Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 302

Chapter 302 the start of the nightmare
Chapter 302 - The Start of the Nightmare

...Ancient Dragon Auction, in the second-floor...

The melody of a guqin filled the entire place, as the guests were immersed in their chatter respectively.

Jianghuang, the Six-Eared Divine Being, the One-Handed Martial Dominator, the Sly Sword Dominator, the white-shirted Saintess, Peng Yu, the owner of Qingxin Inn, and the geniusesincluding Leng Jianxiong and Hong Fuhad all attended the party, resulting in a lively scene as they interacted with one another.

Ive got a favor to ask everyone here. The white-shirted lady wearing a mask said with a gentle voice.

The crowd immediately turned quiet, as everyone focused their attention onto the white-shirted ladys figure.

A while ago, a genius from the Luohe Kingdom with the name Qin Nan has arrived here at Jianghuang City. Although her face was covered, the crowd could sense the sweet smile on her face as she continued, Theres some conflict between Qin Nan and I, and since Im not allowed to harm him due to the rules of Jianghuang City, I will need your help to advise Qin Nan in order to get a clear understanding of reality. If anyone manages to do so, Ill reward the person tremendously!

The eyes of the authorities and the geniuses flickered.

This is the Saintess of the Trading Alliance; it would be extremely beneficial if the Saintess owed me a favor.

Saintess, dont you worry; Ill keep this in mind. The natives from the Luohe Kingdom are always this reckless. The Sly Sword Dominator was the first to react, who let out a strange chuckle.

Humph, this Qin Nan should definitely be taught a lesson! The One-Handed Martial Dominator wore a dull expression. He felt extremely unpleasant whenever he heard of someone whose surname was Qin.

Thats right. Without teaching this kind of person a lesson, he would be scornful to the max!

HAHAHA, Ill visit him later to have a discussion about life.

Sigh, how could you guys do such a thing to the genius of the Luohe Kingdom? In my opinion, you guys should simply break his legs or hands, so its easier to manipulate him.

The authorities and the geniuses instinctively agreed to the suggestion.

In their eyes, the geniuses from the Luohe Kingdom only possessed ordinary strengths, nothing worthy of their attention.

Jianghuang slightly squinted his eyes; This Trading Alliance is cunning indeed, to bribe these people here by owing them a favor in order to trouble Qin Nan. It seems like this Qin Nan has something extraordinary on him. However, he remained silent, as he remembered Mr. Qin. As the City Lord of Jianghuang City, and with the help from his Martial Spirit and the Martial Art he practiced, he could sharply detect things which ordinary people were not aware of.

Im not sure what that kid is trying to do. Jianghuangs eyes were filled with a hint of anticipation. Before he could ponder further, he was aware of the gaze from the Six-Eared Divine Being.

He could see the Six-Eared Divine Being wearing a hysterical smile on his face, as if he was mocking Jianghuang.

As a matter of fact, he was trying to mock Jianghuang, mainly because he had protected Qin Nan previously at the Ancient Gambling Store. So, how are you going to protect him now?

If everyone here were to join forces, even you, Jianghuang, would not be able to stop us!

That asshole Qin Nan must die!

My friend Sly Sword, it appears that my five Emperor Weapons shared the same type of Weapon Spirit with yours? At that instant, Peng Yu spoke all of a sudden.

Hehe, I believe so!

With a flick, a crimson longsword appeared in the hand of the Sly Sword Dominator, which emitted an icy glow.

After spending some time inspecting it, the Sly Sword Dominator surprisingly discovered that this sword was exceptional, which was slightly more powerful than ordinary Emperor Weapons, causing him to be excited. He nearly even forgot that he had paid a higher price to acquire it thanks to the asshole Mr. Qin.

The crowd was relatively insightful, as they were immediately aware of the difference. Their eyes were filled with a hint of jealousy.

If they had known that these Emperor Weapons were this extraordinary, they would have been willing to pay a high price to acquire them too.

Come, lets try and see if we can control my five Emperor Weapons and your Emperor Weapon at the same time! Peng Yu wore a prideful expression as he drew out the five Emperor Weapons together.

At that instant, it was as if a bond existed between the five Emperor Weapons and the longsword of the Sly Sword Dominator, causing them to vibrate as the Intent from the weapons began to merge with one another.

The crowd stared in disbelief; These Emperor Weapons are indeed fascinating.

The Six-Eared Divine Being was not startled upon seeing this, who said with a smile, Its fortunate that we were able to discover these Emperor Weapons and Dominator Weapons in an ancient forbidden area. Due to the influence of the place, the Weapon Spirits of these weapons turned out to be the same type. As such, the Trading Alliance decided to place them on auction, since only treasures like these are worthy to be auctioned in the Ancient Dragon Auction

The crowd nodded their heads upon hearing the words. As expected of the Trading Alliance, who never failed to amaze the public.

Peng Yu, Sly Sword Dominator, allow me to use my three Dominator Weapons as the Formation Eye, and lets see how strong a formation we can establish using all the Emperor Weapons, you guys in? The One-Handed Martial Dominator suggested in an excited tone.

He could not wait to see how powerful his eight newly acquired weapons were. Therefore, he would like to see how powerful it would be when the strengths of these fourteen weapons were being unleashed!

Not a bad idea! The eyes of the Sly Sword Dominator flickered.

No problem! Peng Yu said with a grin.

The surrounding authorities and geniuses were utterly amazed, as their faces were filled with curiosity.

Very well!

The One-Handed Martial Dominator let out a smirk as three Dominator Weapons and five Emperor Weapons were drawn out, which spread out in four directions while emitting a vigorous aura.

As they were preparing to set up the formation to test the strength of their weapons, meanwhile in a residence somewhere in Jianghuang City...

...Qin Nan sensed the fourteen auras a distance away as his breathing intensified and the glow in his eyes turned brighter.

Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast were slightly nervous; they did not dare to blink their eyes.

They were still unsure if their heaven-shocking plan would be able to be carried out successfully.

Chaos Qi from my body; despite being a thousand lis away, it is still in my control!

Qin Nan uttered the chant as the remaining over a hundred streams of Chaos Qi in his Dantian turned vigorously at that instant. An invisible force burst out from his body, which landed at the venue of the Ancient Dragon Auction, a huge distance away.

He could feel the sense of linkage and manipulation of the Chaos Qi growing stronger, as a grin appeared on his face.

The main factor of the heaven-shocking plan was discovered when Qin Nan realized that after using his Chaos Qi to repair the Emperor Weapons and Dominator Weapons, there existed a bond between the Weapon Spirits and himself, which allowed him to control them at his will.

Therefore, a daring thought came to Qin Nans mind. First, he would abuse Sima Kongs techniques to change his appearance and place these Emperor Weapons and Dominator Weapons on auction. Following this, he would then give out a command to the Weapon Spirits to detonate themselves from a distance away!

If the Weapon Spirits were to detonate themselves, the weapons would also explode and turn into junk!

If Qin Nans plan was successful, not only would he be able to cause a severe loss to the Trading Alliance, he could also earn a fortune of Arcane Realm Stones too!

Explode at once!

Qin Nans left eye emitted a golden glow as he uttered a thunderous roar!