Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1255

Chapter 1255 Martial Trees Impress

...Meanwhile, the dojo fell into a dead silence!

Martial Monarch Guiwu, the deacons, elders, and disciples were utterly dumbfounded. They could not believe their ears, and were doubting whether they had misheard it!

A mere peak Martial Progenitor Realm Qin Nan was challenging a Martial Monarch Realm authority?

Did he really think he had a chance to fight against a Martial Monarch just because he had surpassed the rules of cultivation?

As for the Illusionist Martial Monarch, Martial Monarch Rongtian, and Martial Monarch Mingkong, they were also astounded!

Although they had witnessed Qin Nan fighting against the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch before, the Illusionist Martial Monarch's cultivation had reached the third-layer Martial Monarch Realm. He was only a step away from achieving the fourth-layer, thus the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch was totally incomparable to him!

It took the Sun and Moon Sword God quite some time to respond as if he too were taken by surprise. His voice appeared again from the rift!

"Permission granted for you to challenge them, but only if they are willing to accept your challenge!"

Hearing this, Qin Nan glanced at the three Martial Monarchs as his right arm transformed into the Heaven-Shattering Saber. He pointed its tip at the three Martial Monarchs!

"Illusionist Martial Monarch, Martial Monarch Rongtian, Martial Monarch Mingkong, I, Qin Nan, will now challenge you to a duel! You can either fight me one by one, or three at a time! I'll face you however you want!"

The words stunned the crowd once again!

Who would have thought that this Qin Nan would be so ruthless, challenging three Martial Monarchs at the same time!

Had this Qin Nan lost his mind?

"HAHAHA, Qin Nan, I have to say that you do impress me today. You've chosen the path to hell instead of the path to heaven! Furthermore, did you just say you'll fight the three of us at the same time? How ridiculous! I alone am more than enough to deal with you!"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch burst out into great laughter. His body emitted a brilliant monarch glow as he leapt to Qin Nan's front and threw a punch forward!

The top of his fist fired a brilliant ray, which summoned ten fist domains that tried to encapsulate Qin Nan's figure within them and crush him to pieces with the force inside them!

The Illusionist Martial Monarch had executed a killing blow as soon as he attacked, using his Illusion Fist!

After all, Qin Nan had kindly presented himself to be slaughtered. How could he not grant him his death wish?

"Qin screwed!"

The elders, deacons, and disciples stared at the fist in bewilderment!

They could sense an overwhelming destructive force from the fist. It was nothing that a Martial Progenitor could possibly survive!

Martial Monarch Rongtian and Martial Monarch Mingkong smirked coldly. They could easily tell that with Qin Nan's strength, even though he would not die to the fist, he would surely be crippled!

However, at the last moment, Qin Nan's figure moved!

"Trying to harm me with a single punch? Destruction Martial Tree, destruction upon all things!"

Qin Nan's aura became formidable all of a sudden. With a wave, the Destruction Martial Tree burst into the sky emitting black rays before it dived right at the Illusionist Martial Monarch like a black moon!


A series of explosions took place!

The Illusion Fist's fist intent rapidly collapsed against the magnificent will of destruction. The domains made up of fist intent were shattered into pieces!

"What just happened? His strength has improved again?"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch was startled!

The smirks on the faces of Martial Monarch Rongtian and Martial Monarch Mingkong froze!

Martial Monarch Guiwu, the elders, deacons, and disciples felt a great clap of thunder in their hearts seeing this. Their faces were filled with disbelief!

Qin Nan...

Did he just shatter the Illusionist Martial Monarch's attack with brute force?

"No wonder you have the guts to challenge me, but do you really think you have a chance against me after your strength has improved slightly? Let me show you the difference between the Martial Monarch Realm and the Martial Progenitor Realm! Omni-directional Void..."

The Illusionist Martial Monarch collected his thoughts and performed a hand seal. At that instant, gray rays burst out from his body and swept into the surroundings. The place became dimmer instantly as if it had entered a strange world!

"Illusionist Spear!"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch roared. A thirty zhang long spear that felt like it had been forged with the blood of countless ancient deities unleashed a tremendous force as it thrust in Qin Nan's direction!

"Destruction Martial Tree, Ten Thousand Paths of Destruction!"

Qin Nan summoned the Destruction Martial Tree once again. This time, it no longer emitted black rays, but the Dao Pattern at its center unleashed a formidable destruction force that blocked in front of Qin Nan like a towering tree!

"Do you really think a Martial Tree is enough to protect you… Mm?"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch laughed grimly, but in the following moment, the smile on his face stiffened!

Following a blast, the Destruction Martial Tree was knocked backward and its glow became dimmer, but the Destruction Dao Pattern had managed to stop the advance of the spear!

"Sky-Desolating Saber Art, slash!"

Qin Nan suddenly appeared in front of the Illusionist Martial Monarch with a flicker and launched a terrifying saber intent!

"Crap, force of deception, strengthen my body!"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch was taken by surprise. He did not expect Qin Nan's speed to be quicker too. He rapidly performed a hand seal, commanding the streams of forces to wrap around his figure like swimming dragons, turning him into a gray giant!

Even the Sky-Desolating Saber Art had trouble penetrating the defensive layers!

"Divine Battle Spirit, Divine Battle Tree!"

Qin Nan imposingly unleashed the Divine Battle Spirit, from which an overwhelming aura burst out. The Divine Battle Tree emitted a blinding blue glow. It was like a peerless godly sword, while resembling the figure of the Divine God of Battle as it lashed out at the Illusionist Martial Monarch!


The force wrapping around the Illusionist Martial Monarch's body was shattered instantly!

"Your...your Martial Trees..."

The Illusionist Martial Monarch quickly backed off. His eyes were filled with terror as he finally realized something.

As a Martial Monarch, he was fairly knowledgeable. Did this Qin Nan merge his Martial Trees into two? Otherwise, why would they possess such terrifying power?

"So you've realized it? But it's too late!"

Qin Nan's left eye emitted a blue glow as it saw through everything. He arrived before the Illusionist Martial Monarch once again and attacked with a series of powerful saber intents!

The two Martial Trees behind him were like two divine experts, unleashing a groundbreaking might!


At that instant, a succession of explosions echoed through the entire place!

Martial Monarch Mingkong, Martial Monarch Rongtian, Martial Monarch Mingkong, and the rest of the elders, deacons, and disciples were entirely thunderstruck seeing the rumbling force, terrifying aura, and exchange of attacks between the two cultivators!

Qin Nan at the Martial Progenitor Realm...

Had he just suppressed the Illusionist Martial Monarch with pure strength?