Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1291

Chapter 1291 The Figh

"Unstoppable Step!"

Qin Nan did not seem bothered by the approaching danger. His figure turned into a blue ray with a flicker as he charged toward the terrifying beasts!

"What is he..."

Ling Yue, Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and everyone else were stunned!

He's pressing forward instead of fleeing, was he trying to get himself killed?

Following this, the forty-eight beasts launched their attacks, which smashed the water within a few dozen li. Countless brilliant rays burst out from the lake as if a huge star was rising to the lake's surface!

Qin Nan's figure weaved through the attacks like a gust of wind, dodging them all. In addition to that, as he ventured deeper, the attacks from the forty-eight beasts became disorganized!

Somehow, he had cracked the Beast Killing Formation!

"His cultivation is actually at the fifth-layer Martial Monarch Realm and his eye-technique and movements are extremely outstanding. With all of these combined, he's able to move freely among the beasts and crack the formation!"

Fei Hong and Shi Ang indeed had a formidable background. They blurted out after quickly coming to a realization from observing the scene!

"Treasure-Fishing Rod!"

Qin Nan yelled as he took out the Treasure-Fishing Rod and swung it downward!

"Reel in!"

Qin Nan moved backward, dodging the attacks and pulling the rod, revealing a crystal box the height of a person from the bottom of the lake!

Inside the box were thirty Abstruse God Pieces, emitting an ancient, mysterious glow!

"That...that worked?"

Ling Yue was dumbfounded.

As a Martial Monarch, he had witnessed all kinds of methods to retrieve pieces of treasure, but he had never seen anything as bizarre as this.

"The treasure is out? Let's attack!"

Fei Hong and Shi Ang gave the order without hesitation.

Although they had underestimated Qin Nan because of their pride, they were fairly experienced and were able to react according to the situation fairly quickly.

If they were to attack now, they could trap Qin Nan among the beasts.

"Duan Qing, watch out!"

Ling Yue yelled out as his heart tightened.

"HAHA, Duan Qing, right? I have to admit, you have impressed all of us, but we have the situation under control. Hand over the crystal box and all of your Abstruse God Pieces and we'll spare your life."

Fei Hong and Shi Ang burst out laughing and glanced down at Qin Nan. They both stepped forward and unleashed streams of monarch force into the air, trying to seal the lake's surface.

They had entirely controlled the situation.

No matter what kind of escape method this Duan Qing had, or whatever other trump cards he had up his sleeves, he was trapped with the beasts and had nowhere to run to.

"Spare my life?"

Qin Nan's lips curled upward as he weaved through the beasts.

The others might assume that he had walked into a dead end, yet he thought the situation was in his favor.

He had yet to experience an enjoyable battle after achieving the Martial Monarch Realm.

Currently, the beasts and the five Martial Monarchs with unknown identities were barely enough to force him to use half of his cultivation.

"Divine Battle Fist!"

Qin Nan uttered a roar as he threw consecutive punches, which flew toward Fei Hong and Shi Ang like a thunderstorm.

"You dare to attack us?"

Fei Hong, Shi Ang, and the rest of their crew were in utter disbelief.

In their eyes, Qin Nan should be surrendering and handing over all of his stuff under the circumstances.

Did this mean he was willing to sacrifice his cultivation will rather than giving up on the Abstruse God Pieces?

"I'll grant you your wish then!"

The eyes of the five cultivators turned cold, as terrifying lightning and flames were unleashed from their figures.

"Netherworld Soul-Burning Flame!"

"Thunder King Sword!"

"Ancient Buddha Lightning!"

The five cultivators attacked simultaneously. The surging flames and thunderous swords descended rapidly, each containing a terrifying force, enough to destroy the Heavens and Earth.

However, the monarch arts were concealed by the Abstruse God Space. Otherwise, anyone could easily identify that the five cultivators were from the Flame Tribe and Lightning Tribe of the Eight Ancient Tribes.


Although the forty-eight beasts were not experienced in battles, their intelligence was enough to assess the situation. They quickly reformed the Beast Killing Formation and executed their attacks.

"Perfect timing, HAHAHA!"

Qin Nan was overjoyed instead of being infuriated. He fully unleashed the Destruction Divine Battle Will in his body, causing his aura to rise instantly to a terrifying level. His presence stood out completely despite being surrounded by the five cultivators and the beasts.


Qin Nan's right arm exploded into the Heaven-Shattering Saber and executed a slash at each of the five cultivators and the beasts. The terrifying saber intents were like dragons flying out of an ocean while uttering roars into the sky, shattering the monarch arts and attacks into pieces.

"Is that...the sixth-layer Martial Monarch Realm?"

The eyes of Ling Yue and the five cultivators widened.

They never thought the man was still hiding his true cultivation.

"So what if you're a sixth-layer Martial Monarch? You will die today!"

Fei Hong and Shi Ang reacted accordingly. Instead of being intimidated by Qin Nan's aura, their auras became stronger and more imperious.

Many people with formidable backgrounds would be arrogant and full of themselves, like princelings.

However, many others would also have a broader view and knowledge, with much stronger determination.

In other words, it was like you were looking while standing on the ground, while they were looking from a giant's shoulder.

Fei Hong and Shi Ang had managed to achieve their current status not only because of their background, but because they also had their strengths too. They clearly belonged in the second category.

Otherwise, they would not be able to achieve their current status in the two ancient tribes.

"Will of Destruction, bringing destruction upon all things!"

Qin Nan rose up as his figure unleashed streams of destruction will, surging in all directions like dragons, which shattered the monarch arts. The remaining ones sprang toward the five cultivators and the beasts!


At that instant, a series of deafening explosions took place!

A terrifying battle had erupted on the lake!