Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 304

Chapter 304 whoopsie daisies
Chapter 304 - Whoopsie Daisies

The entire second-floor of the venue of the auction was in a total mess. The authorities, including the Six-Eared Divine Being and the rest, wore blank expressions.

Why did they explode?

My sword!

The Sly Sword Dominator rose from the ground; his hair in a messy state and his hands trembling.

Thats over ten thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

Gone like that?


Even the Sly Sword Dominator reacted in such a manner, not to mention the reactions of Peng Yu and the One-Handed Martial Dominator.

Their bodies shivered violently, as if their hearts were bleeding after being stabbed with a knife.

Peng Yu had wasted over fifty thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

Furthermore, the One-Handed Martial Dominator had wasted one million three hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

The weapons they had bought with such a huge fortune were gone just like that?

Six-Eared Divine Being!

The One-Handed Martial Dominator, Peng Yu, and the Sly Sword Dominator uttered raging cries at the same instant, as a terrifying murderous intent was locked onto the Six-Eared Divine Being.

These are the items they had acquired from the Trading Alliance!

And they all ended up exploding!

The Trading Alliance must give them an explanation, otherwise they would not let it go so easily!


The Six-Eared Divine Being wore a blank expression, but it did not take him long to recover from the shock. Instead, he almost vomited blood after recollecting the events.

By now, he finally realized that he had been scammed by that Mr. Qin!

Its impossible that these Emperor Weapons and Dominator Weapons would explode for no reason; Mr. Qin is surely behind all these!

My friends, please calm down. Ill definitely give you an explanation for what just happened today! After all, the Six-Eared Divine Being was still a Martial Highness, who swiftly reacted and blurted out, This is not the doing of the Trading Alliance. We will compensate for all the loss you suffered, is that acceptable enough?


The One-Handed Martial Dominator, Peng Yu, and the Sly Sword Dominator withdrew their murderous intent after hearing the words.

However, after the Six-Eared Divine Being gave out his promise, he could feel his brain receiving a great impact, which caused him to almost fall unconscious on the spot.

Thats a total of one million four hundred thousand Arcane Realm Stones!

Not only would the Trading Alliance need to compensate for the losses of the One-Handed Martial Dominator and the rest, most importantly, they had already paid the profits of the auction to that Mr. Qin!

In other words, it would mean a total loss of around three million Arcane Realm Stones!

How significant were three million Arcane Realm Stones?

The total earnings of the Ancient Dragon Auction were only around four million Arcane Realm Stones!

That bastard Qin! It must be his doing! It was him who placed these weapons on auction!

The Six-Eared Divine Beings eyes reddened as he could not help but let out a groan.

Initially, he was quite joyful when Qin Nan continuously raised the price of the items during the bidding phase, thus causing him to be quite fond of Qin Nan.

To his surprise, this bastard with the surname Qin had already planned to cause a great loss to the Trading Alliance since the very beginning!

Bastard Qin? What are you implying? That Mr. Qin is the culprit behind all of this?

The One-Handed Martial Dominator, Peng Yu, and the Sly Sword Dominator had their eyes open wide, which were engulfed in flames of anger!

Previously at the auction, they were already displeased with Mr. Qins attitude. Now that they knew it was him detonating the weapons, how could they withhold the anger in their hearts!

My friends, I promise that the Trading Alliance will compensate you for your losses. But most importantly, we must capture this Qin first, we cant let him escape! The Six-Eared Divine Being uttered a roar as he immediately commanded, Attention to everyone from the Trading Alliance, I now order you all to detain that bastard Qin!

I shall never forgive him! I must shatter him into pieces.

The One-Handed Martial Dominator and the others uttered cries too.

Following this, the Six-Eared Divine Being, the three Marital Dominators, and countless cultivators of the Trading Alliance began to furiously search the entire Jianghuang City.

That bastard Qin had gone too far!

The figure of the white-shirted lady trembled slightly. As the Saintess of the Trading Alliance, she too had to be responsible if the Trading Alliance were to suffer such a great loss.

Besides, that Mr. Qin had also disrespected her with a scornful attitude since the beginning!

Find him! And turn him into a cripple!

The white-shirted lady snapped.

The ten Martial Emperor Realm experts and the owner of the Qingxin Inn immediately followed the order and left the scene.

At that instant, the entire Jianghuang City was immersed in an uproar, as the cultivators wore confused looks on their faces. What exactly is happening, why are the Martial Dominators and so many Martial Emperors being mobilized!?

Jianghuang collected his thoughts. He did not interfere after seeing the scene before him, but a doubtful look appeared on his face. He was sure that Qin Nan was the one behind all this, but he had no idea how Qin Nan had managed to detonate the weapons.

This kid is extremely courageous Jianghuang mumbled to himself as his eyes were filled with a hint of joy, But I like it!




The Six-Eared Divine Being was the first to land on the ground, followed by the One-Handed Martial Dominator and the rest, including the white-shirted Saintess. Their faces were incredibly gloomy, similar to the stormy clouds in winter.

I didnt find him! The Six-Eared Divine Being forced the words out from his throat.

We didnt find him either!

The One-Handed Martial Dominator and the rest said while clenching their teeth.


Blue veins surfaced on the Six-Eared Divine Beings forehead!

He could not wait to get his hands on that bastard Qin and tear him into pieces, but even this would not be enough to resolve his hatred!

Wait, somethings not right. The white-shirted lady said in a cold tone, First of all, why did this Mr. Qin purposely pull such a trick on our Trading Alliance? The Trading Alliance has been fair and just all the time, and weve never owed him anything. It doesnt make sense for him to trouble the Trading Alliance! Besides, why is his surname Qin too?

Are you implying that he is Qin Nan?

The Six-Eared Divine Being stared with his eyes open wide.

Qin Nan was the one behind all of this?

How was that possible!

A native with a mere cultivation of the half-Martial Emperor Realm. How was he able to organize such a heaven-shocking plan?

Dont underestimate him, we should check on him too! The white-shirted ladys voice turned serious.

Right, we mustnt ignore any possibilities!

The faces of the One-Handed Martial Dominator and the rest turned incredibly dark. Their only thought now was to capture Mr. Qin and tear him into pieces!

Lets go!

The Six-Eared Divine Being agreed with the Saintess, as he remembered that Mr. Qin was mad at their banner when he had first arrived at the entrance, and even asked them to remove it.

At that instant, the Six-Eared Divine Being, the white-shirted lady, and the rest arrived at Qin Nans residence while brining a spectacular aura.

Qin Nan, get your ass out here!

The Six-Eared Divine Being uttered a roar, which caused the surroundings to vibrate vigorously.

What the f**k is this about? The Longhu Ancestor Beast sprang into the air and said with a furious look, Dont think you can simply bully us just because you have six ears! Let me remind you that we are still in Jianghuang City; if you dare to use violence, I believe Jianghuang is more than happy to tear you into pieces!

Following his cry, Princess Miao Miaos figure appeared with an icy expression on her face.


The door of the residence was pushed open as Qin Nan appeared with an unpleasant expression, Six-Eared Divine Being, what do you mean by this? Your Saintess has marked me with three black lines in order to steal my possessions. You also threatened me previously in order to acquire the fragment of a Sacred Weapon and the Divine Swordmasters record! And now you are planning to rob me again?