Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1250

Chapter 1250 Cultivating In Seclusion In The Lake

"Twenty... twenty-five Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits?"

Wei Ming was dazed. His hands holding the storage bags were trembling slightly.

He did not expect Qin Nan would hand over such a terrifying fortune.

Little did Wei Ming know, Qin Nan had purposely left twenty Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits for himself as they might come in handy in the future. If he knew the truth, he would be even more dumbfounded.

"Gasp, Elder Qin Nan, with the one you gave me before, that would be twenty-six Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruits. That would sum up to seventeen million two hundred and fifty thousand contribution points. I'll record it down right away!"

Wei Ming took a deep breath to calm his thoughts before speaking solemnly.

"Mm. On top of that, help me redeem the piece of the Canglan Tree and two wishes from the Alliance Leader."

Qin Nan said.

"Got it."

Wei Ming turned around.

Normally, the process would be done fairly quickly, but since it involved such a great sum of contribution points, Wei Ming only returned after the period it took an incense stick to burn.

"Elder Qin Nan, you will find the piece of the Canglan Tree inside this wooden box. As for these two badges, if you have any requests for the Alliance Leader, just transmit the message through them. The Alliance Leader will respond to you. As for the contribution points left, you now have three million seventy-five thousand left."

Wei Ming handed over the storage bags respectfully.

"Finally...I've got my hands on it."

Qin Nan was overjoyed when he saw the wooden box. A great sense of achievement rose in his heart.

He had gone through quite a lot during his trip to the Ancient Battleground, fighting against Martial Monarchs, etc. Alas, his effort had not been in vain.

"Thanks, I'll be going."

Qin Nan calmed his thoughts and put the storage bags away. He brought his fists together and left.

"The three Martial Monarchs will be furious now that I've rejected their offer. They will surely team up to deal with me soon. I should go into seclusion at once and improve my strength. Only with greater strength will I be able to be victorious."

Qin Nan's eyes glistened.

He did not fly toward the Anti-Heaven Palace, but in the opposite direction.

The world inside the Seven Luminaries Flying Sword was rather spacious. The space that the Anti-Heaven Alliance occupied was only a part of it.

Qin Nan was planning to go into seclusion, thus he would need to find a suitable spot.

Qin Nan flew rapidly in the sky, passing mountains and forests under him.


After the period it took half an incense stick to burn, Qin Nan halted in his tracks.

A giant lake appeared below him. The water was faint blue in color, with illusionary figures of hurricanes on its surface that were formed by Qi.

On top of that, the lake also had a strange force that prevented anyone's Divine Sense from looking into it. Even Qin Nan's left eye of the Divine God of Battle could barely see through it.

"This would be it."

Qin Nan did not hesitate. He dived into the lake and went straight to the bottom.

"Heaven-Shattering Saber, I'll need you to keep an eye out while I cultivate in seclusion."

Qin Nan gave the order and heard a buzz. His right arm slowly transformed into the Heaven-Shattering Saber. It danced elegantly before tapping Qin Nan on the shoulder. It then stood upright by sticking itself in the ground.

Qin Nan was relieved after seeing this.

Although the Heaven-Shattering Saber did not have a spirit yet, it did possess some intelligence. As such, he would not have to worry with it looking after him.

"Canglan Tree, time to refine you."

Qin Nan took out the wooden box and opened it. A shocking intent was directed at the wooden block the size of a palm.


Following a loud explosion, the deadly silent wooden block broke into pieces as a brilliant green glow burst out from it. A formidable force surged toward Qin Nan.

If anyone happened to be above the lake, they would discover that the water had become green in color.

In addition to that, the plants in the surroundings were vibrating vigorously.

As for Qin Nan, he was undergoing an incredible change at that instant.

The Divine Battle Spirit was floating behind his back. Its six crimson rays had turned into seven.

Last time, the Divine Battle Spirit did not rank up after Qin Nan had refined the piece of the Canglan Tree. This time, it was his turn to rank up.

As for the six Martial Trees in Qin Nan's body, their trunks, branches, and leaves were emitting a great brilliance. The mysterious runes that had been constructed previously turned into mysterious symbols now.

Each symbol represented the mysteries of the Heavens and Earth.

At that instant, although the six Martial Trees still remained ten zhang tall and as rare phenomenon Martial Trees, their power was significantly greater than before.

"As I thought, after the nine Martial Trees have merged into six, the Martial Trees will require more force from the Canglan Tree to merge any further. The force I have accumulated is far from enough.

"The force I have currently is enough to merge them into three Martial Trees. I can't tell if it's enough to merge them into two though."

Qin Nan was not disappointed by the result. His eyes flickered as he gathered his thoughts.

Either way, he had to take the bet.


Qin Nan let out a roar!

He immediately controlled four of the Divine Battle Trees with his Divine Sense to merge with the force of the Canglan Tree to transform into one whole, before merging with the remaining Destruction Martial Tree and the Divine Battle Tree!

Buzz buzz buzz!

At that instant, the six Martial Trees vibrated vigorously as strong intents burst out from them!

They were resisting, and the resistance was fiercer than his last attempt!

"Golden seal!"

Qin Nan had long been prepared for it. He uttered a great roar!

The mysterious golden seal emitted golden rays that summoned a golden mountain that suppressed the four Divine Battle Trees!

"The might and will of the Divine God of Battle!"

Qin Nan did not stop there. He controlled the Divine Battle Spirit to unleash its aura at the four Divine Battle Trees!

Although the four Divine Battle Trees continued to struggle, its force was remarkably weaker than before. They slowly became calm again and broke into pieces before merging with the remaining two Martial Trees!

"It worked!"

Qin Nan let out a relieved sigh!

"Mm? Is this..."

Qin Nan's eyes were fixed on the remaining Destruction Martial Tree and the Divine Battle Tree, as he suddenly became aware of something.

The two Martial Trees began to change rapidly. Not only that, an even more terrifying aura was being born and condensing at the center of their trunks!

The aura was like nothing he had ever seen before!