Peerless Battle Spirit Chapter 345

Chapter 345 the worries after becoming famous
Chapter 345 - The Worries After Becoming Famous

The object was smaller than half of a palm. Although its shape was not perfectly round, its surface was smooth and shiny, as if it was made of a droplet of water.

With a glance using his left eye of the Divine God of Battle, Qin Nan could sense a powerful force of the Heavens and Earth inside the object; it was nothing he had seen before.

This is a Primary Stone. Sacred Leader Qinglong said, This object right here is the reason why most of the cultivators desire to proceed to the upper district after acquiring a certain level of strength. I will not reveal its specific uses, since the upper district has sealed the lower district off to prevent these objects from being transported to the lower district, thus its incredibly rare here in the lower district.

Primary Stone?

Qin Nan instinctively reached out his hand to take it, but Sacred Leader Qinglong stored the Primary Stone away and smilingly said, Oh Qin Nan, this Primary Stone is incredibly precious and valuable. You have to work hard yourself to acquire them.

Qin Nans face turned dark.

Previously this Sacred Leader Qinglong emphasized that he was the friendliest person in the entire world.

But now, he was not willing to give me a piece of a Primary Stone.

On the other hand, Qin Nan let out a sigh of relief in his heart. His instinct was on pointhe had managed to learn what the Divine Battle Spirit needed for the next level up after arriving at the two Sacred Areas.

As long as he knew what it was now, he would find a way to acquire them regardless of their rarity.

Sacred Leader Qinglong, Ill be excusing myself now!

Qin Nan spoke no further as he turned around to leave the place. In Qin Nans eyes, this Sacred Leader was too secretive. Although Qin Nan was convinced that he would not harm him, he did not like this feeling of being unable to know the truth while his secrets were all exposed.

Hang on a sec. A stern look appeared on Sacred Leader Qinglongs face as he spoke in a dull tone, Qin Nan, once again, Ill tell you everything after you reach the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm! When that happens, you will know how shocking this secret is!

After saying these words, Sacred Leader took out a badge as a smile appeared on his wrinkled face, This badge is an identity badge that I specifically prepared with the name Duan Qing. You will be needing a different identity during your time here at the Qinglong Sacred Area.


Qin Nan did not expect the Sacred Leader to act in such a serious manner while giving him an identity badge.

Why would I need a different identity?

Despite being confused, Qin Nan did not reject it. After putting the badge away and hesitating for a moment, he replied, I believe that it wont take me long to reach the peak of the Martial Ancestor Realm. Do remember your promise when the time comes.

Of course!

Sacred Leader Qinglong let out a smile and waved his sleeves, resulting in a force which teleported Qin Nan away from the place.

After Qin Nan left, the entire residence turned silent.

The smile on Peak Leader Qinglongs face gradually dissipated and was replaced by a hint of fatigue. He no longer looked like a Martial Sacred Realm expert, but rather an aging old man.


Following Sacred Leader Qinglongs sigh, the entire residence experienced a tremendous change. The blossoming flowers swiftly wilted, as the aura of death filled the place.

My time is running short. I hope you will achieve the Martial Ancestor Realm as soon as possible; that would be best

Sacred Leader Qinglong mumbled to himself before he turned utterly silent, as if he had transformed into a statue.


Qin Nans figure reappeared at the dojo on Duanmu Peak.

At that instant, countless gazes landed straight onto his figure.

While Qin Nan was brought away by Sacred Leader Qinglong, the selection of the two Sacred Areas had come to an end. The people of the Feiyang Sacred Area had left the scene, while the Peak Leaders and the envoys of the other mountains brought the freshly recruited disciples back to their mountains.

On the other hand, the envoys, custodians, and disciples of Duanmu Peak were utterly joyful after knowing that Qin Nan had joined their Duanmu Peak, and had decided to wait for his return.

As soon as Qin Nan appeared, the envoys, custodians, and disciples of Duanmu Peak surrounded him in a rapid fashion.

Wow, Junior Brother Qin Nan, you have definitely made the right choice to join Duanmu Peak!

HAHAHA, Junior Brother Qin Nan, if you encounter any troubles, feel free to look for me!

I wont say anything else, but if those bastards of the Feiyang Sacred Area dare to touch you, Ill slap them to death!

Junior Brother Qin Nan, well be having a feast for you, lets have a fun time drinking together!

The Qinglong Sacred Area had sixteen mountains in total. Each mountain had their own Peak Leaders, envoys, custodians, and disciples. They would usually mind their own business, and compete with one another sometimes.

Although Qin Nans cultivation was only at the peak of the Martial Emperor Realm now, he was considered the ace and the pride of Duanmu Peak. The envoys, custodians, and disciples of Duanmu Peak, despite the fact that some of them were jealous of Qin Nans status, clearly knew that they must protect Qin Nan at all costs.

If even the disciples from the same mountain fight against each other, how was it possible for them to have a bright future?

Thanks, Senior Brothers!

Qin Nan felt his heart being warmed as he gave the crowd a bow.

Previously at the Mystic Spirit Sect, there was only endless infighting. Apart from his friends, most of the disciples were his enemies, thus he never had the chance to experience the solicitude from his Senior Brothers.

The envoys, custodians, and disciples were even more pleased after seeing their Junior Brother to be sensible and humble.

Alright, lets calm down. Peak Leader Duanmu was now floating in mid-air as he wore a smile on his face, Qin Nan, Longhu, Miao Miao, Pang Qiu, you four are new to the Duanmu Peak, thus you might be clueless as to the situation here in the Qinglong Sacred Area. Ill now appoint someone to bring you around to familiarize yourself with the Qinglong Sacred Area. Who among the crowd is willing to handle the task?

Ill do it!

F**k f**k f**k, this is my job!

Shit, piss off, its mine!

Are you looking for a fight?

The crowd of envoys, custodians, and disciples broke out into a chatter, and it felt like they were going to start a fistfight.

Qin Nan was dumbfounded.

At that moment, he finally realized the reason why Sacred Leader Qinglong gave him an identity badge.

Being too famous was not necessarily a good thing.

If he were to be surrounded by this many people every day, how could he even cultivate?

Guys, Ill be taking charge this time.

At that instant, a gentle voice could be heard.

A young man with white-jade skin wearing a blue robe approached the crowd from the sky while standing on top of a white crane.

There was no aura being unleashed from his body, but there existed an indescribable soothing sensation, causing the crowd to feel their troubles going away after seeing him, as if they were being swept by a gust of spring wind.

First Senior Brother!