Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1243

Chapter 1243 The Heavenly Fortune Tribe


The rift above the mountain burst open as if a giant hand had reached out and torn it open. Rays of white light descended from the gap onto the mountain. It shattered the crystal at the peak of the mountain and the pieces quickly formed a white glowing door!

Even though the door was twenty zhang tall and thirteen zhang wide, its presence was not as magnificent as the glowing door at the Ancient Battleground. However, this particular door was emanating an ancient aura, which happened to make the entire Upper Arcana tremble softly!

It was as if a terrifying quake were about to take place!

"Could this be...the entrance to the Heavenly Arcana?"

The Martial Monarch of the Dead Spirit Tribe mumbled with a blank expression.

"The Heavenly Arcana?"

"The entrance to the Heavenly Arcana?"

"It must be the door that will lead us to the Heavenly Arcana. Otherwise, it wouldn't stir up such a rare phenomenon!"

The rest of the Martial Monarchs and the disciples were astounded!

They never thought the legendary Heavenly Arcana would be activated this time!

For thousands of years, the Heavenly Arcana had never been opened. Even though there were a few people that their way and entered it, it had only happened due to mere coincidence!

"Master, take this badge and the Heavenly Fortune Blood. Besides, we should hurry our way through the door. It won't last for long and it can only take the five of us."

Skeleton Xiao Hong's voice appeared in Qin Nan's mind as a storage bag flew in his direction.

"Only five of us?"

Qin Nan was stunned.

Didn’t that mean Princess Miao Miao wouldn't be able to make it?

"It's fine, give me a second."

Qin Nan made up his mind in an instant. He raised his head glancing at the Martial Monarchs.

"Thunder Roc Monarch Beast, Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch, Illusionist Martial Monarch, here are the things you're seeking for."

Qin Nan yelled and hurled three storage bags into the air with a flick. They flew toward the three Martial Monarchs at an insane speed.

The powerful forbidding aura and the mysterious crystal on the mountain were both shattered, thus there was no resistance.


The Thunder Roc Monarch Beast, the Illusionist Martial Monarch, and the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch were taken by surprise seeing the storage bags flying at them.

However, Martial Monarchs were not to be underestimated. Their expressions turned dark as their hearts were filled with a sense of danger. They quickly backed off and unleashed their Monarch Arts, resulting in a blinding monarch glow!


Three deafening explosions took place!

Three streams of formidable desolating saber intent burst out from the storage bags, which collided with the three Martial Monarchs like three giant mountains!

Despite the fast reactions of the three Martial Monarchs, they were still knocked backward by the surprise attack, disrupting the flow of their blood and breathing!

"Princess Miao Miao, you won't be able to enter the Heavenly Arcana this time. Here are some Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits. Please deliver my gratitude to Elder Sun Yang and Wang Zhao!"

Qin Nan quickly obtained Princess Miao Miao's location with his left eye and transmitted his voice. With a flick, a storage bag flew in her direction at a shocking pace.

He would never forget the Princess after acquiring the incredible loot. Besides, Elder Sun Yang and Wang Zhao had assisted him during a crucial time, thus he would never forget it!

Therefore, Qin Nan was willing to give them some of the Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits as a token of appreciation!

It was one of the principles he stuck to, repaying the kindness of those who offered him a drop of water with a spring!

"Qin Nan, you son of a——"

As the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast, the Illusionist Martial Monarch, and the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch collected their thoughts, they immediately became enraged!

"Heavenly Fortune Tribe, into the door!"

The two hounds and the Heavenly Fortune Mouse in the cave immediately made their move when they saw the three Martial Monarchs' fury. Two blinding glows encapsulated Qin Nan and Skeleton Xiao Hong's figures.

The five figures flew rapidly in the direction of the light door!

It turned out that in order to enter the Heavenly Arcana, not only would they need to activate the entrance, they also required the force of the Heavenly Fortune Tribe!

"HAHAHA, Thunder Roc Monarch Beast, Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch, remember what you've done today. I'll surely come and take your heads in the near future! As for the Illusionist Martial Monarch, I'll return a hundred times the favor you've given me!"

