Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1256

Chapter 1256 Violently Beating Up The Illusionis

"Life-cycle Chain!"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch cried out as he summoned a rare artifact. It was a completely blue chain that extended forward like a giant dragon. It penetrated the layers of saber intent and tore at Qin Nan with a ferocious might!

"Will of destruction!


With a thought, the Destruction Martial Tree on Qin Nan's left unleashed a destructive will that wrapped around the chain. It began to vibrate vigorously as it faced destruction. The Heaven-Shattering Saber slashed at the chain. Its terrifying saber glow shattered the chain into pieces with brute force!

"Damn it, how is this possible? What exactly is that saber?"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch grimaced when he saw this. His heart felt even more uneasy!

As the battle continued, he finally discovered that Qin Nan's strength was not outstanding merely because of his two Martial Trees. His Martial Spirit, the saber in his hand, and the eye-technique he possessed when combined together could entirely nullify any rare artifact or hidden technique!

"Martial Monarch Rongtian, Martial Monarch Mingkong, what are you waiting for? Attack now!"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch quickly made his decision and burst out roaring!

Although it was somehow embarrassing to ask for help, it would be better than him losing the battle!

"Flame of the Heavens and Earth!"

"Space Storm!"

Martial Monarch Rongtian and Martial Monarch Mingkong immediately recovered from their astonishment and unleashed a powerful glow while executing two killing blows!

Qin Nan's strength was so overwhelming that they were experiencing a huge shock. As such, not only would they fight him together, they had planned to take advantage of the opportunity to thoroughly cripple Qin Nan!

"The three Martial Monarchs...they are attacking at the same time!"

The elders, deacons, and disciples raised their heads looking at the epic battle taking place in the sky. Their faces were filled with great astonishment!

Even Martial Monarch Guiwu was not excluded!

They had never seen a Martial Progenitor that was able to fight against three Martial Monarchs, not to mention that they were forced to face him simultaneously!

The moment Qin Nan became aware of the attacks from the other two Martial Monarchs, he quickly activated the golden seal without hesitation. It emitted a golden glow that encapsulated his figure as he raised his left arm!


Qin Nan's figure was devoured by the tremendous flames summoned by the monarch arts. He quickly flew into the distance!

The Illusionist Martial Monarch immediately felt the pressure being lifted!

"Martial Monarch Rongtian, Martial Monarch Mingkong, listen to me..."

The Illusionist Martial Monarch made preparations to construct an ancient formation in order to kill Qin Nan with a single blow!

However, at that instant, a terrifying saber glow slashed in the Illusionist Martial Monarch's direction. His face turned pale white as he quickly backed off while performing a hand seal to unleash a defensive monarch art. It summoned an illusionary demon as protection!

Qin Nan continued to lunge forward with his two Martial Trees, charging at the Illusionist Martial Monarch with a magnificent aura!


The Illusionist Martial Monarch was startled. He quickly performed another hand seal!

"Octopole Serene Flame, melting the Heavens and Earth!"

"I am the ruler of the world, the rift is under my control!"

Martial Monarch Rongtian and Martial Monarch Mingkong were stunned too. They did not expect Qin Nan to counterattack so quickly. They quickly executed their monarch arts and dashed toward him. The terrifying monarch arts poured down on Qin Nan's figure like a thunderstorm!

Qin Nan activated his left eye, used the Unstoppable Step, and activated the golden seal to defend himself and dodge the attacks. He then flew in the Illusionist Martial Monarch's direction!


The Illusionist Martial Monarch's eyes widened.

"Illusionist Martial Monarch, you've been picking on me since I first joined the alliance. Do you still remember what you've done? This punch is to return the favor!"

Qin Nan uttered a thunderous roar. The will of destruction and the Divine God of Battle wrapped around his fist as he threw it at the Illusionist Martial Monarch!

The Illusionist Martial Monarch who was being suppressed by the two Martial Trees was knocked by a great force. The blood and Qi in his body were in disarray!

"Damn it, he's only attacking the Illusionist Martial Monarch!"

Martial Monarch Rongtian and Martial Monarch Mingkong were startled. They exchanged glances with one another before revealing all their trump cards, let it be cages, flames, or rare artifacts!

However, it felt like the Illusionist Martial Monarch was the only person in Qin Nan's vision!

Even for some of the monarch arts that he could not dodge, he used the golden seal to resist them instead!

Just so he had enough time to charge toward the Illusionist Martial Monarch!

"Do you still remember trying to set me up at the feast? This is the payback!

"That day at the Star Aligning Palace, do you still remember trying to threaten me? This slash...

"At the Ancient Battleground, you exposed my identity..."

In the midst of the explosions, Qin Nan's roars continued to surface, each accompanied by a powerful punch or a terrifying saber intent that was thrown at the Illusionist Martial Monarch!

Despite being flanked by Martial Monarch Mingkong and Martial Monarch Rongtian, despite his body being covered in wounds, he continued to charge at the Illusionist Martial Monarch with tremendous battle intent!

As for the Illusionist Martial Monarch, the continuous attacks from Qin Nan had resulted in wounds on his body from which golden blood flowed out. His hair was disheveled as he was constantly knocked flying.

To an extent, his eyes looking at Qin Nan charging toward him were filled with terror!

This Qin Nan was absolutely crazy!

He was recklessly attacking him!


Martial Monarch Guiwu, the elders, deacons, and disciples lost their thoughts, as if their souls had just experienced a tremendous shock!

Be it Qin Nan's appearance or his aura, it had turned him into a peerless god of battle!


Martial Monarch Mingkong and Martial Monarch Rongtian landed their attacks once again!

Even with the golden seal as a shield, Qin Nan's figure was knocked flying!

However, Qin Nan quickly rolled in the air and made his way above the Illusionist Martial Monarch's head. Under his terrified gaze, Qin Nan's unleashed all of his might to fire a series of punches at his target!


The Illusionist Martial Monarch was sent flying like an arrow being fired. He slammed into the ground and produced a giant pit!

"HAHA, satisfying!"

Qin Nan burst into laughter as his hair drifting wildly to the wind!

Despite being soaked in blood, his aura grew even more shocking!

Setting him up?

Threatening him?

Picking on him numerous times?

Impeaching him with the six Martial Monarchs?

Now he had used his own strength to reclaim his justice!