Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 306

Chapter 306 apologize to me
Chapter 306 - Apologize To Me

The white-shirted ladys words were stuck in her throat.

The footsteps of Jianghuang came to a halt.

The grins on the faces of the crowd froze.

These people, who all possessed quite the reputations, reacted the same awaystaring at Qin Nan with eyes open wide.

Young Master Qin Nan?

Are you kidding me, Envoy Fang Jian was referring to him as Young Master Qin Nan?


Princess Miao Miao and the Longhu Ancestor Beast wore disdainful expressions.

There was no doubt that they knew who this Fang Jian was; the envoy of the Qinglong Sacred Area who had sided with Ouyang Ba at the Mystic Spirit Sect to deal with Old Shan. Following the incident, Peak Leader Duanmu had spared his life due to his identity, and ended up making him his subordinate as he had other plans for him.

Although Fang Jians attitude had changed, they were still not fond of him.

Qin Nan himself was not fond of Fang Jian either, who only replied with a huff.

Young Master Qin Nan, whats going on here? Fang Jian showed no signs of feeling unpleasant. Instead, he wore a smile on his face, Initially, Pe you know who was concerned for your situation. Although they could not be here themselves, they specifically sent me here to look after you. Therefore, feel free to tell me anything.

Qin Nan remained silent; this asshole used to be his enemy. There was no way he would simply disregard his misgivings just because of the mere trouble before him.

That being said, the Longhu Ancestor Beast ran out of patience as he clamored, Fang Jian, are you stupid, this bunch of pricksthat Six-Eared whatever his name is, the Saintess of the Trading Alliance, and that One-Handed Martial Dominator, and uhhh.. the Sly Sword Dominator, Peng Yu, uhhh whoever the f**k they are they are trying to bully Qin Nan!


Fang Jians gaze turned cold as he glanced at the One-Handed Martial Dominator and snapped, One-Handed, what are you waiting for? Come here and apologize at once! If Young Master Qin Nan were to be mad at you, no one could guarantee your safety today!

The One-Handed Martial Dominators face instantly turned pale.

What was this Fang Jian on about?

Why was he calling this half-Martial Emperor Realm cultivator Young Master Qin Nan?

And he even asked a half-Martial Highness Realm expert like me to apologize to him?

Seeing that the One-Handed Martial Dominator showed no sign of making his move, Fang Jian immediately turned furious. He initially had asked him to bid for the weapons on his behalf since he shared a close relationship with him. Therefore, his first reaction after learning the truth was to have the One-Handed Martial Dominator apologize to Qin Nan just so he would not get mad at him.

If Qin Nan went enraged, no one here would be able to bear the consequences!

What the f**k you waiting for! Are you placing our friendship at stake! Fang Li snapped in a harsh tone.

The One-Handed Martial Dominator was utterly terrified after hearing this. He immediately came to a realization as he was not that stupid. This Qin Nan surely possesses a terrifying background. Otherwise, Fang Jian would not utter such words to him.

Young Young Master Qin Nan, it was a misunderstanding. Im sorry, please forgive me! After analyzing the situation, the One-Handed Martial Dominator immediately forfeited his ego and bowed to Qin Nan while apologizing in a sincere tone.

Young Master Qin Nan, although he is quite a bully at times, he is still good in nature; I hope you wont be fussy about it. Fang Jian immediately spoke.

Its fine.

Qin Nan nodded his head, as his gaze toward the One-Handed Martial Dominator softened slightly.

Thanks, Young Master Qin Nan! For some reason, the One-Handed Martial Dominator felt relieved at that instant, with a hint of joy appearing on his face.

Fang Jian also let out a sigh of relief, as if it was extremely hard to be forgiven by Qin Nan.

At that instant, Jianghuang, the Six-Eared Divine Being, the white-shirted lady, Peng Yu, and the rest were flabbergasted.

Calling him Young Master Qin Nan!

Urging the One-Handed Martial Dominator to apologize immediately!

And appears to be happy after being forgiven by Qin Nan!

This This Qin Nan, who exactly was he?

The white-shirted lady, in particular, was utterly confused. Qin Nan was only a genius of the tiny Lingshui City, who only possessed a tenth-grade Huang ranked Martial Spirit. How could he possess such power today?

Six-Eared Divine Being? Saintess?

Fang Jians gaze landed upon the figures of the Six-Eared Divine Being and the others.

Normally, he would treat these people with utter respect, but it was a different story today. It did not matter if you were a Divine Being or a Saintess, if you were to harm Qin Nan in the first place, there was no way he could let it go so easily.

According to the words of Peak Leader Duanmu, they would not care if Qin Nan was being bullied while facing other geniuses. However, they would not allow the experts of an older generation to bully Qin Nan; no one in the lower district would be allowed to do so!

Ill give you all a chance. You better apologize to Young Master Qin Nan at once, in an official manner! Of course, feel free to ignore my suggestion. I know that my strength alone is not enough to defeat you all! Fang Jian said in a cold tone, However, let me make this clear; it would be your pleasure to be forgiven by Young Master Qin Nan. Otherwise, even the Trading Alliance would face destruction as the consequences!

The final words felt like a terrifying explosion.

Even the Trading Alliance would face destruction?

Everyone knew that the Trading Alliance originated from the upper district, which established their sub-faction here in the lower district. Even the two Sacred Areas would think twice before going against the Trading Alliance.

And youre implying that even the Trading Alliance would face destruction if Qin Nan were to be mad?

Thats not possible, even if Qin Nan were the son of the Leader of one of the Sacred Areas!

However, nobody could have guessed that the reason that Fang Jian uttered such words was because behind Qin Nan stood a legendary figure of the lower districtthe Imperial Exterminator, Tang Qingshan!

If Qin Nan were to summon Tang Qingshan, everyone here would turn into a pile of bones in no time. To be honest, not even bones would be left!


Princess Miao Miao raised her jaw and stared at the crowd with a pair of icy eyes.

Werent you Trading Alliance being scornful?

Werent you all trying to bully Qin Nan?

I dare you to be disrespectful now!


The Six-Eared Divine Being, the white-shirted lady, and the rest had their eyes opened wide. They never thought that Fang Jian would blatantly utter such words. For a moment, they all stood still on the spot, and had no idea how to react.

Apologize to Qin Nan?

That was too embarrassing!

Not apologizing to Qin Nan?

Judging from Fang Jians stance, Qin Nans background was most likely extremely terrifying. It would be a great loss if they were to offend him.

Its surprising to know that Qin Nan possessed such a formidable background. I believe with your identity, you would not have done such a disgraceful act. Im sorry for misjudging you. The white-shirted lady was the first to speak in a bitter tone, As for the previous misunderstandings, I hope you wont blame it on me, mainly because my eyes failed to recognize your identity. However, if you were to be mad at me, I wont blame you either.

The words were so precisely spoken and with such a pitiful tone, anyone who listened to them would have the urge to forgive her straight away.

The Six-Eared Divine Being immediately forced a smile onto his face, This is all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding. Young Master Qin Nan, please dont bear it in mind. Besides, the three black lines is also a misunderstanding, allow me to erase it for you

Forget it.

Qin Nan who remained silent throughout the process suddenly waved his hand and pointed at his forehead, before saying in a calm tone, I kinda like these three black lines. Thanks for your gift, Trading Alliance. By the way, make sure you dont let me get a hold of an opportunity, otherwise

Qin Nan hesitated, before his eyes flickered coldly, The Trading Alliance, will be wiped out!

After saying this, he turned around and entered the residence. He was not willing to waste his time on these scum who only preyed upon the weak.