Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 208

Chapter 208 xiantian weapons
Chapter 208 - Xiantian Weapons

Qin Nan halted in his track and said, What is it? Anything else?

The Princess has decided to grant you a great opportunity. Princess Miao Miaos eyes flickered as she continued, We can work together for the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure. As for the loot, you will get one-tenth of the portion.

One tenth?

Qin Nan almost let out a laugh. This Princess Miao Miao dares to give him such a harsh condition even though she is the one asking for help?

Princess Miao Miao coldly harrumphed, Not willing to? If you werent my servant, I would never give anyone this chance.

Is that so?

Qin Nan let out a hollow laugh.

According to Princess Miao Miaos personality, she would never share any benefits with others. Now that she took the initiative to ask for help, it served as an indication that she definitely needed his help.

Qin Nan organized his thoughts and said in a calm tone, I am only a mere Xiantian Realm cultivator, and you are a Martial Ancestor Realm expert. How could I possibly help? Im not interested in this one-tenth of the portion. You can leave it for yourself.

After saying this, he turned around and prepared to leave.

Hold it!

Seeing that Qin Nan did not fall for it, Princess Miao Miao said in a furious tone, Two tenths, two tenths should be enough, right? The Princess is telling you, this is a great compromise, and Hey, hey, hey, dont go, stop, how about three tenths? How can you be so greedy? Even three tenths could not satisfy you, who cares if you are not willing to help, neither of us would get the benefits AH! Four tenths! Thats my limit!

Upon hearing this, Qin Nan halted his movements and brought his fists together with a smile, Happy cooperating.


Seeing his reaction, Princess Miao Miaos tiny figure began to tremble due to her anger.

If it werent because she needed his help, Princess Miao Miao would never lower her head and allow Qin Nan to get his way.

Follow me!

Princess Miao Miao wore a stern look.

Hang on. Qin Nan did not move, but calmly said, Before we start, maybe you should tell me what I need to do, right? By the way, what exactly is the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure? I believe you surely know something.


Princess Miao Miao gave him a glare. This guy is going too far. But she withheld her anger as she needed his help, and clenched her teeth and said forcibly, The Princess will need your eyes to discover the weakness of the forbidding barrier inside the palace. Besides that, the Princess has little idea regarding the Hidden Tenth Word Treasure, but it is known that there are three pieces of precious treasure in each palace

Qin Nan did not believe every single word that she said, as there was no way to make sure that this Princess Miao Miao was not hiding something from him.

I should act according to the circumstances then. Qin Nan mumbled to himself as he made up his mind, before he said, Lead the way, Princess.


Princess Miao Miao turned her face away and glanced toward the Lin palace. With a stomp, her figure went into the palace, with Qin Nan following closely behind her.

As soon as Qin Nan entered the Lin palace, his heart skipped a beat.

The entire palace was covered in darkness. His vision was limited to within ten meters from him even with his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit.

Within these ten meters, there was a path made of green slates originating from the darkness. Not far from the path, a long sword could be seen floating.

The long sword was made of ancient bronze, with a corroded surface. It looked ordinary from afar, but Qin Nan with his sharp perceptions could sense a terrifying aura concealed within this copper sword, which was currently in a hibernating state. It could stir the Heavens and Earth once it was awakened.

This is a Xiantian Weapon!

Qin Nan exhaled deeply.

As everyone knew, the ranks of weapons were classified into: Mystical Weapons, Houtian Weapons, Xiantian Weapons, Emperor Weapons, and Dominator Weapons.

A Xiantian Weapon possessed a complete intelligence. In terms of its rarity, even among the top four sects of the Luohe Kingdom, there were only a few of them.

Now, they had already found a Xiantian Weapon when they had just entered the Lin palace. What crazy stuff would they be able to find in the deeper regions of the palace?

Useless. Princess Miao Miao said with a hollow laugh, Its just a mere Xiantian Weapon, why are you so shocked? Faster, get rid of the forbidding barrier!

Qin Nan collected his thoughts, and immediately executed the Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit and scanned his surroundings.

With a glance, his face was filled with shock, more than the shock he had gotten after discovering the Xiantian Weapon.

Through his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit, he could see a mini formation floating above the copper sword. The formation was as complicated as a galaxy of stars, full of secrets. Even though it was not activated, its cold presence was enough to increase ones heartbeat.

Qin Nan did not doubt that the force from the formation when it was triggered was able to seriously injure an ordinary Martial Ancestor Realm expert!

No wonder she wants to cooperate with me, no wonder she needs the help of the Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit

Qin Nan immediately came to a realization, who then fully focused on controlling his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit to inspect the terrifying formation.

Previously, it would have taken Qin Nan a few days to do so. However, during this trip to the Longhu Mountain Range, his Eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit had evolved, causing them to have a golden glow, rapidly boosting their capabilities, hence it only took him an hours time to inspect the formation thoroughly.

Here it is!

Qin Nan sprang forward, and tap his finger onto the center of the invisible formation.

Although the formation was exceedingly complicated, through his observation he managed to discover seven concealed eyes of the formation within it. The formation would collapse once the eyes were destroyed.


Seven taps consecutively, and the entire formation immediately shattered.

As soon as the formation was shattered, the floating copper sword let out a buzz, as if it had been granted its freedom, and emitted a strong intent, which felt like it hoped Qin Nan would claim its ownership.

This is a Xiantian Weapon!

Qin Nans eyes were engulfed in flames as he executed the Mystical Eight Steps without hesitation, planning to grab the sword.

Beyond his expectations, Princess Miao Miao became enraged and screamed, Qin Nan, stop it! Dont take it, you cant take it! You can only take one piece of treasure from the palace. If you take it now, you wont be able to discover the greatest treasure of the palace!

Qin Nans hand stopped two inches away from the copper sword, as he cast a side glance at her and said in a cautious tone, Are you trying to trick me?

Why would the Princess lie to you!

Princess Miao Miao replied with a glare.

Qin Nan hesitated for a moment, and as he was about to withdraw his hand, the copper sword began to vibrate all of a sudden as if it sensed something, before it flew directly into Qin Nans hand.

Qin Nan, you

Princess Miao Miao felt like vomiting blood.

Qin Nan was stunned too, as he had not expected it to end like this.

At that instant, the silent Lin palace began to shake vigorously!