Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1258

Chapter 1258 Accompanied By The Sword God

"Oh? Senior, I'll go to treat my wounds first then."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered after hearing the words. He quickly brought his fists together facing the Sun and Moon Sword God and headed straight to the Fate Snow Pond.

The pond was not too large, but it contained overwhelming energy. It slowly healed the wounds, the damaged meridians, and erased the lingering will of the monarch arts.

In addition to that, the Dao Patterns on the two Martial Trees emitted streams of the will of destruction and the Divine God of Battle. They roamed within Qin Nan's body and sped up the recovery process.

Time gradually passed. His tightly shut eyes slowly opened on the sixth day.

He had completely recovered from the injuries.

"Mm? Have you already recovered from such serious injuries? The Dao Patterns are truly fascinating, just as the legends say." The Sun and Moon Sword God raised his head slightly when he sensed Qin Nan's presence, "Since you're done, you should head to the Star Aligning Palace at once and accept any quest related to the Wretched Disaster Forest. My clone will be following you there."


Qin Nan was shocked.

The surprise did not come from their destination, but the phrase ‘‘my clone will be following you there’’.

The Sun and Moon Sword God was a Martial God Realm expert, one of the strongest cultivators in the Canglan Continent. Even his clone on its own possessed extraordinary strength.

Qin Nan had had initially assumed that the Sun and Moon Sword God would only tell him where he could find the pieces of the Canglan Tree and let him search for them on his own.

"Don't be too surprised. The Wretched Disaster Forest is one of the Six Great Forbidden Grounds. Even though the level of danger there has declined over the years, some of the regions are still too dangerous. Even Martial Monarchs would hesitate to venture any deeper. If you were to go alone, you would surely die. As for the reason why I didn't retrieve it for you, I only know its approximate location. You will still need to locate the pieces yourself."

The Sun and Moon Sword God said calmly.

"I see. Thanks for the help."

Qin Nan collected his thoughts and burst into joy.

He was not too worried about the danger and troubles in the Wretched Disaster Forest. However, with the Sun and Moon Sword God's help, it would save him lots of trouble and time, allowing him to acquire the pieces of the Canglan Tree earlier.

As a result, he would be able to achieve the Martial Monarch Realm as soon as possible.

"The ten million contribution points was definitely worth it."

Qin Nan mumbled to himself. He proceeded to the Star Aligning Palace without further ado and accepted a quest related to the Wretched Disaster Forest. He then left the Anti-Heaven Alliance with the Sun and Moon Sword God and set out on a journey to locate the pieces of the Canglan Tree.

After Qin Nan left, inside the Anti-Heaven Palace of the Anti-Heaven Alliance...

"Master, and two seniors, we've just received the latest information. Qin Nan has accepted a quest related to the Wretched Disaster Forest and has left the Anti-Heaven Palace. He must be on his way to the Wretched Disaster Forest."

Liu Xue walked up to the front and said in a respectful tone.

"Wretched Disaster Forest? That kid is fearless indeed."

The Illusionist Martial Monarch said with a long face.

"Illusionist Martial Monarch, in my opinion, we should move out right away and team up with the other Martial Monarchs to set up a trap there. We must eliminate him once and for all. Even if master learned what we've done, it would be too late. He would most likely give us a minor punishment."

Martial Monarch Mingkong and Martial Monarch Rongtian exchanged glances with one another and said in a murderous tone.

Not only had they suffered serious injuries from the battle, which demanded an enormous effort to recover, their reputation and fame had also declined significantly.

Besides that, they felt utterly shameful when they recalled how they were defeated by a mere Martial Progenitor.

Even though the Sun and Moon Sword God had made it clear that both sides were not allowed to get their revenge after the battle, how could they possibly withhold their anger?

Since then, the trio had been waiting for a chance to kill Qin Nan.

"No, it's too extreme. We would end up in a great mess." The Illusionist Martial Monarch shook his head. His eyes flickered as a thought crossed his mind. He said with a cold smirk, "We almost forgot something. We're not the only people who are interested in Qin Nan's life."

"Do you mean..."

Martial Monarch Mingkong and Martial Monarch Rongtian were startled.

"That's right, send someone over to tell the Thunder Roc Monarch Beast and the Martial Monarchs who were present that Qin Nan is on his way to the Wretched Disaster Forest. His cultivation has improved tremendously after obtaining a rare fortunate encounter in the Heavenly Arcana.

"Make sure that the message gets sent to the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch and his crew.

"Furthermore, confirm our current location and tell them the route that Qin Nan will take as he makes his way to the Wretched Disaster Forest."

The Illusionist Martial Monarch said.

"Brilliant, absolutely brilliant. Someone else willwill kill Qin Nan without us doing anything."

Martial Monarch Mingkong and Martial Monarch Rongtian's eyes glistened.

"Qin Nan willwill die for sure this time. Otherwise, I'll forfeit my title as the Illusionist!"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch laughed grimly.

That being said, Qin Nan was entirely clueless of the conspiracy.

Qin Nan and the Sun and Moon Sword God followed the map and headed straight for the Wretched Disaster Forest after leaving the Anti-Heaven Alliance.

The Sun and Moon Sword God remained mute along the journey. He maintained a consistent pace according to Qin Nan's speed. Qin Nan was fairly content with their pace, as he could comprehend the Dao Patterns during the journey.

The Dao Patterns were fairly obscure. He had only grasped the gateway.

A day passed within the blink of an eye.....

As Qin Nan was on his journey, somewhere far north in the half-God region...

At a rather secret place, a terrifying presence suddenly opened his eyes, emitting a shocking glow.

"Mm? Qin Nan has found something extraordinary in the Heavenly Arcana. His strength is comparable to a third-layer Martial Monarch? He's now heading to the Wretched Disaster Forest?"

The person was stunned for a moment before his eyes flickered.

"Even though it's impossible to tell if the information is trustworthy, it's worth going to take a look. Eldest Brother, Third Brother, and Fourth Brother, I have something that requires your help."

He took out a badge and transmitted his voice.

...Meanwhile, to the far south, in in the South-Heaven Sacred Ground...

Inside an ancient palace...

"Qin Nan is heading to the Wretched Disaster Forest?"

A cultivator's eyes flickered with joy.

"Tsk tsk, his strength is strong enough to face a third-layer Martial Monarch? No wonder he is brave enough to go to the Wretched Disaster Forest on his own! But this time, you're dead for sure!"

A shocking murderous aura burst out from the cultivator's body as he recalled something!

In addition to that, the same news was spread to the ancient tribes and factions of the Martial Monarchs who had been present at the Upper Arcana, apart from the Lost Herb Garden!

Some of the authorities ignored the information. Some gave up after a slight ponder, but most of them immediately made preparations!

A great storm had been stirred!