Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 244

Chapter 244 the quavering of the heavens and earth
Chapter 244 - The Quavering of the Heavens and Earth

...Inner domain peak, inside the first residence...

Ouyang Juns wore a pale face, his eyes reddened.

The news regarding his father failing to level up to the Martial Dominator Realm felt like thunder on a sunny day!

How will I be able to deal with Qin Nan now?

How can I protect my own dignity?

Why, why Ouyang Jun let out a roar, Ouyang Ba, arent you a peerless genius, didnt you say you were a hundred percent sure you would succeed, why didnt you become a Martial Dominator

Ouyang Ba: the name of the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect.

Beside him, Li Hong also wore an unpleasant expression, who poured a bucket of cold water on his head without mercy, Just a while ago, the other seventy two members of the Jun Alliance all chose to quit the alliance.

HAHAHA! Ouyang Jun burst out laughing, his face turned hideous, What a bunch of trash! A bunch of wasters! A bunch of pricks! They begged me to allow them to join the alliance, but now they quit as they please! I shall not forgive these ungrateful morons!

Speaking of the difference between Heaven and Hell.

Just a few moments ago, he was still considered to possess the greatest authority apart from his father within the sect, and he was now abandoned by everyone in just a blink of an eye!

The sense of defeat caused his heart to be twisted with darkness!

At that instant, a loud explosion was heard across the entire Mystic Spirit Sect!

Whats going on?

Ouyang Jun, Li Hong, and Xiao Qingxuewho had remained silent throughout the whole processwore shocked expressions as they all raised their heads looking in the direction of the explosion.

They could only see a shapeless force with their naked eyes being emitted from the peak of Tianfeng Mountain, which absorbed all the Qi from the peaks, the training grounds, and the halls of the Mystic Spirit Sect at a ridiculous pace, forming streams of Qi Dragons flying toward the peak of Tianfeng Mountain.

This is This is Ouyang Jun stared with his eyes open wide and said in a shocked tone, Someone is cultivating inside the Dragon Vein? Could it be that brother is back?

No! Your brother is yet to return! Li Hong took a deep breath and said, According to the news from the Hall of Life and Death, Qin Nan was summoned away by the Great Elder! There is only one possibility; the Great Elder brought Qin Nan to Tianfeng Mountain so he could cultivate inside the Dragon Vein!

What? Its him cultivating inside the Dragon Vein? How could he cause such a scene within the Mystic Spirit Sect with such a low-graded Martial Spirit?

Ouyang Jun screamed in madness.

Dont forget, he managed to find himself some fortunate encounters which allowed his cultivation to improve by eight layers in just a month. Its most likely that he has some kind of treasure which can boost his cultivation speed Li Hong said after pausing for a while.

Ouyang Jun was utterly astounded.

As the son of the Sect Leader, he had begged his father to allow him to cultivate inside the Dragon Vein numerous times, but his requests were all rejected by the Great Elder.

But now, Qin Nan with an insignificant background, the Qin Nan who has the same grade of Martial Spirit as he has, was cultivating inside the Dragon Vein?

Even his brother could not enjoy such a benefit!

What right does he have?

What right does he actually have?

Why is he able to have fortunate encounters, to be supported by a few Martial Ancestor Realm experts, to have the chance of cultivating within the Dragon Vein? Even the woman who was supposed to be mine is fond of him!

What right does he f**king have!

I will kill him, I will kill him, I will kill him, I will kill him Ouyang Juns twisted heart thoroughly went insane, as a huge murderous intent began to spread from his chest, causing his pair of eyes to turn extremely red, like those of a demon.

He is totally insane!

Meanwhile, above the Mystic Spirit Sect, more and more Qi Dragons were being absorbed by the invisible force emitted from the peak of Tianfeng Mountain, resulting in a succession of buzzing sounds, which felt like dragons soaring across the sea, causing an uproar as the Heavens and Earth began to tremble!

Shoosh shoosh!

Following two gusts of wind, the Longhu Ancestor Beast and Princess Miao Miao both landed on the peak.

F**k me, there is a Dragon Vein hidden inside this mountain? Is that kid cultivating inside? The Longhu Ancestor Beast let out a curse as his eyes were filled with jealousy. Even I, the descendant of the Heavenly Dragon and the Thunderous Tiger, have yet to cultivate within a Dragon Vein!

Humph, how could he not bring us along! Princess Miao Miao said in an aggrieved tone.

In comparison with the treasures which she had just robbed, the chance of cultivating inside a Dragon Vein was more precious.

Following behind them were groups of the Hall Leaders, authorities, and elders who were just being robbed.

They were already stunned by the rare phenomenon, and all came to a realization after hearing the conversation between Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast, causing them all to inhale deeply.

The Dragon Vein, Qin Nan is cultivating inside the Dragon Vein!

Gasp, he is already strong to begin with. How powerful will he be after he finishes cultivating inside the Dragon Vein?

He caused such an uproar when he has just started cultivating inside the Dragon Vein; it seems like Qin Nan is going to be the core disciple of the Mystic Spirit Sect!

Everyone was amazed outright.

A person cultivating is enough to shock the entire sect. How terrifying is that?

Following the Sect Leader failing to become a Martial Dominator, Qin Nans figure had unconsciously grown incredibly large within their hearts, becoming a presence which they could never surpass, someone they would need to look up at!

...Meanwhile, inside a certain residence...

Old Shan lost his thoughts after seeing this, Qin Nan, you never cease to amaze. After saying this, his eyes were filled with a flicker as a hysterical smile appeared on his face, Holding a birthday feast straight away after leveling up, and even inviting the representative of the Qinglong Sacred Area Qin Nan, the curtains are being drawn, I hope you are courageous enough

...Inside Tianfeng Mountain...

With Qin Nan at the center, the Divine Battle Spirit emitted a terrifying absorption force, which formed a giant whirlpool. Within this whirlpool, the rumbling Qi turned into one gust after another of raging wind, one heavenly flame after another which merged together, as if a terrifying secret ability was being accumulated!

Beneath Qin Nans feet, the giant body of the Qi Dragon began to move as if it detected something, whose eyes shuddered violently, as if they were going to open at anytime soon!


Qin Nan did not expect to cause such an uproar just by cultivating with his Divine Battle Spirit.

The faintly awakening aura of the Qi Dragon, in particular, caused him to be intimidated, since this Qi Dragon was the product of the Heavens and Earth, it had begun to possess intelligence, granting it a terrifying strength.

If it were to be awakened and slap me to death straight away, its totally not worth it!

Screw it, I shall not miss such a rare opportunity!

Qin Nan clenched his teeth. Old Shan must be taking note of whats happening here, he wont let the Qi Dragon consume me.

Qin Nan instantly calmed his thoughts and fully focused on guiding the abundant Qi, transforming it into his personal Qi which surged around inside his body.

Three hours after, Qin Nan suddenly opened his eyes.


Qin Nan frowned his eyebrows; With such a large amount of Qi, I should be forming my core with the Qi and becoming a Martial Emperor. Why cant I feel any reaction from my body?

Could this be the consequence for taking the path of Atavistic Cultivation?

Qin Nan instantly remembered the words from Old Shan, Its extremely difficult for an Atavistic Cultivator to become a Martial Emperor.

With such a large amount of Qi, it doesnt matter how difficult it is. I will surely become a Martial Emperor within ten days! Qin Nans eyes glistened, as he calmed his thoughts once again.

At that instant, a growing invisible pressure could be felt all of a sudden.

The pair of tightly shut eyes of the Qi Dragon had sprung open!