Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1285

Chapter 1285 The World Of The Martial Monarchs

"Mm? The wine contains such a strong cultivation will?"

The Illusionist Martial Monarch, Martial Monarch Rongtian, and Martial Monarch Mingkong murmured in their hearts with a slightly surprised tone.

However, their eyes soon flickered with disdain.

The mere cultivation will was nothing worth mentioning before their cultivations of the Martial Monarch Realm.


The trio demanded in their hearts. Their monarch hearts beat rapidly as three shocking wills were unleashed to suppress the will of the Divine God of Battle inside their bodies!

At that instant, an unexpected change took place!

The will of the Divine God of Battle seemed to be strengthened by some force, which expanded it rapidly. Within a breath's time, it had turned into a Divine Battle dragon with a formidable aura!


The trio's figures stiffened!

How had the will become so terrifying all of a sudden?

Before they could react, the expanding will of the Divine God of Battle made its move, like a dragon coming out of the ocean. It roared and lunged out from the water and shattered the trio's cultivation will into pieces. The remaining will then charged at their hearts and minds!


The three were startled. They quickly executed various monarch arts to protect their hearts and minds!

However, these powerful monarch arts were mere ants before the overwhelming will of the Divine God of Battle. They provided little to no resistance and were instantly destroyed. The remaining will struck their hearts and minds without mercy!


The trio took a few steps backward as if they had received powerful blows, uttering cries of agony. Their monarch flesh was shattered, as blood jetted out from various parts of their bodies!

In addition to that, the will of the Divine God of Battle did not dissipate after its first attack. It immediately began to launch its second and third attacks, like a wild storm!

The hall was filled with miserable cries of pain!

If the other Martial Monarchs and elders of the Anti-Heaven Alliance were there, they would never believe the scene, in which the three Martial Monarchs were being beaten without any chance of fighting back, like they were only ordinary humans!

"That's what you asked for."

The Sun and Moon Sword God shrugged.

He had initially planned to advise them against accepting the wine, yet the trio had completely underestimated Qin Nan's cultivation.

The truth was that Qin Nan's current cultivation was equivalent to the sixth-layer Martial Monarch Realm and his will consisted of the remarkable Dao Pattern that was produced after the two Dao Patterns from before had merged together. It was likely that no Martial Monarch was comparable to him.

"I have no proof this time, so consider this a little warning. If you dare to set me up again, I shall kill you next time without caring about the fact that we're from the same faction!"

Qin Nan looked down at the trio with an icy gaze and tremendous murderous intent.


The Illusionist Martial Monarch, Martial Monarch Rongtian, and Martial Monarch Mingkong who were experiencing great pain displayed a hint of terror from their eyes as well as a look of regret.

Despite being Martial Monarchs, their continuous losses to Qin Nan had brought fear into their hearts.

Besides that, if they knew this would happen, they would never have dared to drink the wine.

"How annoying, go and treat your injuries."

The Sun and Moon Sword God frowned when he heard the cries of agony. He waved his hand and summoned three sword intents that encapsulated the figures of the trio, teleporting them away.

"Qin Nan, I was going to find you after your return, yet you've already stirred a mess when you just got back."

The Sun and Moon Sword God glanced at Qin Nan and said indifferently.

"Cough cough, Senior, why were you looking for me?"

Qin Nan completely withdrew his murderous intent with a slightly embarrassed look. He immediately switched the topic.

"First, take a look at this scroll."

The Sun and Moon Sword God flicked his finger, placing a scroll in Qin Nan's hand.

"Even though you have yet to fully reach the Martial Monarch Realm, you have finally set foot in the level of being an authority of the Canglan Continent. This scroll contains the names of the two thousand five hundred Martial Monarchs on the God Ranking and their basic information."

The Sun and Moon Sword God said calmly.

"The two thousand five hundred Martial Monarchs on the God Ranking?"

Qin Nan's eyes immediately flickered.

Despite the fact that he had been in the half-God region for quite a while, he had only seen a few Martial Monarchs so far.

Now that he had finally entered the Martial Monarchs' world, he could finally meet the authorities of the Canglan Continent.

"Second, go back and refine this key."

The Sun and Moon Sword God flipped his hand, revealing an azure-bronze ancient key covered in runes.

"What key is this?"

Qin Nan inspected it with his left eye and was immediately left in astonishment.

He had discovered a vague presence of gods from the ancient key.

"Once you’ve refined the key, you will be able to enter the Abstruse God Space.

"I will not explain the details, since you will find them inside the scroll. It has all the information you need about the Abstruse God Space.

"In short, you should cultivate diligently in the remaining half a year you have before fully achieving the Martial Monarch Realm, to prepare for the Martial God Realm in advance.”

The Sun and Moon Sword God said.

"Abstruse God Space? Martial God Realm?"

Qin Nan's heart shuddered.

He never expected he would need to prepare for the Martial God Realm when he had only stepped into the Martial Monarch Realm.

"The God Horoscope Contest takes place around every five hundred years. Four hundred and ninety-two years have passed since the last God Horoscope Contest, so I predict the next one will take place in the next eight to ten years. As for you, in half a year..."

Before the Sun and Moon Sword God could finish, an ancient, imperious voice echoed inside the Sun and Moon Sword God's mind from a great distance away.

"That's quick… I still have matters to attend to. I'll excuse myself."

The Sun and Moon Sword God murmured with glistening eyes. He blurted out to Qin Nan, before vanishing with a soft kick.

"What's happening? Why does it look like the senior is in a rush? He didn't even finish his sentence?"

Qin Nan was startled.

From his impression, the Sun and Moon Sword God had always been calm and steady.

"Forget it, there’s no point in thinking about it. Let's head back and check the scroll out."

Qin Nan shook his head and returned to his residence.

After setting up the forbidding formations, he sat down with his legs crossed and directed his Divine Sense into the scroll.

At that moment, not only had Qin Nan's strength and understanding reached the level of the Martial Monarch Realm, he had finally stepped into the world of the Martial Monarchs.