Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1262

Chapter 1262 Killing Spree

"HAHAHA, Qin Nan, I'm eager to see how you're going to die this time!"

The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch and the other Martial Monarch burst into laughter!

Last time, they had failed to eliminate Qin Nan, which resulted in them being punished by the sect when they returned. Furthermore, they were also ridiculed by the rest of the Martial Monarchs. As such, they hated Qin Nan to the bone!

However, there was nothing they could do about it!

This time, they finally had the chance to get their revenge!

As for the Sun and Moon Sword God, they completely ignored him after they realized that he was only a Martial Progenitor.

They had also missed the words spoken by the Sun and Moon Sword God as they had been too focused on the altar!

"Qin Nan, it's been a while, do you still remember me?"

Martial Monarch Nanjian walked forward. His cold eyes gazed at Qin Nan.

Normally, there was no need for him to come in person since they had already sent out three South-Heaven Supreme Emperors after Qin Nan. However, Martial Monarch Nanjian hated those who rejected him the most. Qin Nan had done so, which had almost resulted in him being killed by the 'Magical Hair Sword God'. As such, he bore extreme hatred toward him.

Therefore, he had come in person, as he was planning to torture Qin Nan after he was captured.

"Senior, I, well..."

Instead of looking at Martial Monarch Nanjian, Qin Nan glanced at the Sun and Moon Sword God with a look of embarrassment.

He swore that he never thought Martial Monarch Nanjian would come in person to hunt him down.

"Kid, you did surprise me today."

The Sun and Moon Sword God said calmly after casting an unpleasant glance at him.

"That being said, you have to prepare yourself. After all, I'm only here with my clone. My power is limited, so I'll use up..."

Before the Sun and Moon Sword God could finish, Martial Monarch Nanjian, the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch, and the rest pull long faces.

Under such circumstances, this Qin Nan and the insignificant old man were still ignoring their presence?

How unacceptable!

"Kill him!"

Martial Monarch Nanjian waved his hand and gave the order.

The three South-Heaven Supreme Emperors unleashed shocking auras as their pitch-black eyes emitted crimson glows, like demons who had just awakened from a deep sleep!

"Nanjian, it's been a long time. You're bolder now, to dare and interrupt in the midst of my speech."

The Sun and Moon Sword God raised his head glancing at Martial Monarch Nanjian and said in a calm tone.

"Nanjian? You're..."

Martial Monarch Nanjian, the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch, and the rest were startled!

"Who am I?"

The Sun and Moon Sword God's lips curled upward as he stepped forward!

His entire presence changed in an instant. A tremendous glow from the Sun and Moon burst out from his body, lighting up the night sky brightly!

The forest beneath swayed wildly as if a storm had just swept across it!

He had only been a peak Martial Progenitor Realm old man a second ago, but he was now a middle-aged man with an immeasurable cultivation!

This was the real appearance of the Sun and Moon Sword God's clone!

"Are...are you the Sun and Moon Sword God? is this possible?"

Martial Monarch Nanjian and the three South-Heaven Supreme Emperors were thunderstruck. They immediately took a few steps back as their eyes were filled with terror!

"What? Sun and Moon… Sun and Moon Sword God?"

The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch and the other Martial Monarch were utterly terrified!

They did not expect the Sun and Moon Sword God would be with Qin Nan!

"How is that not possible? It's been a while since I last killed some imbeciles from the South-Heaven Sacred Ground. I shall enjoy myself today!"

The Sun and Moon Sword God spoke said. He waved his hand and unleashed streams of powerful sword intent, each rising into the sky. The sword intent quickly lined up in a circle with a radius of five hundred zhang!


Martial Monarch Nanjian was stunned!

The space had been sealed off!

They could no longer use their forbidden techniques to guarantee their escape!

"He's only a clone. Let's attack him together. We still have a chance to escape!"

Martial Monarch Nanjian was truly a seventh-layer Martial Monarch. He reacted swiftly and let out a roar!

"South-Heaven Raging Tide!"

The three South-Heaven Supreme Emperors immediately made their moves. Three illusionary rising tides appeared and sprang forward, like three giant beasts with their bloody mouths open wide!


The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch and the other Martial Monarch clenched their teeth and executed their powerful Monarch Arts!

"Not too bad. It's enough for me to use the sheath of the sword!"

The Sun and Moon Sword God's gaze was calm like water. He grabbed the air, where an ancient sheath appeared from nowhere. Following this, with a soft tap of his foot, he dashed forward like an ancient dragon rising up from the ocean. The sheath in his hand suddenly became a peerless sword as if it were granted his life, firing streams of overwhelming sword intent forward!


A series of deafening explosions took place!

Even the space in the surroundings that was sealed by the Sun and Moon Sword God's sword intent trembled vigorously!

The impact of the collision was incredible, such that even Qin Nan was forced to activate his two Martial Trees just to hold his ground. As for the forest beneath, it was experiencing a vigorous quake. The ground began to crack open, forcing the cultivators and beasts to flee rapidly!

"Unrivaled Sword Intent!"

The Sun and Moon Sword God was unstoppable. He instantly suppressed Martial Monarch Nanjian, the South-Heaven Supreme Emperors, and the others with a single slash. Suddenly, he raised his right hand and flicked in the Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch's direction. A brilliant glow was fired!


The Xuan-Wind Martial Monarch was aware of a strong sense of danger. Without hesitation, he unleashed his Martial Spirit, Monarch Heart, and every rare artifact he could use!


However, the sword intent possessed a terrifying, destructive force. It destroyed everything along the way and penetrated his chest, ending his life!


The other Martial Monarch of the South-Heaven Sacred Ground could feel his scalp turning numb!

Before he could react, he felt his neck turning cold. A terrifying sword intent had slashed forward and beheaded him!

"The magnificent Heavens and Earth and the countless stars in the sky, yet only the Sun and Moon are everlasting!"

The Sun and Moon Sword God wore his usual calm expression despite the fact that he had just killed two Martial Monarchs. His aura grew even fiercer like an immortal descending from the realm above. He slowly stepped forward. The sword sheath in his hand buzzed vigorously. Half of it was ice, while the other half was fire. It was the power of the Sun and the Moon!

The Sun and Moon Sword God had activated his strongest Martial Art, the Sun and Moon Sword Scriptures!

"Such a tremendous power!"

Qin Nan watched the battle from afar. His heart was quivering, not willing to miss a single second of the battle.

Such a battle was incredibly rare for Qin Nan. If he were to discern any secrets from it, it would benefit his cultivation greatly.



Another two shocking explosions took place. Under the unmatchable sword intent of the Sun and Moon, the first South-Heaven Supreme Emperor was shattered into pieces. As for the second one, half of its body was burned to ashes, while the other half was frozen in ice. Even the South-Heaven Qi was no match against the power!

As for Martial Monarch Nanjian and the other South-Heaven Supreme Emperor, their bodies were covered in wounds and bruises as their figures were knocked backward.

The battle was completely one-sided!

"Damn it, why would a mere Qin Nan be escorted by the Sun and Moon Sword God? The loss we're suffering is too much! South-Heaven Talisman, activate!"

Martial Monarch Nanjian grimaced and cursed in his heart, before activating the one and only ancient talisman in his hands.