary giant sword burst out from the gap with a formidable sword intent.


Qin Nan had long been prepared for it. With a flick, a stream of saber intent sprang forward and shattered the sword intent into pieces.

Although he was injured from the battle against the two Martial Monarchs, his current strength was still fairly outstanding.

"Stay behind me, don't touch anything."

Qin Nan ordered as he slowly approached the stone door.

However, as the group walked past the stone door, the sword intent did not appear again.

"F**k me!"

"These, these, these..."

The two hounds completely lost their minds when they saw what was behind the door. Even Skeleton Xiao Hong who was relatively calm was astounded, as the flames in her eyes flickered wildly.

Even Qin Nan was left astonished after taking a quick glance.

Behind the stone door was a huge, ancient, dilapidated hall. The walls in the surroundings had eighteen ancient drawings, while at the center of it stood a fairly large pond. The water in the pond was golden in color.

A strong, indescribable presence of Qi could be felt from the golden pond.

On top of that, above the golden pond, which was the ceiling of the hall hung a giant, transparent crystal. Through the crystal, the group could see three magnificent trees emitting magical rays into the surroundings.

Fruits could be seen hanging from the tall trees. They were the Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits.