Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1268

Chapter 1268 Dragon Response Stone

"As expected of Senior Brother, to react in time. Otherwise, we would be in great trouble."

Magic Flower Martial Monarch said with a pale face.

"Don't worry, it's just a little..."

Martial Monarch Haoxuan's heart shuddered as he blurted out humbly. However, before he could finish, everyone wore startled expressions after becoming aware of something.

The three figures in the sky came to a stop. They lowered their heads with smirking expressions.

"Trying to trick us with a mere concealing art? Show yourselves at once. Otherwise, we'll show no mercy."

The middle-aged man leading the trio said in a disdainful tone.

Although he could not see the exact number of people under the wings, the Star Energy had hinted that there were merely two second-layer Martial Monarchs, two first-layer Martial Monarchs and a peak Martial Progenitor.

"This time, we can finally earn some profit!"

The middle-aged man exchanged glances with the other two and reached an agreement.

They felt very depressed after stumbling into the powerful cultivator. They needed some way to vent to their anger.

On the ground below, under the pair of wings...

"We've been exposed."

Magic Flower Martial Monarch took a step backward. Her eyes flickered in terror.

Despite being a Martial Monarch, her Martial Heart was the most unstable among the group. It was a coincidence that she had managed to inherit the Monarch Horoscope.

"Tianba, use your Skystar Wild Blow to ambush them! Sorceress, you attack at the same time too. Let them feel threatened! Magic Flower, try and disturb their thoughts. I'll try to defeat them with my killing blow. We have no choice, we can't fall into their hands!"

Martial Monarch Haoxuan's heart clenched as he let out a roar!

"Got it!"

"Not a problem!"

"I'll try my best!"

Martial Monarch Tianba, Sorceress Qian Qian, and the Magic Flower Martial Monarch all responded with solemn expressions.

At that instant, the atmosphere inside the wings intensified, as if an invisible mountain were pressing down upon them, which made them feel like they were about to suffocate!

"If needed, we'll use Qin Nan as a bait!"

Martial Monarch Haoxuan murmured in his heart as his eyes flickered with a vicious look. He began to utter, "One, two, three, let's..."

Before he finished his sentence, an unexpected change took place.

Qin Nan who had remained still all along suddenly unleashed a tremendous saber aura from his body. With a tap, he burst out from the wings and sprang into the sky like a peerless ray of light.


Martial Monarch Haoxuan, Martial Monarch Tianba, Martial Monarch Haoxuan, and Sorceress Qian Qian were stunned. The hand seals that they had performed halfway halted in the air.

What was going on?

Did Qin Nan just attack first?

He was only a mere Martial Progenitor. Was he trying to get himself killed?

"HAHAHA, how bold, to strike before us!"

The trio in the sky burst out laughing. The purple-golden runes on their bodies were activated, producing a terrifying aura.

Just as they were about to unleash their attacks, their minds experienced a great shock as they took a closer look at the person charging towards them.

What just happened?

Why was this young man here?


The middle-aged man quickly reacted and yelled. He summoned the same blinding glow, trying to encapsulate them within it!

"Are they...running away?"

Martial Monarch Haoxuan, Martial Monarch Tianba, Magic Flower Martial Monarch, and Sorceress Qian Qian's eyes were filled with disbelief!

Did the three elders of the Star-Devouring Tribe who were absolutely terrifying in their eyes panic after seeing a mere Martial Progenitor Realm Qin Nan, to such an extent that their first instinct was to run away desperately?

"Running again? Not this time!"

Qin Nan had long been prepared. With a thought, two Martial Trees sprang into the sky from his back. The will of destruction and the will of the Divine God of Battle surged like raging tides, shrouding the space above!

"Stellar Escaping Art!"

The middle-aged man let out a scream. The glow covering their figures grew rapidly as it swept through the sky like a meteor and slammed into the barrier. Following an explosion, the trio was knocked flying. The blood and Qi in their bodies rumbled vigorously.

Previously, Qin Nan had only unleashed a Martial Tree.

This time, he had fully unleashed two Martial Trees to seal off the escape. How could they possibly break through?


Qin Nan's hair drifted wildly and his eyes were fiery, as if a saber god had descended upon the mundane world. He swung the Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand. The saber intents immediately landed on the trio's figures and shattered the purple-golden runes by targeting their weak spots!


Three cries of agony could be heard.

Their auras began to drop rapidly.

"Please...don't kill us...please spare us!"

The trio was astounded and terrified. They quickly dropped to their knees in the air without hesitation and begged for mercy.

Their Martial Hearts were weaker than Magic Flower Martial Monarch. Since all was lost, their only hope left was to stay alive.

"This stone, what is it?"

Qin Nan grabbed the strange stone on the young man's waist and asked.

"The...the stone, we called it the Dragon Response Stone. We found it in some ancient ruins, so we're not too sure what it is. It glows when there's treasure nearby. The stronger the glow, the better the treasure, especially when the glow takes the shape of a dragon."

The trio shuddered.

"I'll be taking the stone. Leave at once!"

Qin Nan calmly said, before putting the Dragon Response Stone into his Sumeru Ring.

"Thank you, thank you!"

Even though the trio felt a heartache when the Dragon Response Stone was taken away, they quickly fled into the distance.

The scene had formed a great contrast with their imperious, tumultuous appearance.

" is this possible?"

Meanwhile, Martial Monarch Haoxuan, Martial Monarch Tianba, the Magic Flower Martial Monarch, and Sorceress Qian Qian were dumbfounded. They felt like their understanding of the world had just been toppled.

Even though they had noticed that Qin Nan was able to defeat them because he could somehow shatter the purple-golden runes on their bodies, the power that the two Martial Trees had displayed was immeasurable and terrifying and sent chills down their spines.

How could a Martial Progenitor possibly possess such power?

Even Su Qingning and Zhuang Cidao who had surpassed the rules of cultivation would not possess such terrifying power at the peak Martial Progenitor Realm!

Speaking of which, hadn't they claimed that he would be their burden?

What a joke.

"Qian Qian, until next time."

Qin Nan stood in the air and brought his fists together toward Sorceress Qian Qian, as he was about to leave.


A voice said suddenly.

The person speaking was Martial Monarch Haoxuan.