Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 172

Chapter 172 leng fengs arrival
Chapter 172 - Leng Fengs Arrival

...When Gong Yang arrived at Qin Nans residence, meanwhile at the forty-third residence...

Li Hong glanced at the dull-looking Ouyang Jun and said without an expression, You shouldnt talk to Qin Nan like that. He has a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, and is the disciple of the Great Elder and the Honourable Elder. There is no difference between you two in terms of talent or background.

Ouyang Juns face turned duller as he uttered a roar, Li Hong, you are the one who shouldnt talk to me like that. If not because of my brother, Id surely kill you right now!

After saying this, Ouyang Jun was filled with a murderous intent, as if he was going to attack at any time.

Li Hongs expression remained the same as she calmly said, If not because of your brother, even if you are the son of the Sect Leader, I wouldnt help you at all.


Ouyang Juns expression became enraged.

After a while, Ouyang Jun finally withheld the anger in his heart and said in a cold tone, I dont want to waste my time talking nonsense to you. Since Qin Nan dared to challenge me, Ill definitely make him pay with his life. Go to his third residence and challenge him verbally, make him mad so he will choose to battle you, then humiliate him without mercy.

Li Hongs eyes froze for a moment, before she replied, I will not attack him.

Is that so?

Outside of her expectations, Ouyang Jun did not become enraged, but smilingly said, If thats the case, go find Leng Feng, and tell him to deal with Qin Nan. Tell him not to worry about other stuff. You should be willing to do so, right?

Ouyang Juns tone turned heavy in his last sentence, his eyes emitting an icy aura.

Li Hong hesitated for a moment, before she nodded her head, Fine.

After saying this, she immediately left the residence with a flash.

As she left the place, Ouyang Juns expression turned cold once again. His eyes were filled with thick murderous intent.

The Arcane Realm Stone was produced naturally by the Heaven and Earth, and contained powerful Arcane Intent within it.

Upon entering the state of a Martial Addict, Qin Nan could only feel himself being encapsulated within endless Arcane Intent, enabling him to try and grasp the secrets of the Arcane Realm at his will.

Entering the Arcane Realm, entering the Arcane Realm, Martial Intent entering the Arcane Realm.

My Saber Intent has already entered the Arcane Realm, a single slash would be accompanied by countless Saber Intent.

This is far from enough, entering the Arcane Realm means exploiting my Martial Intent, the entire strength of my body.

Its not only mere intent, but a skill, a secret technique of the Heaven and Earth.

Being surrounded by the strong Arcane Intent, Qin Nan could now understand the secrets which he had failed to do before. His understanding of the Arcane Realm was now deeper and clearer.

Three days were gone in a blink of the eye.

When the sun rose on the fourth day, a crack suddenly appeared on the Arcane Realm Stone in front of Qin Nan, which then exploded into a cloud of dust.

Qin Nans long-shut eyes were finally opened in a slow manner.

In the period of three days and three nights, Ive finally mastered the Greater Success Stage of the Arcane Realm with the help of the Arcane Realm Stone!

A smile appeared on Qin Nans face, who stood up and stomped his foot at the ground, executing the Mystical Eight Steps.

However, the difference between now and before was that when Qin Nan executed the Mystical Eight Steps, it felt like his entire figure had entered a mysterious state. Every step he took would emit a stream of intent, a stream of intent which belonged to the Mystical Eight Steps.

When the intent was emitted, Qin Nans speed was like that of a phantom, which was at least a few times faster than his previous speed.

The stream of intent was the meaning of entering the Arcane Realm. His Martial Skill had entered the Arcane Realm, such that every form and technique possessed the strength of the Arcane Realm.

With my current strength, Im confident I could even challenge a third-layer Xiantian Realm cultivator Qin Nans eyes glistened.

Now with his tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, the Greater Success Stage of the Arcane Realm, together with the support from his Mystical Weapons, Seven Deadly Sins, it was possible for him to defeat an opponent two ranks higher than him.

Not to mention his final trump card, which was the Heavenly Accumulating Strike!

Now that Ive offended Ouyang Jun, he will definitely try his best to deal with me. Im not sure if Bai Heng will be troubled in his trip to the Skills Library to exchange the pills. It looks like I should go there personally. Qin Nan stopped his cultivation after having this thought, as he prepared himself to exit the residence.

This was because he was too poor, so he could not afford for anything to happen to the Fruits of Power.

However, at that instant, a sudden cold shout could be heard coming from the entrance of the third residence like an explosion, Qin Nan, I am Leng Feng, come out at once and face me!

The shout was so sudden that Qin Nan was slightly startled by it.

Leng Feng is here?

Qin Nan frowned as he collected his thoughts.

He did know who Leng Feng was, a top ten inner domain disciple, with cruel manners. His opponents all ended up being murdered by him.

Previously at the auction of the Treasure Vault, Leng Feng told Nangong Cheng to bid on the Seven Deadly Sins for him, which ended up in my hand. It seems like Leng Feng is here today for the Seven Deadly Sins Qin Nan discovered the reason behind his visit, as he took the Seven Deadly Sins out from his storage bag and walked toward the entrance without any sign of being intimidated.

Standing before the third residence was a young man in a black outfit.

The black-outfitted young man carried a long saber behind him while wearing a cold expression, like ice which remained unmeltable in ten thousand years.

He was Leng Feng.

Upon seeing Qin Nan, Leng Feng glanced at the Seven Deadly Sins on Qin Nans back, as he halted his breathing and his eyes flickered with a murderous intent. He then spoke in an icy voice, Qin Nan, I know your achievements, and your identity. Despite that, if you were to give me the Seven Deadly Sins, I would spare you your life!

Qin Nan almost burst out laughing upon hearing this.

He did not expect Leng Feng to act like he was the one doing the right thing although he was trying to get his hands on the Seven Deadly Sins, as if Qin Nan was the one benefiting the most out of the trade.

You think so? You, Leng Feng are ranked top ten among the inner domain disciples, with a cultivation base of the seventh-layer Xiantian Realm, and with a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. It seems like you have also mastered the Minor Success Stage of the Arcane Realm too. In terms of strength, it must be an easy task for you to kill me. Qin Nan unleashed his Eyes of Divine Battle Spirit, retrieving all his attributes and continued in a calm tone, But, does it matter? I was never scared of being threatened!

After saying this, Qin Nan turned around and walked away, with no intention of further wasting time with Leng Feng.

Hold it!

Leng Feng frowned after hearing Qin Nan reveal his strength, and then unleashed his Qi and uttered a yell.

The yell served as an explosion, which shocked many disciples at the Inner Domain Peak who were cultivating in seclusion.

Hmm? Isnt that Leng Feng? Why is he looking for Qin Nan?

Tsk, tsk, every time this guy looking for a person, it means a death sentence for him. Could it be that he is going to kill Qin Nan?

What the hell, is he really that ballsy, that he dares to kill Qin Nan?

A huge crowd of inner domain disciples gathered around them, and began to discuss among themselves.

Qin Nan halted in his tracks after seeing this, as his eyes turned cold.