Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 231

Chapter 231 battle at the hall of life and death
Chapter 231 - Battle at the Hall of Life and Death

The crowd could only feel their ears turning deaf and their brains buzzing.

Zhang Qian, Peng Yu, Zhou Guili, and the other geniuses all wore blank faces.

They had not expected Qin Nan to explode at that instant, challenging the entire Jun Alliance!

Currently, in the Mystic Spirit Sect, almost everyone knew that the Sect Leader was in the midst of becoming a Martial Dominator. Although he was yet to succeed, everyone was utterly intimidated, and did not dare to resist the ruthless actions of the Jun Alliance.

Even so, this Qin Nan still dared to challenge the entire Jun Alliance.

Was this guy not afraid that the Sect Leader would end up becoming a Martial Dominator?

Nice, kill us all, how marvelous! Zhang Qian was the first to laugh, A mere presence such as you dares to challenge the entire Jun Alliance? What gives you the right to do so? Youre not even a disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect anymore

Those who are below the Martial Emperor Realm are welcome to fight me in the Hall of Life and Death!

Before he could finish, Qin Nan spoke again in a thunderous voice.

Everyone had their eyes open wide.

Those who are below the Martial Emperor Realm are welcome to fight him in the Hall of Life and Death?

As everyone knew, a month ago, Qin Nans cultivation was only at the second-layer Xiantian Realm. Even with his tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit, there was no way he could defeat anyone below the Martial Emperor Realm, right?

HAHAHAHA! Zhang Qian burst out laughing as if he had just heard the funniest thing in his life, Previously, after you challenged Junior Brother Leng Feng to a duel, you end up conceding as you were too scared to die. You still dare to challenge us to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death?

Qin Nans expression remained unchanged, If anyone were to defeat me, he is free to take all of my possessions!

Qin Nan!

Gong Yang and the rest finally reacted, and could not help but let out shouts.

Although they had no choice but to accept the fact that Qin Nan was staying, wasnt challenging everyone below Martial Emperor Realm to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death the same as committing suicide?

Qin Nan gave them a glimpse, causing Gong Yang and the rest to shudder, as they could see a firm determination in his eyes, and the confidence to emerge victorious.

Before Gong Yang and the rest could speak, a sudden thought came to their minds. Had Qin Nan ever lost before?

Thats what you said, over five hundred elders and disciples are here as the witnesses!

Zhang Qians eyes flickered; although they did not dare to harm Qin Nan under the protection of the Honourable Elder and the Great Elder, there was nothing to worry about now as Qin Nan was the one challenging them.

Qin Nan, instead of choosing the path of Heaven, you chose to walk the path of Hell. Since you are so eager to seek death, were more than happy to give you a ride!

Peng Yu and Zhou Guili both wore a hideous smile. Although they had no idea how Qin Nan made Zhou Yang and his crew to drop to their knees a while ago, with their eighth-layer Xiantian Realm cultivation and abundant protective equipment, Qin Nan would not be a threat at all!

Move, lets head to the Hall of Life and Death!

Zhang Qian, Peng Yu, Zhou Guili, and the twenty plus geniuses, together with Qin Nan, Gong Yang, and the rest headed straight to the Hall of Life and Death!

As for the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Princess Miao Miao, they were not interested in such a low-ranked battle, hence they chose to cultivate in seclusion at the residence.

Qin Nans talk of eliminating the Jun Alliance were soon spread throughout the Mystic Spirit Sect like a gust of wind.

Following this, everyone was utterly astounded.

Crazy, crazy, this Qin Nan is out of his mind, to challenge everyone below the Martial Emperor Realm!

How strong could he be in just a months time? Although he did have some fortunate encounters, there is no way his cultivation could have improved seven layers in a row!

Lets head to the Hall of Life and Death now. Im keen to see how this Qin Nan will be killed!

Hehe, he was just a coward who surrendered after challenging Leng Feng. With the current situation in the Mystic Spirit Sect, he still dares to challenge the Jun Alliance. In my opinion, he is just boasting. Not long from now, he will definitely concede and flee for his life again!

After slight astonishment, every elder and disciple immediately looked down on Qin Nan.

...Meanwhile, at the first residence...

When Ouyang Jun heard the news, he wore a pleasant expression and said, Qin Nan is such an interesting guy. Previously, he challenged Leng Feng to a duel, but ended up surrendering as he was too scared to lose, but now he is being boastful again. Tsk, tsk, even if he were to surrender this time, I would not allow it, at least he hands over all his possessions! By the way, if this guy does enter the Hall of Life and Death, inform the members of the Jun Alliance to only cripple him. Now is not the time to kill him yet, not before my father became a Martial Dominator!

Beside him, Li Hong remained silent. In her eyes, the outcome was already determined when Qin Nan challenged the Jun Alliance to a duel at the Hall of Life and Death.

On the other hand, Xiao Qingxues eyes were filled with a blank expression.

Qin Nan was still being himself, prideful in his bones, going against the will of Heavens, and had yet to back off until today.

All of a sudden, she could slightly feel a tingling sensation coming from her nose.

Initially, she had paid Qin Nan a visit to ask him to surrender as she was worried about his safety. It was the greatest mistake she had made in her life.

Pity, pity, I chose to lower my head facing such a huge obstacle instead of enduring it together with him.

...In the meantime, inside a residence at the peak of a mountain

This kid Old Shan helplessly shook his head and said, He didnt even listen to me, and insisted on staying when I asked him to leave.

He could be expected to be furious, but as he spoke, he could not help but let out a laugh due to unknown reasons.

He is willing to sacrifice himself for his friends. He has no intention of lowering his head and surrendering due to his pride. Your act of asking him to leave is the same as asking him to lower his headthats not an elegant move. Therefore, he chose to stay behind, as expected from his prideful attitude, which is also a better option in his eyes. Inside the residence, a mysterious old man calmly spoke.

Old Shan curiously raised his eyebrows and said, Senior Brother, what a surprise. You seem to be quite familiar with this kid.

After all, he is the first person to shatter the Violet Ocean Full Moon Boulder. The mysterious old man did not show any emotion as he spoke, Previously at the Island of Versatility, I was there. When he was participating in the Outer Domain Trial, I was there. When he was inside the Martial Serendipity Pavilion, I was there. When he was at the Longhu Mountain Range, I was there too. Although I could not see through him completely, I believe Im quite familiar with his personality.

Old Shan withdrew the curiousness on his face and said, Senior Brother, is he the one you are looking for?

That all comes down to his decision. The mysterious old man said, Do you still remember when he challenged Leng Feng, and ended up conceding, I said a sentence?

What did you say? Old Shan could not recollect it at that instant.

I said that when this kid returns, he will surely stir a great storm. The mysterious old man said, If he had the courage to stir this storm, he would be the one Im looking for. If he didnt, even if he is qualified, I will need to wait another hundred years.

The person Im looking for, not only has he to be talented in Martial Skills, he has to be courageous too.

How courageous? If he were an ordinary person, granted a knife and a chance, he must have the courage to kill the emperor of a country.