Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 198

Chapter 198 the one and only
Chapter 198 - The One and Only


Following the rapid footsteps, endless figures began to appear from the woods.

The first ones to arrive were three young men and two females. They all wore robes plated with gold, with a flaming red word Xi on their foreheads, suggesting them to be the geniuses of the Xi Clan.

The leading person among these five was relatively eye-catching.

He had a head of spiky short red hair, a pair of thick eyebrows, and rough facial features. He could have been expected to be quite bulky, but in contrast, his body was extremely skinny, giving him a strange appearance.

However, the entry of this person caused Dong Yuehao and the disciples of the Dong Clan to be astonished.

This was because this person was named Xi Fengxiao, and was the top genius of the Xi Clan, possessing a ninth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, placing him on the same level as Dong Shaoxu.

Generally speaking, Xi Fengxiaos entry was not enough to surprise Dong Yuehao, but he was confused; why would Xi Fengxiao appear in such a short time after he fired the Thousand Miles Sound Conducting Rune?

When Xi Fengxiao arrived, he looked straight at Qin Nan and said, So youre the one trespassing onto the Longhu Mountain Range?

The other disciples of the Xi Clan were not as calm as Xi Fengxiao, as their gazes toward Qin Nan were filled with a murderous aura.

Why do you care?

Qin Nan glanced back at him.

Xi Fengxiao was startled. Under such circumstances, this young man before him still acted so disdainfully.

Before Xi Fengxiao became enraged, a pleasant laugh could be heard coming from the woods, Hehe, this is interesting. Its my first time meeting such a scornful person, showing no respect to Dong Shaoxu and Xi Fengxiao.

Following the laugh, a lady slowly appeared from the woods.

The lady wore a long pink dress, displaying her curves as she wore a beautiful smile on her facea rare beauty indeed.

Not long after the lady appeared, sixteen young men came out from the woods, wearing silver armor and carrying silver spears on their backs, as their footsteps caused the ground to tremble, creating an intimidating sight.

Dong Yuehao and the disciples of Dong Clan were astounded.

What is going on?

Even Bei Rou of the Bei Clan is here?

Bei Rou was equally famous to Xi Fengxiao and Dong Shaoxu, and was known as the top genius of the Bei Clan.

If Xi Fengxiaos entry alone was astonishing enough, Bei Rous appearance was considered an extremely rare sight.

That was because this Bei Rou normally remained in seclusion, and did not even appear in the ceremonies of her clan. She once said that she would only appear when some super geniuses visited her.

How come she appeared together with Xi Fengxiao and Dong Shaoxu this time, without the arrival of a super genius, what is happening?

Dong Yuehao and the disciples of the Dong Clan were soon to react as they heard footsteps coming from the woods once again, resulting in them having the same thought instinctively.

Could it be that the top genius of the Nan Clan, Nan Chen is coming too?

The thought gave them all a shock.

If Nan Chen were to appear, that means the Four Great Geniuses of the Four Great Clans had gathered here!

As everyone knew, although the Four Great Clans were quite peaceful with each other, many competitions between them took place under the surface. Being the top genius of their clans, these Four Great Geniuses were surely prideful, resulting in fierce competitions between them.

At least in the past ten years, apart from the Royal Festival of the Luohe Kingdom, these Four Great Geniuses had never appeared at the same place at the same time.

HAHAHA, very interesting. I am eager to see who this genius is, to not show his respect to us Four Great Geniuses and the Four Great Clans! Following a deafening laugh, a young man whose hair had reached his waist and whose face wore a smile, appeared together with fifteen disciples of the Nan Clan in a magnificent fashion.

This young man was none other than the Nan Clans top genius, Nan Chen!

Dong Yuehao and the disciples of the Dong Clan felt their brains buzzing upon seeing his entry, losing the ability to think.

Nan Chen is here!

The Four Great Geniuses have gathered once again!

At that instant, opposite Qin Nan stood the Four Great Geniuses of the Four Great Clans, together with thirty three young experts of the Four Great Clans.

In comparison, Qin Nans aura was definitely weaker, totally incomparable.

However, not the slightest hint of fear could be seen on Qin Nans face, but rather a hint of excitement.

Not fear?

But excitement?

Dong Shaoxu, Bei Rou, Xi Fengxiao, and Nan Chen were stunned as they had been observing Qin Nans expression all along.

Although the four were unmatched against the super geniuses of the top four sects, with them appearing together, in addition to the huge troops behind them, even a super genius of the top four sects would surely be intimidated.

Who exactly is this guy, to be excited after seeing them?

Interesting, very interesting

Bei Rou, Xi Fengxiao, and Nan Chen mumbled to themselves, and glanced at Qin Nan with an excited look.

As for the other disciples, they remained silent, as if they were awaiting orders.

They were not idiots. It was obvious that this guy before them possessed a formidable background, and no one was willing to be the first coming into grief. The nail that sticks up gets hammered down the most. The first one to move would be used by the other three sides as a bait to probe their enemys strength.

Dong Shaoxus expression turned exceedingly unpleasant. Through the expression on Qin Nans face, he was now sure that apart from a powerful strength, he would surely have some sort of formidable background. He was slightly regretful for threatening Qin Nan in the first place, but since the Thousand Miles Sound Conducting Rune was fired by them Dong Clan, it was reasonable for the Dong Clan to settle the matter. If not, the other three clans would not be pleased.

Its all these pieces of trashs fault!

Dong Shaoxu glared at Dong Yuehao and the rest, as his brain continued to process the situation, This young man is acting so calm, hence he surely has an extraordinary background. However, this trip to Longhu Mountain Range is exceptionally important, which we must succeed at all costs. Even if his background is terrifying, if he were to be killed here, the other three clans would also keep it as a secret. Judging from this guys young age, and his immersive aura, he is most likely a sixth-layer Xiantian Realm, or a seventh-layer Xiantian Realm super genius. Now that four of us are here, with such a big troop too, we even stand a chance against a ninth-layer Xiantian Realm expert, no need to be intimidated

Dong Shaoxu reached a conclusion after having this thought, and no longer had any concerns.

In just a short period, Dong Shaoxu made up his mind and stepped forward, glancing coldly at Qin Nan, You must be proud that the Four Great Geniuses are all here because of you! You mentioned that I dont have the right to know your name, so maybe Ill ask again, do we four now have the right to know what your name is?

Dong Shaoxus words caused Xi Fengxiao, Bei Rou, and Nan Chen to be shocked.

Previously, this young man said that Dong Shaoxu didnt have the right to know his name?

At that instant, Xi Fengxiao, Bei Rou, and Nan Chens eyes turned dull. Despite the reality that the Four Great Geniuses had fierce competitions with each other, if this young man said Dong Shaoxu did not have the right, it also implied that they did not have the right either!

Following the changes of expression on the faces of the three great geniuses, the atmosphere of the scene turned quiet, as everyone stared at Qin Nan at the same time.


All of a sudden, a loud laugh was heard, leaving everyone in awe.

They could only see Qin Nan laughing recklessly. After a while, he halted his laugh and glanced at Dong Shaoxu, What a surprise to see you all so interested in knowing my name. If thats the case, then make sure your ears are cleaned and listen carefully! Qin Nan paused for a moment, glancing at the Four Great Geniuses and the disciples, before raising his eyebrows, I am the one and only, Qin Nan!