Qin Nan burst out laughing while glancing at the three Martial Monarchs!

Following the laughter, the five disappeared through the door!

"Do you think you'll be fine after going to the Heavenly Arcana? Die now!"

There was no way the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast, the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch, and the Illusionist Martial Monarch would stand there and watch Qin Nan escape. They dashed toward the light door immediately. However, a strong pressure was unleashed from the entrance, forcing them to halt in their tracks. Their faces turned pale while their eyes were filled with terror!

In an instant, they could smell the scent of death!

If they were to barge into it with brute force, death would be inevitable!

"We aren't allowed to enter?"

"Damn it, how can this be?"

The rest of the Martial Monarchs pull long faces when they keenly noticed the situation!

If they weren't able to enter the Heavenly Arcana, not only did it mean that they would lose out on a great opportunity, they would not be able to retrieve any of the Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits either!


The Martial Monarch of the Dead Spirit Tribe and the rest of the Martial Monarchs harrumphed coldly. They flung their sleeves and proceeded to the side of the mountain!

There was nothing else they could do here, thus they had no choice but to focus on finding the Heavenly Arcana Sacred Fruits instead!

That being said, they all bore great hatred toward Qin Nan. If they were to stumble into him in the future, they would not hesitate to attack him!

"Martial Monarch Rongtian, Martial Monarch Mingkong, let's teach Qin Nan a lesson at the Anti-Heaven Alliance. What do you think?"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch transmitted his voice.

"Of course."

Martial Monarch Rongtian and Martial Monarch Mingkong's eyes flickered coldly.

If Qin Nan had been smart and handed them the Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits when he returned, they would let the matter go. However, since Qin Nan had insisted on sticking to his methods, he could not blame them for showing him no mercy.

Seeing the Illusionist Martial Monarch backing off, the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast, the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch, and the other Martial Monarch of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground had no choice but to withdraw while clenching their teeth furiously.

The situation on the Upper Arcana Sacred Mountain completely changed. The side of the mountain became the battlefield for the Martial Monarchs, while the disciples moved to the foothills.

...Meanwhile, somewhere in the foothills...

Several figures dashed out from the woods.

Their movement was rather magical. Even without unleashing their Martial Spirits, they could absorb the Qi nearby at a fairly shocking rate.

The reason for this being that they were not humans, but actually the transfiguration of herbs. They were from the Lost Herb Garden.

"Why is the Princess summoning us here?"

"I have no idea, but I guess it's better than trying to hunt the people of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground down. I didn't even have time to look for treasure. Now that the Martial Monarchs have taken the side of the mountain, the chance of us finding any useful treasure is even slimmer."

"That's right, what's the point of us helping Qin Nan?"

"Hehe, I don't mind picking on the people of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground for Qin Nan's sake. However, Qin Nan has proceeded to the Heavenly Arcana himself while taking all the Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits. He clearly forgot about us!"

"That's right, I know that he's strong, but I'm not impressed by his character!"

The disciples grumbled with a grudge.

"What are you talking about?"

An imperious roar could be heard as Martial Monarch Sun Yang approached the disciples.

Beside Martial Monarch Sun Yang was none other than Princess Miao Miao.


The disciples immediately felt uneasy.

They would be screwed if their comments made the Princess mad.

Princess Miao Miao let out a smile as if she were unaware of their words, "Well, I was going to reward you all with something too, but I guess that won't be necessary. Here are ten Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits, split them equally among yourselves."

Princess Miao Miao flickered her finger and handed ten Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits to the disciples.

"Elder Sun, here are yours."

Princess Miao Miao took out another five.


The crowd of geniuses and Sun Yang were stunned.

Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits?

Why would the Princess have so many Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits?"

"Could it be...did Qin Nan give these fifteen Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits to you?"

Martial Monarch Sun Yang asked as he realized something.

"That's right, he gave them to me before he left." Princess Miao Miao wore an attractive smile, "By the way, it's not fifteen, it's thirty."

Hearing this, the disciples opened their eyes wide. Even Martial Monarch Sun Yang was astonished.