Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 265

Chapter 265 punishing qin nan with a clone
Chapter 265 - Punishing Qin Nan with a Clone

The Nine Yin Nine Evil Spirit Extracting Formation was one of the ultimate ancient formations. Once executed, it could summon the Dark Flames of Hell to burn a person alive until only the spirit was left.

Ouyang Ba and the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area had long planned to use the formation to extract Old Shans spirit. Following this, they would interrogate the spirit in order to obtain the Imperial Mortal Scriptures.

However, to extract the soul of a peak Martial Ancestor Realm expert like Old Shan, even with two Martial Dominators cooperating, the process could still not be fully completed, hence they required the assistance of the other three Sect Leaders.

The eye of the formation is the weak point. We should focus our attacks onto that metal plate!

Princess Miao Miao wore a calm expression, with no sign of panic. Countless Sword Intents were fired as she waved her hand.

Old Shan and the Longhu Ancestor Beast immediately followed, lashing out their attacks at the metal plate.


The entire Nine Yin Nine Evil Spirit Extracting Formation began to tremble while emitting a buzzing sound. Despite that, the envoy, Ouyang Ba, Zhao Fang, Wei Tong, and Lin Xuan remained stationary while supporting the execution of the formation. The enormous force it emitted was too large to be nullified by Old Shan and his companions.

Do you really think you can overcome the formation? Just wait for your spirits to be extracted!

Ouyang Ba smirked as he suddenly glanced downward at the White Jade Dojo with a murderous intent, Qin Nan, your three seniors are currently trapped. There is no one to save you now, allow me to punish you for your sins!

Following his words, layers of a golden glow began to wriggle on his body like huge worms, which transformed into another figure of Ouyang Ba.

However, this second Ouyang Ba was encapsulated within a golden glow, and whose cultivation was only at the first-layer Martial Ancestor Realm.

A clone? This aint good!

Princess Miao Miaos face turned slightly pale.

Upon reaching the Martial Dominator Realm, the Martial Emperor Core inside ones body would experience an qualitative change. It was possible to form a clone if a certain hidden technique were to be practiced. Apart from the difference of cultivation, everything else was exactly the same as the original body.

The Hall Leaders, the authorities, and the elders inside the Sect Leaders Hall were dumbfounded after seeing the clone. It was their first time seeing a persons clone in real life.


A piercing sound was heard as Ouyang Bas clone swiftly appeared above Qin Nan, accompanied by a forceful pressure.

Qin Nan, run!

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast roared at almost the same time, as a stronger force exploded from their bodies attacking the Nine Yin Nine Evil Spirit Extracting Formation. However, the formation seemed to be unharmed.

Qin Nan!

Ouyang Bas clone uttered a yell and took a step forward. The strong pressure was spread to the sky like an invisible wave.

The Hall Leaders and the disciples were totally stunned seeing this.

Meanwhile, Qin Nans body was totally exhausted after being ambushed by Ouyang Jun and executing the Heavenly Accumulating Strike. Furthermore, his injuries were even more serious as time passed, but he forcefully dragged his body upright and raised his head, staring at Ouyang Ba with a firm look on his face.

Ouyang Bas clone stood above him and glanced downward while saying with an imperious voice, You murdered my son, a daring act and an unforgivable sin. I could even slaughter your entire clan for that. Seeing that you have stumbled into some extraordinary fortunate encounters, if you were willing to hand them over, I might be able to spare your life. From now onward, in the name of the Sect Leader of the Mystic Spirit Sect, Ill now pass down the judgment upon you in front of the top four sects!

Kneel down!

An aura of the Martial Ancestor Realm accompanied the words of Ouyang Ba, which burst out from his body like a huge mountain, crushing down on the area within a mile, with Qin Nan as the center.

Following this, the White Jade Dojo where Qin Nan stood was totally shattered, as the pieces were sent flying toward the surroundings.

Qin Nan also had received a huge impact, causing his face to turn even paler, but his figure still stood firmly on the spot.


Surprisingly, Qin Nan uttered a mocking laugh, Ouyang Ba, I agree that Im mismatched against your strength and that you can kill me as you please, but trying to make me drop to my knees? I dont even kneel down before the Heavens and Earth. Who do you think you are, trying to make me kneel down before you!

A sense of pride rose within Qin Nans bones.

He could accept his fate of being murdered since his strength was too weak, but he would never drop to his knees!

A hint of anger was shown on Ouyang Bas face.

The reason he did not kill Qin Nan was because of his greed toward the loot that he had obtained from the fortunate encounters. He planned to have Qin Nan kneel down before him since he had gone against his will several times in a row. He would like the people of the top four sects to witness the consequences of confronting him.

Imbecile! Kneel down at once!

Ouyang Bas golden hair danced wildly as his eyes emitted a strong golden glow, which summoned a huge golden mountain that crushed down onto Qin Nans head.


Qin Nans limbs and chest and all his body parts instantly exploded as blood splattered everywhere, causing him to be thoroughly covered in blood. The severely injured body which had already reached its limit was on the verge of collapsing.

Despite that, he clenched his teeth and stared at Ouyang Ba with a grin on his face.

Not only did he not kneel down, he did not even bend his waist!

HAHAHA, Ouyang Ba, trying to make me kneel down before you? In your f**king dreams!

Qin Nan spat out a mouthful of blood.


Ouyang Ba became enraged. He was worthy to be referred to as a peerless genius since he had reached the Martial Dominator Realm at the mere age of forty years old. No one in the entire Luohe Kingdom could match his talent. Everyone from the two Sacred Areas and the top four sects treated him with full respect, but today, this mere Qin Nan dared to oppose his will several times in a row!

Usually, he would show no mercy and straight away crush an ant like him into pieces!

Ouyang Ba took a deep breath as his eyes were filled with a cold expression, Very well, one with a strong backbone! I never thought that in just half a years time, my sect would manage to recruit such an outstanding disciple with a strong character! If thats the case, Im interested to see if you will kneel down in the end when your knees, your chest, and your arms are broken!

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

Following his words, over ten golden rays of light taking the form of arrows sprang in Qin Nans direction, aiming precisely at Qin Nans joints, his knees, and his chest where the Dantian was located.


Ouyang Ba uttered the word with a cold expression.

The golden arrows that pierced Qin Nans arms, chest and legs emitted a blinding light from their inside, resulting in a series of explosions, which caused Qin Nans body to be engulfed in rolling flames.