Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1265

Chapter 1265 Extortion

Qin Nan turned around and saw two middle-aged men and a young man with a rather bulky physique and glistening eyes. Ancient beast hides were draped over their shoulders. Their faces and the exposed parts of their bodies had lines of purple-golden runes that combined into numerous various-sized mysterious formations.

"Judging from their words, they must be from the Star-Devouring Tribe. Strange, their cultivations should only be at the peak Martial Progenitor Realm, yet their auras are equivalent to the third-layer Martial Monarch Realm?"

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with doubts. He rose to his feet with a calm face and brought his fists together.

"Fellow cultivators, is there any problem with absorbing the Star Energy?

The three halted in their tracks. The execution of their attacks was paused too as they glanced down at Qin Nan.

"Do you not know that absorbing the Star Energy here is considered challenging the authority of our Star-Devouring Tribe?"

The middle-aged man in front was the eldest among them. He spoke with a sharp gaze.

"Uhh, I'm sorry, I was entirely unaware of that."

Qin Nan wore a wry smile and apologized sincerely.

The Sun and Moon Sword God had not mentioned it at all when he left.

The three exchanged glances with one another and nodded slightly.

Judging from Qin Nan's reaction, he did not seem to be lying.

"You have committed a great offense, but considering it's your first offense, we'll let you go if you compensate us with some treasure!"

The middle-aged man's eyes flickered as he spoke.

Normally, absorbing a little Star Energy would not matter too much. However, since the people of the Star-Devouring Tribe were not allowed to leave their territory, they would occasionally take advantage of it to extort valuable treasures from outsiders.

That being said, they only picked certain targets. If the person had a weaker cultivation compared to them, they would find any excuse to blackmail them.

"Compensation? Here is a Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruit."

Qin Nan frowned and took out a Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruit with a flip of his hand.

Although the Star Energy he had taken was not equivalent to the value of a Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruit, he had been in the wrong first, thus it was reasonable for him to compensate for the loss.

"Mm? Such a magical fruit, if that's the case..."

The trio's eyes glistened. They all agreed to take the fruit and let Qin Nan go.

However, at that instant, a strange blue stone hanging on the young man's waist among the trio suddenly emitted a golden glow. It transformed into a tiny golden dragon that uttered the cry of a dragon.


Qin Nan glanced at the blue stone in astonishment.

He had not noticed the stone at first, but now he could detect a magical force being unleashed from the stone, which locked onto his right arm.

"The Dragon Response Stone is showing a reaction. This man's right arm must be some incredible treasure. It's more precious than a Monarch Weapon!"

The trio was startled. Their eyes widened.

They had stumbled upon the stone coincidentally. They later discovered that the stone was able to detect the treasure that other cultivators possessed. However, they had only seen blue or purple rays before. It was their first time seeing a golden ray.

"We have to get his right arm."

The three quickly reacted and exchanged glances with one another, before reaching a verdict.

"Hehe, you have committed a serious offense. How could you possibly redeem yourself with a mere fruit? I can see that your right arm is nothing ordinary. It must be a rare artifact? Why don't you give us your right arm as compensation? Otherwise, you will suffer the consequences."

The middle-aged man and his crew laughed grimly. Their auras equivalent to the third-layer Martial Monarch Realm burst out from their bodies. The space nearby began to shudder vigorously, while the ground below began to crack open.

"Not only are you not satisfied with a Heavenly Arcana Immortal Fruit, but you still demand I hand over my right arm? Forget about the fruit, be gone!"

Qin Nan's eyes became cold.

Initially, he had been willing to offer an apology, but it was no longer the case now.

These people were demanding his Heaven-Shattering Saber?

Absolutely unacceptable!

"Asking us to leave? A mere peak Martial Progenitor dares to disrespect us. Such stupidity, die now!"

The middle-aged man unleashed a shocking murderous aura. Following a pause, the purple-golden runes on his body began to emit an ancient glow. It immediately gathered the Star Energy nearby and summoned a giant starry sword that slashed downward!

"I see. The formations constructed by the purple-golden runes are capable of controlling the Star Energy!"

Qin Nan's eyes glistened upon seeing this, as his figure began to move!

"Martial Tree Suppression!"

Following a roar, the Destruction Martial Tree and the Divine Battle Tree emerged from his back at the same time. The boundless force of destruction and the force of the Divine God of Battle descended, like two immortal mountains covered in immortal Qi descending from the Nine Heavens!"

"What's going on? Why does he have two Martial Trees?"

The trio was astounded!

The person before them had surpassed the rules of cultivation?


At that instant, the Starry Swords were shattered into pieces. The tremendous presence of the two Martial Trees suppressed the trio, sending chills down their spine!

"Attack together!"

The leading middle-aged man reacted and let out a roar. The other two immediately activated the purple-golden runes on their bodies and gathered overwhelming Star Energy. It turned into an illusionary ancient star with outstanding pressure!

"Your attack might be effective against others, but it's completely useless against me!

"Heaven-Shattering Saber, slash!"

Qin Nan seemed to have predicted the attack. His right arm exploded into the Heaven-Shattering Saber and unleashed a shocking saber glow. It slashed forward, shattering the force unleashing from the enemies' purple-golden runes in half!

In the sky, the brilliant star began to shrink rapidly. The Star Energy slowly dissipated into the surroundings!

" is this possible? How did the saber disconnect us from the star?"

The three's eyes were filled with great astonishment!

It was even more shocking than learning Qin Nan had surpassed the rules of cultivation!

The Star-Devouring Tribe had initially been a human tribe. However, their ancestors had discovered the secrets of the Star-Devouring Space and invented the Star-Devouring Runes. Once their bodies were engraved with them, they could absorb the Star Energy to improve their cultivation!

They had been utilizing their advantage to blackmail the outsiders and rule the Star-Devouring Space. Even Martial Monarchs were their prey too!

However, the Star-Devouring Runes that many Martial Monarchs were unable to shatter had just been destroyed by a relatively normal slash?