Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 336

Chapter 336 joining forces to battle against the dao seeking fish
Chapter 336 - Joining Forces to Battle Against the Dao-Seeking Fish

The Peak Leaders and the envoys on Duanmu Peak were astounded after seeing this.

Whats going on; why was the Tribulation of the Martial Emperor Realm taking place here!

Shit, to trigger the Tribulation of the Martial Emperor Realm at this time; will Qin Nan be able to survive it?

Damn it! Why would it occur at the worst time!

What should we do now?

The authorities of the two Sacred Areas could feel their hearts being hung due to the rare phenomenon.

Peak Duanmu was startled. A vigorous glow burst out from his eyes as a sudden thought came to him, who then uttered a yell, Guys, don't panic! Dont you guys know the significance behind the Tribulation being triggered even with the two Sacred Areas gathered here?

The words served as a ray of lightning striking down in the hearts of the crowd.

According to the rumors, when a rule-defying presence was being born, a grand occasion was a must, like the ascension of an emperor!

The sight taking place before them could be considered one of the grandest in the entire lower district!

At that instant, Qin Nan had triggered the Tribulation, which no doubt meant that he was going to give birth to a law-defying Inner Core!

Following the thought, their worried looks vanished, as they could not help but feel excited.

As expected of Qin Nan!

As expected of the presence who attracted nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish!

How incredible would the Tribulation of the Martial Emperor Realm be?

Meanwhile, the participants stared at Qin Nans figure with blank expressions.

What was the definition of a peerless genius?

This was it!

One whose entry was able to cause the two Sacred Areas to go crazy!

On the other hand, Jiang Bilans face had turned incredibly pale. Due to her identity as the Saintess and her ninth-grade Xuan ranked Martial Spirit, her future was to ascend to the upper district. However, a tiny Qin Nan had now surpassed her, leaving her a huge distance behind.

How could this be? This was not possible!

Either way, on this particular day, any genius would lose their charm standing in front of Qin Nan.

This day belonged to Qin Nan only!

Shoosh Shoosh Shoosh!

The ferocious wind emitting from Qin Nans body grew stronger, and above him, a disturbance similar to the rippling of the surface of water could be seen, which was the sign of the force of the Heavens and Earth being accumulated.

The Dao-Seeking Fish that were aware of the danger of the Heavenly Accumulating Strike turned around at that instant and swam toward Qin Nans figure once again, as a louder mocking noise could be heard.

Still dares to resist?

Humph Humph!

F**king hell!

Qin Nans face turned utterly dark; This bunch of Dao-Seeking Fish was extremely shameless indeed, daring to rob him when the Tribulation was triggered.


Qin Nan was utterly mad at that instant, as he did not care about his Inner Core anymore. Killing one counts, and killing a pair counts too!

However, due to the influence of the force of the Heavens and Earth, the strength exhorted by Qin Nans Inner Core turned weaker and weaker, causing his damage to be weakened. He could no longer resist the Dao-Seeking Fish.

The Dao-Seeking Fish sprang toward Qin Nans figure and bit his body. In just a short period of time, they had managed to steal over ten streams of Chaos Qi!

What are you waiting for?

Qin Nans face turned pale as he uttered a roar at the copper mirror inside his Divine Sense.

Only four streams of Chaos Qi remained inside his body!


The copper mirror emitted a blinding glow, as the icy female voice descended from above the nine heavens with a hint of anger, How bold of these filthy animals, daring to steal the Chaos Qi when Im not around!

Following the roar, a shocking aura was emitted from Qin Nans body.

The Peak Leaders and the envoys on Duanmu Peak were utterly astounded.

The Dao-Seeking Fish that had kept on bullying Qin Nan halted in their tracks, whose eyes were filled with extreme terror, causing them to flee in all directions.

Meanwhile, an atavistic force descended from an unknown world as if it had traveled across an endless distance. However, an invisible restricting force descended deep within the copper mirror all of a sudden.

Qin Nan, something unexpected has occurred, you are on your own!

The icy female voice suddenly spoke.


Qin Nans face was filled with a twisted expression.

Im on my own?

Arent you a powerful presence; cant you even deal with these Dao-Seeking Fish?

However, Qin Nan was clueless as to the secrets behind the reason. If he knew the secrets, he would have chosen to remain silent.

Meanwhile, the atavistic pressure from the copper mirror instantly dissipated. The Peak Leaders and the envoys wore blank expressions as their eyes stared at Qin Nans figure. What just happened there, why was there such a terrifying pressure?

Was it a mere illusion?

It was as if the fleeing Dao-Seeking Fish were aware of the change, who once again uttered mocking laughs and launched themselves at Qin Nan.

The remaining four streams of Chaos Qin inside Qin Nans body were completely devoured!


Qin Nans face turned exceedingly twisted.

Apart from Princess Miao Miao, this was his first time being robbed, and the culprit was a bunch of weird Dao-Seeking Fish!

At that instant, the golden Core inside Qin Nans body began to buzz vigorously, as if an atavistic beast was uttering a spectacular roar.


Qin Nan exhaled deeply, gradually calming his thoughts.

His first priority now was to survive the Tribulation. Following it, he would have plenty of time to deal with the Dao-Seeking Fish!


After making up his mind, Qin Nan ignored the presence of the Dao-Seeking Fish straight away, and with a thought, his Inner Core was released from his body.

The Inner Core rose into the air, as the nine golden lines on its surface emitted a brilliant golden glow, like nine golden suns rising into the sky all of a sudden.

The accumulated force of the Heavens and Earth in the surrounding space turned vigorous, resulting in the area within three li of Qin Nans figure to be twisted and encapsulated within a high pressure.

The Peak Leaders and the envoys were dumbfounded after seeing the sight.

Whats this?

Nine-Lined Golden Core? My god, does the legend really exist?

F**k me! What kind of Inner Core is that, Ive never seen one like it before!

Gasp! The entry of this Inner Core even caused the force of the Heavens and Earth within three li to boil!

Many of the envoys were utterly astonished, as they had never seen this golden Core before.

Only the Peak Leaders of the two Sacred Areas held their breaths as if their necks were being clenched. They had learned this from the ancient books before!

But, did this mean the legend was real?

Are you f**king kidding me!