Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 217

Chapter 217 i am who i am
Chapter 217 - I Am Who I Am


Endless darkness!

Qin Nan could feel his body turn heavy like a mountain, sinking endlessly.

So I died.

A thought rose up in Qin Nans mind. Following this, a strong fatigue completely devoured him, like a rising tide.

He sank into a deep sleep.

However, at that instant, a brilliant light penetrated the darkness, which transformed into a giant hand, grabbing Qin Nan and pulling him upward, out from the endless abyss.

This is

Qin Nan opened his eyes, and was stunned after feeling the growing force within his body.

Didnt I die?

How am I alive now?

Qin Nan!

At that instant, a sudden cry was heard, which turned out to be coming from the Divine Battle Spirit.

The current Divine Battle Spirit was different than before. His left eye was completely visible with a strong sense of life, causing its blurry figure to feel more alive than before, as if the Divine God of Battle was reborn.

The left eye of the Divine God of Battle!

Qin Nans expression changed as he said, Why are you taking over my body?

Why? Are you asking me why? The skull of the Divine Battle Spirit glanced downwardly at him, which uttered a thunderous voice, The Divine Battle Spirit wages war against the Heavens and Earth. There is none He does not fight and none He does not win against, and you chose to surrender by lowering your head. Do you think you have the right to possess this Divine Battle Spirit?

Qin Nan could feel his mind exploding and his soul shaking as his eyes were filled with a hint of confusion.

Did he really do the wrong thing?

Was it really the wrong thing to lower your head for the sake of your friend?

Qin Nan, do you have any idea how stupid your so-called friends are! The Divine Battle Spirit reached out its hand and flicked its finger, producing a screen. On the screen, Princess Miao Miao transformed into a Nine-spirited Ascended Ginseng after realizing Qin Nan was dead, and sacrificed her own primary force to save him. The Longhu Ancestor Beast spat out his Longhu Orb, which was formed with his hundred years of cultivation, and fired it into Qin Nans body. Following this, Princess Miao Miao slowly walked toward Qin Nan and spoke in a low tone.

Qin Nan was utterly stunned after seeing this.

Did Princess Miao Miao just sacrifice her primary force just to save his life?

Why is she saving me?

Isnt she hoping for me to die, so the blood pact would be undone?

In Qin Nans heart, he had always assumed that Princess Miao Miao was only siding with him for the sake of benefits, and due to the restraints of the blood pact; otherwise, they would surely be enemies. He never thought there existed any friendship between between himself and Princess Miao Miao. However, the unexpected scene before him completely proved him wrong.

Did you see that? These are your stupid friends! The Divine Battle Spirit raised its tone, In order to save you, they both sacrificed their primary force. It does sound touching, but the outcome? Let me tell you, this trial is not a trial from the Nine Symbolic Words. I set up this trial in which, from the beginning, you are doomed to die, and your friends too!

They have paid a great price for your sake, but in the end, you are still a burden to them!

The voice of the Divine Battle Spirit caused the Heavens and Earth to tremble, The Divine God of Battle needs no friend. Friends would only encumber your steps. A real Divine God of Battle is an enemy of the Heavens and Earth, who fights everything he encounters, who will emerge from the battles and become a peerless Divine God of Battle! Friends are all useless

Before it finished its speech, a sudden blasting laugh echoed within the space.


Qin Nan uttered a deafening laugh, as if he was not aware of his situation, whose face wore a joyful expression. His eyes were no longer filled with doubts, but a firm determination.

What are you laughing at? The Divine Battle Spirit asked in a cold tone.

I am laughing at myself! Qin Nan halted his laugh and said, Because I am such a loser, to doubt my own decisions because of mere death. Im so stupid, how could I see myself doing the wrong thing? Friends are people who are worth protecting, worth sacrificing for!

Qin Nan stood straight facing the Divine Battle Spirit in a big-hearted manner, I know your presence is extremely powerful, and extraordinary. There is no way I can resist if you plan to devour me.

If you were to admit your faults, I will not devour you. The Divine Battle Spirit calmly spoke, As you are the true successor of the Divine God of Battle, everything will be yours if you are willing to repent!


Qin Nan spoke in a firm tone without hesitating, I am not wrong, hence I will never repent. The Divine Battle Spirit is indeed powerful. Since I stumbled into you at the Longhu Mountain Range, I managed to have comebacks, trampling all kinds of geniuses under my feet. In other words, if it werent for you, Im just an ordinary man.

It seems like you know your ground. Only by inheriting the will of the Divine God of Battle will you avoid the life of a petty ant! The Divine Battle Spirit spoke while looking downwardly.

A petty ant?

Qin Nan self-mockingly shook his head. He might have been shaken if it were before, but after seeing Princess Miao Miaos sacrifice, he finally came to a realization.

Qin Nan raised his head staring straight at the eyes of the Divine Battle Spirit, It is my pleasure, my fortunate encounter, my luck to obtain the Divine Battle Spirit! However, it doesn't mean that I should lose myself for the sake of strength. You have to realize that I am not the Divine God of Battle, I am Qin Nan!

Qin Nans tone was raised, as if he was declaring himself to the Heavens, Protect my friends, I will! Defeat my enemies, I will! I am who I am, and I shall stand firm against the Heavens and Earth, following my own will. Even if it means that I am petty, and weak, if I were to die, so be it!

It was as if a sudden flash of lightning occurred in the void of space.

Just like what Qin Nan had said, even if it meant losing the Divine Battle Spirit, causing him to be petty and weak, he still possessed his own pride, one that prevented him from lowering his head, one that made him fearless, one that made him lawless, one that allowed him to protect his friend at all costs by following his own heart!

So what if life is rough?

If I were to die, so be it!

If I were to die, so be it The Divine Battle Spirit wore a blank expression. It seemed like within the left eye, countless memories of the past were presented through a blurry mist.

It is him!

This attitude, this feeling, it is really him!

Its definitely him, no doubt about it. Despite it being such a long time ago, he still remembered this attitude.

Qin Nan was not aware of the strange behavior of the Divine Battle Spirit, as his eyes were ignited with a thick battle intent, Divine Battle Spirit, I know that your background is mysterious and powerful. However, if you plan to devour me, I, a mere human shall fight until the very end, and we shall see who would be the one to emerge victorious!

At that instant, Qin Nan fearlessly challenged the Divine Battle Spirit!

HAHAHA, such courage, fine!

The left eye of the Divine God of War withdrew its emotions and uttered a series of laughs. Its voice shattered the world as the enormous figure sprang forward in Qin Nans direction.

However, instead of a battle breaking out, the Divine Battle Spirit began to emit a green glow, as it slowly merged with Qin Nans body.

Is this

Qin Nan was stunned.

He had not expected this left eye of the Divine God of War, who was threatening to devour him, would suddenly merge with him at this moment!

Before Qin Nan could process his thoughts, his entire body experienced a terrifying change.

At that instant, what Qin Nan could not know was that the left eye of the Divine God of War which merged with his body could no longer hold back, as tears began to roll down from it.

Not because of sadness, not because of agony, but because of amazement.

Master, please bring me along your journey of battling against the Nine Heavens, will you?