Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 1309

Chapter 1309 Waiting For The Hare Under The Tree

"We'll split their Abstruse God Pieces, eight for me, two for you."

Sima Kong said shamelessly.


Qin Nan nodded straightaway.


Sima Kong was stunned.

The truth was that he had never thought of splitting it eight-two in his favor. He had only said it as he expected Qin Nan to negotiate. He was more than happy if he could get six-four.

However, to his surprise, Qin Nan had simply accepted it.

"Are...are you sure about eight-two? Why don't we split it six-four instead? The three talismans I expended are very precious, but I'm also..."

Sima Kong coughed softly and spoke.

He might be shameless, but he would never cheat his own brother.

Besides, Qin Nan was his only brother in the Canglan Continent.

"Eight-two, seven-three, six-four, none of it really matters."

"Now...I just want to kill."

Qin Nan's eyes flickered with a shocking murderous intent.

He had not forgotten the recent actions of Tu Di, Fei Hong, and Shi Ang.

Initially, he had planned to look for the Abstruse God Pieces since—despite being furious—he had no clue where to find them.

Since there was a way to locate them now, his mind was preoccupied with the thought of killing them.

Only fresh blood could vent the anger in his heart.

"Alright, we'll go right away."

Surprisingly, Sima Kong did not speak too much nonsense when he saw Qin Nan's reaction. He immediately told Qin Nan the location of their three targets.

Qin Nan's Destruction Will burst out from his body before he disappeared along with Sima Kong.

Time gradually passed. An hour later, in some ancient woods in the Abstruse God Space...

Tu Di, Fei Hong, and Shi Ang were flying deep into the woods with powerful auras.

They had not gotten their hands on the treasure in the Blood Lotus Wonderland. As for the remaining places, they should be able to handle them easily with their cultivations.

As such, they had dismissed their subordinates.

After all, their subordinates still needed to cultivate too and they could not just escort them all the time.

"Tsk tsk, Blood Rune, Vast Skythunder, say, how do you think this Duan Qing is feeling right now?"

Fei Hong smacked his lips and asked.

"I bet he's trying all possible methods to try and recover the crystal after it poisoned by the blood."

Shi Ang said after a slight ponder.

"Humph, he’d better die in the Blood Lotus Wonderland, or at least suffer a serious injury."

Tu Di harrumphed and said with a long face.

He was not satisfied with the outcome at the Blood Lotus Wonderland. After all, not only had they failed to secure the treasure, they were also suppressed by Duan Qing for quite some time.

"We should have gotten rid of that fatty too."

Tu Di mumbled in his heart.

At that instant, an unexpected change took place!

Tu Di, Fei Hong, and Shi Ang were startled as, for some reason, they felt an overwhelming sense of danger in their hearts!

Their sensitivity toward potential threats was the result of them refining countless valuable natural herbs and practicing plenty of ancient secret techniques that were accessible because of their identities as Young Masters.


In the sky, three streams of saber intent with the shape of crescents were slashing in their direction like three ancient dragons!

A large amount of pressure was applied to their figures as if a giant mountain was crushing down upon them!


Tu Di, Fei Hong, and Shi Ang shuddered. They quickly executed an ancient forbidden art aiming at the three streams of saber intents, while their figures backed away rapidly!


A great explosion took place!

The three terrifying streams of saber intents crushed their forbidden art into pieces and landed on the ground, producing three huge ravines. The impact swept through the trees nearby and shattered them!


Tu Di, Fei Hong, and Shi Ang felt chills down their spines. Judging by the strength of the saber intent, the person executing the attack must be at least a sixth-layer Martial Monarch!

"Your reaction speed is fairly impressive!"

A cold voice exploded above the trio's heads!

"Who's there?"

Tu Di, Fei Hong, and Shi Ang were startled. They raised their heads and immediately saw Qin Nan with the Heaven-Shattering Saber in his hand and his robe flapping in the wind. His figure was emanating a terrifying murderous intent as he walked toward the trio one step at a time!

"Duan...Duan Qing? did you find us?"

Tu Di, Fei Hong, and Shi Ang were greatly astonished!

They would not be surprised knowing that Qin Nan was not dead or injured, but the issue was that they were very far away from the Blood Lotus Wonderland!

Even a strong Martial Monarch authority would not be able to track them down!

"Yo, look who it is, Tu Di, Fei Hong, and Shi Ang, the three famous Martial Monarchs! What a coincidence, but why are you guys trembling?"

Sima Kong said with a disdainful laugh!

Weren't they being smug before?

Hadn’t they been trying to set them up viciously?

Why weren't they acting tough now?

"Duan guys, just to let you know, my identity entirely exceeds your imagination. If you were to harm me here, it wouldn't do any good to either side, and as for what happened before..."

As expected of the Young Master of the Blood Tribe, Tu Di swiftly collected his thoughts and spoke after a deep breath. Either way, he had to preserve his cultivation will!


Before he could finish, Qin Nan attacked with the Heaven-Shattering Saber once again!

Three streams of saber intents wrapped in the Destruction Will poured downward like the surge from a burst dam, shrouding the sky above the trio!

"Blood God's Shield!"

"Thunder Amplifying Secret Technique!"

"Talisman, break!"

At that instant, Tu Di and Shi Ang executed their forbidden arts after paying a certain price. Their figures turned into a crimson glow and a lightning glow as they dodged aside!

Fei Hong pinched a talisman, which summoned a tremendous monarch intent that encapsulated his figure as he dashed forward!


To their surprise, the three streams of Destruction saber intent suddenly exploded, from which the Destruction Will burst in all directions like thousands of long sabers!


Two cries of agony took place!

Fei Hong and Shi Ang suffered powerful blows as the saber intent penetrated their bodies and nailed them to the ground not far away!


Tu Di could feel his scalp turning numb. He took out the three life-protecting talismans he had without hesitation!


A saber glow flickered past him!

The three talismans were slashed in half without any sign of resistance!


The Heaven-Shattering Saber flew forward from Qin Nan's hand and penetrated Tu Di's chest. It slashed the trees behind open and nailed Tu Di to the wall of a giant mountain eight li away!

The battle had come to an end!

All that was left were three miserable cries that rang through the woods!