Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 341

Chapter 341 who won
Chapter 341 - Who Won?

In the two Sacred Areas, a persons rank was classified into the disciples, the custodians, the envoys, the Peak Leaders, and above all was the Sacred Leader.

The two Sacred Leaders of the two Sacred Areas were considered the strongest presences in the lower district, whose cultivations had surpassed the Martial Highness Realm and reached the Martial Sacred Realm!

Those who had reached the Martial Highness Realm were capable of ruling an area even in the upper district, and a Martial Sacred Realm expert would be a powerful authority in the upper district!

Most of the time, the two Sacred Leaders were always in seclusion, and it was extremely rare to meet them. They would only show themselves if their Sacred Area was threatened by a grave danger, or if a new Peak Leader was appointed.

However, the Sacred Leader of the Feiyang Sacred Area had personally arrived here after traveling tens of thousands of li, just to recruit a disciple!


The faces of Peak leader Duanmu, the other Peak Leaders, and the envoys instantly turned pale.

They had never expected a Sacred Leader to be here!

Greetings Sacred Leader! HAHAHA!

Peak Leader Luo and the others from the Feiyang Sacred Area burst out laughing and felt delighted.

Now that our Sacred Leader was here, does your Qinglong Sacred Area stand a chance against our Feiyang Sacred Area?


In the sky above Duanmu Peak, a huge figure stood in mid-air, whose face was unable to be seen. Although he did not unleash any aura, his presence alone was enough to suppress the thirty-six Peak Leaders.

The Sacred Leader of the Feiyang Sacred Area wasted no time, as he reached out his left hand and grasped in the direction of the dojo.

Following this, a giant ancient hand descended from above, which seemed like it was trying to grab the entire dojo!


Peak Leaders Duanmu and the others swore as their faces reddened.


The Feiyang Sacred was so shameless!

Even the Sacred Leader was here to contest for the genius!

How the f**k can we even contest now!

Do we really have no choice but to witness Qin Nan being snatched away with our own eyes?

This young lad is quite destined for our Qinglong Sacred Area; Sacred Leader Feiyang, dont you think your behavior has crossed the line?

At that instant, a hoarse voice could be heard.

Following this, the sixteen mountains of the Qinglong Mountain Range began to vibrate.

The giant hand that Sacred Leader Feiyang had lashed out with was instantly shattered by an invisible force.

Sacred Leader Qinglong, did you really come out of seclusion for a mere disciple!

The eyes of Sacred Leader Feiyang glistened.

The short sentence served as a bomb being detonated in the hearts of the crowd.

Sacred Leader Qinglong!

Even Sacred Leader Qinglong had arrived!

In other words, the birth of the peerless genius, Qin Nan, had gathered the attention of the two Sacred Leaders, who were now contesting with one another to recruit him!

Thats not your concern. This young man will definitely have a bright future with his outstanding talents; he might even become the next Sacred Leader! Although Sacred Leader Qinglongs figure was nowhere to be seen, his voice echoed among the sixteen mountains, Sacred Leader Feiyang, just like I said, this lad is destined to be with our Qinglong Sacred Area, hence he will be staying here at the Qinglong Sacred Area!

Destined? Destined my ass? Qinglong, I will not compromise whatsoever!

Sacred Leader Feiyang emitted a glow as if his sight was able to penetrate the entire Qinglong Sacred Area, and locked onto Sacred Leader Qinglongs figure. Following this, he lashed out with a slap.

Then lets fight!

Sacred Leader Qinglong let out a calm laugh.

At that moment, the battle between the two Sacred Leaders took place!

However, the battle between the two Sacred Leaders was on another level entirely. Even the Peak Leaders failed to detect the attacks. They could only sense the entire Qinglong Mountain Range to be trembling slightly, with sudden twists and explosions taking place in mid-air. The occasional force that leaked out contained a destructive force, causing a chill to run down everyones spine!

The Peak Leaders and the envoys of the two Sacred Leaders stood still in place.

A battle between the Sacred Leaders!

How many years had it been since the two Sacred Leaders fought each other?

Most importantly, the reason they fought each other was because of a disciple who had just reached the Martial Emperor Realm moments ago!

Meanwhile, Qin Nan was unaware of what was taking place around him, as he was fully focused on observing the condition of his body.

The Dragon-Lined Golden Core had experienced a tremendous change, as the will, etc. inside it was equivalent to the strength of the Martial Emperor Realm.

Qin Nan controlled the force inside the Dragon-Lined Golden Core to thoroughly merge with his Martial Skills and his will, resulting in a complete entity combining all his power.

Phew, its finally stabilized. When the trial ends, I shall spend more time settling down my cultivation and familiarizing myself with my power!

Qin Nan mumbled to himself as he opened his eyes and glanced upward.

With a glimpse, he was given a shock. With his now-improved left eye of the Divine God of Battle, he could detect two powerful presences battling against each other high up in the sky. The force from any of their attacks could easily shatter this Duanmu Peak!

Qin Nan is awake!


Hes done stabilizing his cultivation!

HAHA, Qin Nan, come and join our Feiyang Sacred Area!

The Peak Leaders and the envoys noticed the change in Qin Nans strength after recovering from the shock. They instantly set their eyes on him like beasts discovering delicious food.

Shoosh! Shoosh!

At that instant, the battle taking place high up in the sky halted, as two figures descended from above.

Among the two figures, the old man with long white hair, who was wearing a blue robe and a friendly look on his face was the Sacred Leader of the Qinglong Sacred Area. The other old man who wore a golden-purple robe with wrinkles on his firm face and a pair of sharp eyes was the Sacred Leader of the Feiyang Sacred Area.

The two Sacred Leaders gazed at Qin Nan at the same time!

Qin Nan, join our Feiyang Sacred Area! Sacred Leader Feiyang was the first one to speak, Ill give you anything you want if you join the Feiyang Sacred Area!

The short sentence thoroughly displayed the imperiousness of the Sacred Leader.

Qinglong Sacred Area is where you belong. Qinglong Sacred Area smilingly said. Although he did not make any promises, one would feel pleasant hearing his words.

The eyes of the Peak Leaders and the envoys of the two Sacred Areas turned fiery, as if they were going to devour Qin Nan!

Seniors, please wait. Ive got something to do first.

Qin Nan suddenly spoke, while bringing his fists together.

The two Sacred Leaders and the others were stunned.


What was there to wait for?

What was Qin Nan planning to do?

They could only see Qin Nan turning around and walking toward the crowd of geniuses, taking one step at a time until he arrived before Jiang Bilan and asked, What do you think; are you the winner of the bet, or I am?