Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1261

Chapter 1261 The Inescapable Ne

"Origin Source of Energy, the Original Form of the God Beast!"

The Thunder Roc Monarch Beast uttered a roar, summoning four tremendous blood-colored rays that gathered and formed an ancient, magnificent figure. The pressure from its aura was so overwhelming that it froze the entire space, preventing the giant hand made of sword intent from striking downward!

In addition to that, the four Monarch Beasts seemed to have received some sort of blessing, which boosted their speed tremendously. Even Qin Nan's left eye of the Divine God of Battle could only capture four blurry silhouettes!

"Looks like I'll have to try harder."

The Sun and Moon Sword God remained as calm as usual as he performed a hand seal.

However, the Sun and Moon Sword God seemed rather surprised as he became aware of something. He glanced at Qin Nan and said, "Why is there someone else trying to kill you?"

"Someone else trying to kill me?"

Qin Nan repeated with a startled expression.


At that instant, the space ahead suddenly exploded as an ancient glow sprang out from it. It seemed to have some sort of intelligence, as it went straight in Qin Nan's direction as soon as it appeared.

"HAHAHA, the patience was all worthwhile. Oh Qin Nan, I've finally found you!"

A burst of thunderous laughter could be heard coming from the rift.

Following this, the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch and another Martial Monarch of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground stepped out from the rift with their gazes fixed on Qin Nan. Their faces were filled with excitement.

On top of that, the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch was holding an ancient mirror engraved with a red jade.

The ancient mirror was an ancient rare artifact. It was a tool specifically used to search for people and the glow that had landed on Qin Nan had been fired from the ancient mirror.

"It's you guys!"

Qin Nan’s face darkened as he collected his thoughts.

As of now, he was convinced that the Illusionist Martial Monarch and his crew had leaked his whereabouts to his enemies.

Otherwise, how would they be able to find him?

"Looks like I was being too easy on you last time!"

Qin Nan clenched his fist slightly. A murderous aura was unleashed.

"People from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God halted the hand seal that he had initially been performing to target the four Monarch Beasts. A cold flicker could be seen from his deep gaze for the first time!

The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch immediately misunderstood Qin Nan's intention when he sensed the murderous aura bursting out his body. He burst into laughter, "HAHAHA, Qin Nan, do you assume that we’re clueless that your cultivation has improved significantly? This time, we aren't the only ones trying to kill you!"

The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch waved his hand. An ancient crimson altar suddenly appeared. Under the support of the monarch force, the ancient formations and runes on the altar were activated. It felt like an ancient, savage beast was being awakened from deep inside the altar.

"A teleportation formation?"

Qin Nan glanced with his left eye and immediately learned its secrets. The crimson altar turned out to be a unique teleportation device. Someone far away could easily be teleported there through its power.


A brilliant glow was emitted from the altar and disappeared into the sky. It gradually turned into an ancient door!

Dong! Dong! Dong!

The sound of giants stomping on the ground could be heard. A tall figure with a pair of horns, pitch-black eyes, and thoroughly blue body stepped out from the door. An obscure aura was being emitted from its body and although it did not feel like the Martial Monarch Realm, its presence was equivalent to a fifth-layer Martial Monarch!

"Could this be...a South-Heaven Supreme Emperor?"

Qin Nan stared at the figure!

Since he had joined the Anti-Heaven Alliance, he had learned of something new. Under the South-Heaven Gate, there existed a group of people who were solely assigned to eliminate the enemies of the South-Heaven Gate. They were referred to as South-Heaven Spirit Envoys, South-Heaven Supreme Emperors, and South-Heaven Supreme Monarchs!

South-Heaven Spirit Envoys were sent out to deal with Martial Progenitor Realm enemies!

South-Heaven Supreme Emperors were assigned to handle enemies from the first-layer to the fifth-layer of the Martial Monarch Realm, while South-Heaven Supreme Monarchs were sent after enemies between the fifth layer to the peak of the Martial Monarch Realm.

It was Qin Nan's first time seeing a South-Heaven Supreme Emperor!

"You're a three-starred enemy of the South-Heaven Gate and because of your outstanding strength, it's fairly reasonable to send a South-Heaven Supreme Emperor after you!"

The Sun and Moon Sword God said calmly. The outline of an ancient sword had appeared in his hand.

He had yet to draw out his sword when he was fighting against the Martial Monarch of the Dead Spirit Tribe or the four Monarch Beasts.

Now he had finally drawn his sword out.

However, an unexpected change took place!

Thud thud thud!

The thunderous stomps could be heard once again!

Another two gigantic South-Heaven Supreme Emperors stepped out from the ancient altar. A tremendous murderous intent burst out from their bodies!

There was not only one South-Heaven Supreme Emperor, but three of them!

"Three South-Heaven Supreme Emperors? Qin Nan, how desperate are they trying to kill you, to send three of them after you?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God looked at Qin Nan with a strange expression.


Qin Nan felt rather embarrassed.

After all, he was the reason why the trouble had been paying them a visit.

"Three is fine. Even though I'm only using my clone now, I shouldn't have any problem dealing with them," The Sun and Moon Sword God hesitated before adding, "But you have to promise me that no one else is coming to kill you."

The Sun and Moon Sword God felt quite nice since it had been a while since he had last had an enjoyable battle, thus the surprising joke he uttered at the end.

He would not believe there were more people trying to kill Qin Nan.

After all, they had already stumbled into seven Martial Monarchs in total. Clearly, there wouldn't be any other Martial Monarchs that wanted to kill Qin Nan?

Besides that, the South-Heaven Sacred Ground had already sent three South-Heaven Supreme Emperors and two Martial Monarchs, thus they would not send more people after him.

"I'm sure that this is the last..."

Qin Nan said while shaking his head.

However, an unexpected change took place once again!

A tremendous monarch aura burst out from the door!

The aura was even stronger and more terrifying than the three South-Heaven Supreme Emperors!

An old man with a stern expression stepped out from the door. His body was encapsulated within an overwhelming sword intent!

"Greetings, Supreme Elder!"

The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch and the Martial Monarch who was controlling the ancient altar brought their fists together!

"Martial...Martial Monarch Nanjian?"

Qin Nan was stunned seeing this.

The old man was none other than Martial Monarch Nanjian who had tried to kill him at the Dragon Emperor Clan. If it weren't for the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, he would have died in his hands.

To Qin Nan's surprise, he too had come to kill him.

"You son of a..."

The Sun and Moon Sword God was left speechless!

He had only been joking randomly and yet someone else had indeed come to hunt Qin Nan down, not to mention that it was Martial Monarch Nanjian who was a lot stronger than the South-Heaven Supreme Emperors!

Could anyone tell him how many people exactly wanted to kill this kid?