Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 216

Chapter 216 nine spirited ascended ginseng
Chapter 216 - Nine-spirited Ascended Ginseng

De dead?

Princess Miao Miaos attractive face was filled with a blank expression.

The seriously injured Longhu Ancestor Beasts eyes were filled with a hint of compassion, This is the act of devouring. Robbing his life first, then his soul. Now that he has lost his vitality, the act of devouring is considered half done

How can I save him?

Before he could finish, an icy voice could be heard.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast was startled.

Princess Miao Miaos pair of attractive eyes were filled with an icy aura, Let me ask again, how can I save him?

Save him?

The Longhu Ancestor Beast did not expect her to ask such a question, but he still answered honestly, Saving him is an impossible task now, since his vitality has already been robbed, unless some sort of elixir is able to reverse his Yin and Yang, to regenerate his vitality. However, even if his vitality is regenerated, he would still be suffering

He was once again interrupted blatantly, as Princess Miao Miao impatiently shook her hand and said, Thats all I need.

What are you going to do?

The Longhu Ancestor Beast was confused.

Im going to save him!

Princess Miao Miao glanced at the lifeless Qin Nan and blurted out. Following this, without any hesitation, a stream of mysterious force was awakened within her body, causing her entire aura to grow stronger.

What are you planning to do? The Longhu Ancestor Beast said in a shocked tone, I know there exists a primary force in your body, but since you are already injured, it is unfavorable for you to awaken it! Not to mention the fact that your primary force wont be able to save him!

Everything in this worldflowers, grass, stones, sandare all creations. I too am a creation. In the name of all creations, with the aid of the Heavens and Earth, I shall awaken my primary form. If the Heavens and Earth are to hear my call, please respond. If the Heavens and Earth are to remain silent, let all creations contribute their strengths...

Princess Miao Miao ignored his advice and sat down with her legs crossed and began to utter an ancient chant.

At that instant, a strange force was gathering within ten miles from her. The flowers, the trees, and even the sand and stones began to glow and vibrate as if they were responding to her summoning.

From nine to spirit, from spirit to immortality, from immortality to power. Awaken at once, my primary form!

Princess Miao Miaos eyes emitted a glowing purple light.

Within her body, a terrifying force was awakened, which turned into a seven-colored light encapsulating her figure. Her flesh began to shatter under the light, her limbs transforming into crystal roots which landed on the ground, which continued to grow with a strong sense of life.

In just the blink of an eye, Princess Miao Miao had transformed into a stalk of ginseng, with a height of six feet and a crystal-like appearance, similar to white jade. A total of three thousand long roots were grown, each root with a length of twelve feet, all scattered on the ground, like the blossoming of flowers.

This is

The Longhu Ancestor Beast immediately cried out after seeing this, Your primary form is the Nine-spirited Ascended Ginseng! I remember now, I remember now, you are the Princess of the Lost Herb Garden! No way! No way! How are you still alive in this world, you should be

Let the lost vitality be summoned with my Nine-rotation Mystical Roots.

Princess Miao Miao, who had transformed into a ginseng, spoke in human language. Following this, the three thousand roots scattered on the ground were shattered into pieces, forming a sixty foot long glowing river that flowed into Qin Nans body while emitting an indescribable vitality.

You are insane! The Longhu Ancestor Beast completely forgot about her identity and yelled after seeing this, You are self-damaging your primary form. Even if you are a Nine-spirited Ascended Ginseng, your act will only seriously injure yourself. Its extremely difficult to recover from it!

Princess Miao Miao showed no sign of stopping her actions.

The Longhu Ancestor Beast became enraged, Why are you doing this, he is but a mere human. His life and death are none of your business! Whats so good about him that you are willing to waste your primary force to regenerate his vitality! Even if you managed to regenerate his vitality, he would still

What do you know?

Princess Miao Miao, who had remained silent throughout the entire period, spoke with a hollow laugh, Since you know about the presence of the Lost Herb Garden, since you know about my identity, then you should surely know what I have gone through. You are right that he is a mere human. You may be right that he will not survive even after his vitality is regenerated. But do you know when my entire world was in despair, when I had been hibernating in darkness for three hundred years, that this mere human you are referring to is the one who woke me up!

If it werent for the blood pact he established with me, allowing my soul to recover with his aid, I would have died! It was him who gave me a second chance at life!

The Longhu Ancestor Beast was dumbfounded, But

There is no but.

Even though Princess Miao Miao was in her ginseng form, the Longhu Ancestor Beast swore he could tell that she was laughing as she spoke, For your information, he is my servant, and I am his master. Who else would save him if I didnt?

After saying this, the river formed by the three thousand roots thoroughly flowed into Qin Nans body.


With a loud explosion, Princess Miao Miao could no longer stay in her ginseng form, and transformed back to her previous appearance of a twelve-year-old. However, her face was incredibly pale, her aura extremely weakened, as if a light blow would be enough to shatter her into pieces.

On the other hand, a sense of life burst out from Qin Nans lifeless body after the river of vitality entered his body. His breathing was restored, his heartbeat returned to normal, and his pale skin turned back to normal.

The mystical force capable of reviving one from the dead.

...... The Longhu Ancestor Beast fell silent for a brief period, before he clenched his teeth and said, Since you are willing to pay such a huge price to help his kind, Ill lend a hand too. As for preventing himself from being devoured, it all comes down to him now!

The Longhu Ancestor Beast widely opened his bloody mouth, revealing an orb the size of a fist.

The orb was accompanied by the endless cries of dragons and tigers, and a forceful aura, as if it contained a multitude of secrets of the world.

The orb was known as the Longhu Orb, which the Longhu Ancestor Beast had only managed to produce only after a hundred years of cultivation.

After the Longhu Orb entered Qin Nans body, the Longhu Ancestor Beast turned incredibly weak, his enormous body slammed into the ground, and his breathing intensified.

Shit, what a huge cost just to pick up a chick

The Longhu Ancestor Beast complained in a weak tone while glancing toward Qin Nan.

As soon as the Longhu Orb combined with Qin Nans body, a forceful aura was emitted from him. The purple runes covering his body were instantly shattered, as his breathing improved, and became better than an ordinary persons.

Qin Nans current flesh alone was enough to defeat a third-layer Xiantian Realm opponent.

Thank you.

Princess Miao Miao said in a dull tone, who struggled to her feet and walked slowly toward Qin Nan. As she arrived beside him, she slowly sat onto the ground, and then reached out her pale hand and patted Qin Nans head, her face filled with anxiety.

Qin Nan, how dare you do this to me? You still owe me one hundred thousand Martial Emperor Pills, are you trying to avoid paying me? How could you do this, you are so disappointing!

She continued to say, Ive been bullying you so many times. Arent you seeking revenge, then come and do it, unless you are scared!

Ive robbed so many pills from you, dont tell me you are not planning to get them back?

Who gave you the guts to die before your master gave you the permission to do so!