Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 339

Chapter 339 startling the sacred leaders
Chapter 339 - Startling the Sacred Leaders

Qin Nan!

The faces of Peak Leaders Duanmu and the others turned incredibly pale at that instant.

Too late!

We were too late!

How did we not notice that this giant purple fish possessed such an evil intent!

Even with thirty-two Peak Leaders and hundreds of envoys of the two Sacred Areas, they still failed to protect Qin Nan?

Peak Leader Duanmu, Peak Leader Zhang, and Peak Leader Luo, in particular, felt their hearts being stabbed with blades after recollecting the events in the past.

The peerless genius that was finally discovered after Tang Qingshan spent hundreds of years searching for him.

Tang Qingshan personally knelt down before Qin Nan.

The hope in their hearts.

Just because of their carelessness, he was about to be killed!


Qin Nan uttered a raging roar all of a sudden.

The joyful expression on the giant purple fishs face instantly stiffened, as inside his body, an incredible force exploded in every part of its flesh at a rapid speed.

How is this

The giant purple fish was extremely terrified.

At that instant, he finally realized Qin Nans plan.

But, that ancient presence, how could this weakling control it?

Wasnt this guy a mere half-Martial Emperor Realm presence; how was he able to control the Chaos Qi?


Before the giant purple fish could react, every piece of its flesh exploded instantly, causing it to be engulfed in flames as it transformed into a giant burning fish.

A cry of agony immediately filled the sky; In the meantime, Qin Nan had already sent a command with his Divine Sense to retrieve his Nine-Lined Golden Core from the giant purple fishs mouth when it uttered the cry.

At that instant, the Peak Leaders wore stunned expressions; What the hell was happening?

Peak Leader Duanmu and the others turned joyful.

They couldnt care less about the truth!

They only knew that Qin Nan was still alive. His Nine-Lined Golden Core was not devoured by that goddamned giant purple fish!

Asshole, Die!

The thirty-two Peak Leaders stood in mid-air. Every single one of them wore expressionless faces, as an imperious aura locked onto the giant purple fishs figure.

However, at that instant, a rare phenomenon took place.

The icy female voice could be heard once again coming from the copper mirror inside Qin Nans mind, as if the previous forbidding presence had been shattered, You miniscule ant dares to pry into my belongings! Qin Nan, Ill offer you assistance so you can level up to the Martial Emperor Realm, and in return, you will owe me a favor!


Qin Nan was startled.


Before the Peak Leaders could execute their killing blows, a stream of an atavistic force was suddenly fired onto the giant purple fishs figure from Qin Nans mind.

AH! How is this possible! This is the forbidden power! How could this forbidden power exist! Did someone actually break the atavistic curse of the Canglan Continent The giant purple fish let out a cry in agony. Instead of describing it as agony, referring to it as terror should be more accurate.

Before it could finish the words, its figure turned blurry once again, as if its flesh was shattered, with its soul remaining.

Qin Nan, devour its soul!

The icy female voice said.

Devour it?

Qin Nan was stunned, but he quickly reacted, as he commanded the Nine-Line Golden Core to fly straight at the giant purple fishs soul.

After all, this giant purple fish was formed after nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish leapt into the Dragons Gate, a miraculous being of the Heavens and Earth that possessed great mysteries. If it were to be devoured by the Nine-Lined Golden Core, it would bring an indescribable change to his Inner Core!


The giant purple fishs soul was instantly consumed by the Nine-Lined Golden Core, causing the nine golden lines on its surface to shudder violently, before they transformed into a golden dragon marking the surface of the Core!

The nine lines had merged with the purple fish and transformed into a real dragon!


A heaven-shocking roar of a dragon burst out from the surface of the Dragon-Lined Golden Core, causing the Heavens and Earth to tremble!

The Peak Leaders were thoroughly stunned. Even with their cultivation realms, they had no idea what had just taken place. They only knew that Qin Nan had used some sort of incredible treasure to shatter the flesh of the giant purple fish and consumed its soul with his Inner Core!


Peak Leaders Duanmu and the others shuddered slightly.

Nine-Lined Golden Core, allowing one to be called the Supreme Emperor.

But what kind of an Inner Core was this Dragon-Lined Inner Core?


As soon as the Dragon-Lined Inner Core was born, a tremendous power taking the form of a golden beam of light struck the calamity of Atavistic Cultivation.

The entire calamity was instantly shattered by the destructive force!


As soon as the calamity was resolved, Qin Nan could feel the sight before him to turn clearer. His Dragon-Lined Inner Core also uttered a roar in its excitement, as Qin Nan locked his gaze onto the stormy cloud above him.

At that instant, the force of Heavens and Earth rumbled, as the six hundred and sixty-six[1] zhang stormy clouds rapidly grew!

Seven hundred zhang!

Eight hundred zhang!

Nine hundred zhang!

Upon reaching nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang, the stormy cloud finally stopped growing.

If someone were to glance downward from above, the person would see the entire dojo being covered by a huge stormy cloud. Inside the clouds were rumbling thunders, which possessed an insanely destructive force, similar to that of an apocalypse!

At that instant, the Tribulation was yet to descend, but the Peak Leaders and the envoys felt their hearts being filled with countless explosions.

Nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang!

The Tribulation was nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang wide!

No one in history had heard of or witnessed such a terrifying Tribulation of the Martial Emperor Realm!


At that instant, the entire Qinglong Mountain Range shuddered violently, as a powerful presence within the mountain range slowly opened its eyes.

Following this, a shocking phenomenon took place in the entire Qinglong Sacred Area.

Whos that? Such law-defying talent!

The words exploded on all sixteen mountains of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

Even the event where nine hundred and ninety-nine Dao-Seeking Fish being triggered had failed to attract his attention. However, when the nine hundred and ninety-nine zhang Tribulation was formed, he was totally startled!

He was the Sacred Leader of the Qinglong Sacred Area!

Meanwhile, at the Feiyang Sacred Area of the lower district.

Deep within the Feiyang Sacred Area, a similar presence was hibernating. However, at that instant, the eyes of the person sprang open rapidly, which emitted a mystical glow, as if his vision was able to travel an incredible distance.

Such talent being born in the lower district!

The ancient presence rose from the ground instantly. His awakening had caused the entire Feiyang Sacred Area to shudder violently.

He was the Sacred Leader of the Feiyang Sacred Area!

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[1] TL Note: There is a reason the author uses the number 666. It doesnt mean the devil in this case. In Chinese, it means . The word has the pronunciation Liu as ( means 6), and it means smooth. Thus, there is a trend now where people comment 666 after witnessing something impressive.

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