Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 333

Chapter 333 encapsulated within a strange glow
Chapter 333 - Encapsulated Within a Strange Glow

The envoys of the two Sacred Areas and the Peak Leaders held their breaths. They had not expected the famous Peak Leader Luo to descend while emitting a terrifying murderous intent from his body, and his first words were to demand them to hand Qin Nan over!

Peak Leader Duanmu gave up on the four geniuses for Qin Nan!

Peak Leader Luo furiously traveled more than ten thousand li here for Qin Nan!

What the hell?

Why were these two powerful Peak Leaders so fond of Qin Nan?

Could it be that Qin Nan was actually an extremely outstanding genius?

The crowd was instantly aware of this problem. It was most likely that Qin Nan possessed incredible talent. Otherwise, the two great authorities would not treat him with such a serious manner.

The Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area swiftly collected their thoughts and blurted out, Peak Leader Luo, for your information, Jiang Bilan has attracted six hundred and sixty-five Dao-Seeking Fish in the trial just now!

In the eyes of the three Peak Leaders, it was possible that Peak Leader Luo was this mad as he had not been informed of the result.

There was nothing wrong with Qin Nan being a genius, but could he actually surpass Jiang Bilans talents?

Absolutely no way!

Six hundred and sixty-five? The furious Peak Leader Luo was slightly startled, before he uttered a roar, I dont care if she triggered six hundred and sixty-five or even seven hundred Dao-Seeking Fish! Apart from Qin Nan, we Feiyang Sacred Area dont want anyone else!

The three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area were dumbfounded.

What was wrong with Peak Leader Luo?

Why was he suddenly out of his mind?

Was Qin Nan really that important?


Peak Leader Luo directed his gaze onto Qin Nans figure who appeared to be dashing toward the Dao-Seeking Fish at a great speed, and turned joyful, HAHAHA, God hasnt let me down yet. Eldest Brother, Third Brother, despite your conspiracy, Qin Nan is yet to take part in the trial! Cut the bullshit, Ill be taking him now!

Without hesitating, his figure sprang forward as he reached out his hand to grab Qin Nan, planning to bring him away from the place.

He could not let Qin Nan participate in the trial. Once he finished the trial, it would turn into a huge mess. The best option was to acquire him now!

Fourth Brother, I dont think thats the right way to do it, to snatch him away in front of us! For your information, Ive already made a deal with the three Peak Leaders of the Feiyang Sacred Area; Qin Nan will be joining the Qinglong Sacred Area!

Peak Leader Duanmu raised his eyebrows and rose from his seat, before he lashed out a punch, causing the Heavens and Earth to shudder violently.

What the f**k! Eldest Brother, you dare to trick our Feiyang Sacred Area! I dont f**king care what deal you guys agreed on, Qin Nan must follow me today!

Peak Leader Luos figure vibrated violently due to his anger, whose body began to emit a terrifying force.

Peak Leader Duanmu was too shameless; not only did he send Third Brother to block my way, he even tricked the three Peak Leaders into agreeing to a deal beforehand!

Couldnt they simply compete for Qin Nan in a fair way?

HAHA, Third Brother, this is the Qinglong Sacred Area. You are not allowed to do whatever you please here!

From the gap of the shattered space, another figure appeared with a flicker, whose aura felt like a weighty boulder crushing onto Peak Leader Luos figure, and it appeared that the person was none other than Peak Leader Zhang.

At that instant, the three Peak Leaders who were brothers with one another initiated a fight against each other at Duanmu Peak. Their terrifying force caused the Heavens and Earth to quaver violently, resulting in a series of explosions shaking the entire Qinglong Sacred Area.

Everyone was stunned looking at this.

What was the meaning of this?

Why did these three great authorities leave Jiang Bilan aside and start fighting each other to claim Qin Nans possession?

Was Qin Nan really that important?

The geniuses stared with their mouths open wide, but they were lost for words. The way the incident had developed was outside of their expectations.

How is this possible; Ive achieved such an outstanding result, and not only were the three Great Authorities not interested in fighting for me, they were battling against each other to claim Qin Nans possession instead? What exactly is the reason behind it? Does that mean that Qin Nan is able to beat my result? Thats not possible; now that he has triggered the tribulation, he would be scaring the Dao-Seeking Fish away, not to mention Jiang Bilan was shocked after seeing this, who instinctively tried to figure out the reason. However, as she was immersed in her thoughts, the sense of uneasiness grew stronger in her heart.

As expected, a rare phenomenon took place, which instantly halted her thoughts.

That being said, Qin Nans dashing figure finally arrived before the school of Dao-Seeking Fish; he was unaffected by the rare occurrence.

At that instant, the battle between the three Peak Leaders came to a stop, as they glanced toward the dojo.

The Peak Leaders and the envoys of the two Sacred Areas, together with the participants of the trial all glanced toward the dojo.

They were eager to see, How many Dao-Seeking Fish would this Qin Nan end up attracting!

At that instant, the entire Duanmu Peak fell into a dead silence.

The countless disciples, custodians, and envoys of the Qinglong Sacred Area were confused.

Why did Duanmu Peak turn quiet all of a sudden?

Why was there a faint rumbling sense coming from the Heavens and Earth?

At that instant, on Duanmu Peak, the entire crowd witnessed a shocking scene.

As Qin Nans figure approached the school of Dao-Seeking Fish, every single one of the nine hundred and ninety-nine fish halted their movements at the same time without delay. Following this, they turned around staring in Qin Nans direction, as the crimson glow on their bodies grew extremely bright. It was as if each of the fish had turned into a tiny furnace emitting a brilliant glow, as if Qin Nans arrival had caused them to turn utterly excited.

Shoosh! Shoosh! Shoosh!

After glancing at Qin Nans figure, there was almost zero delay, before the blue glow in the eyes of the Dao-Seeking Fish shuddered violently, as every single one of them swam toward Qin Nan at a crazy speed while wagging their bodies like wolves detecting the scent of fresh blood. In just the blink of an eye, the nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish had completely devoured Qin Nans figure.


At that instant, a crimson light like a stream of Sword Intent was fired straight into the sky, penetrating the clouds and the heavens. Countless cries were uttered, as if ten thousand people had begun to sing. The imperious voice was spread to the entire Qinglong Sacred Area like a surging flood, resulting in a great shock to the hearts of countless people.

Peak Leader Duanmu, Peak Leader Luo, and Peak Leader Zhang were stunned, whose faces were filled with blank expressions.

The pupils of the other Peak Leaders, the envoys, and the disciples contracted into the shape of a needle, as if a bomb had just detonated deep in their souls.



How was this possible!